16 Unbelievable Sealed Bottled Garden Ideas | DIY Closed Terrariums

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Discover 16 Unbelievable Sealed Bottled Garden Ideas and invent your very own mini-ecosystem for your home. It’s awesome!

DIY Closed Terrariums are one of the best ways to generate a little ecosystem in tiny and big glass vessels and bottles. Have a look at some Unbelievable Sealed Bottled Garden Ideas you can make for yourself.

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The Oldest Sealed Bottle Garden

Unbelievable Sealed Bottled Gardens Ideas

In 1960, a British gentleman, Mr David Latimer, created the world’s oldest Terrarium inside a 10-gallon bottle with a little compost and a few water drops. He planted spiderworts seedlings, which then grew to create their own ecosystem–a mini atmosphere.

The terrarium was last watered in 1972 and has been thriving and green since then. The mini ecosystem has been placed 6 feet from the window in the same spot for the last 27 years, taking its own care, says Latimer.

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Unbelievable Sealed Bottled Gardens Ideas

1. Sealed Bottle Garden

Make your sealed bottle garden using clean glass jars, horticulture charcoal, pea gravel, weed cloth, and some twigs and pebbles to complete the look. Learn more here.

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2. Bottle Terrarium

Unbelievable Sealed Bottled Gardens Ideas 2

This DIY bottle terrarium is easy-to-make and will complement your interiors for years to come if balanced carefully. Get the detail here.

3. Closed Terrarium

Grow high humidity plants such as Ferns, Creeping Fig, Ivy, and Peperomia, layering the base of a clean jar with gravels, moss sheets, and charcoal. Details are here.

4. Botanical Jar

Unbelievable Sealed Bottled Gardens Ideas 4

Horticulture grit, moss, potting soil, peat-free compost, a glass jar, and your favorite indoor plant are all you need to create this botanical jar. Learn more here.

#A Tip: You can grow spiderwort or any other super-easy plant in your sealed bottle garden!

5. Mini Bottle Garden

This quirky project requires a mason jar, gravels, potting soil, a bit of compost, and a small plant cutting. Make yours like this.

6. Sealed Bottle Orchid Garden

Unbelievable Sealed Bottled Gardens Ideas 5

Fill a mason jar with brick chips, pumice, sandstone chips, and bark clippings, and grow a humidity-loving mini-orchid in your terrarium garden.

7. Terrarium Flower Garden

Grow moisture-loving flowers in a clear sealed glass jar layered with aquarium gravel, pumice powder, moss sheet, and a few decorative stones.

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8. Bonsai Terrarium Garden

Unbelievable Sealed Bottled Gardens Ideas 10

Bonsai looks super classy in glass terrariums, creating a statement wherever they go!

9. Indoor Terrarium Garden

Give the dull corners of your house a dreamy makeover with this indoor terrarium garden using mini hut figurines for an added charm.

10. Mini Forest

Unbelievable Sealed Bottled Gardens Ideas 12

A mini terrarium forest is a creative way to showcase your gardening skills while introducing interesting home decors.

11. Large Bulb Terrarium

A large bulb terrarium will add the perfect tropical vibes to your bland indoors. Keep it in bright light for plant better growth.

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12. The Terrarium Family!

Unbelievable Sealed Bottled Gardens Ideas 15

Gather multi-sized terrariums layer up with gravels, river pebbles, charcoal, and a few mini saplings. Cover up the cork to induce evaporation.

13. Covered Jar Garden with Cork

Give your humidity-loving plant a personalized jar to thrive in making sure it fulfils all the plant’s requirements.

14. Terrarium Planter

Unbelievable Sealed Bottled Gardens Ideas 19

This DIY craft is easy to make and needs a glass jar, horticulture grit, charcoal, garden mix, and a few mini saplings.

15. Wine Bottle Closed Terrarium


You can also make a wine bottle terrarium using different plants in multiple bottles. It will take some time but will be worth the effort.

16. Closed Tropical Terrarium

Unbelievable Sealed Bottled Gardens Ideas 20

This sealed bottle garden video captures the beauty of a closed terrarium in a large glass jar that’s been going strong for three years! It also gives a clear idea of how to maintain an old terrarium like this.

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