18 Unbelievably Modern Monstera Wall Ideas

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Transform your home with Monstera Wall Ideas. From mounting on walls to sprucing up the corners, taking the help of command hooks, and staircase railing Monsteras, these simple ideas will help you uplift your space effortlessly. Read on for more such ideas.

These Monstera Wall Ideas will transform any of your space into a lush vertical garden–taking the indoor decor to the next level!

Spruce up your room with these modern Monstera Wall Ideas – they’re easy to replicate and great to look at!

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Monstera wall Ideas

1. A Hanging Monstera Frame

Monstea on Wall

Bland walls are out of fashion, and plant walls are in – stylize yours with a beautiful Monstera frame like this. We found the idea here!

2. Climbing Up the Side Wall

Monstera on side Wall

Monsteras are known for their height and dense growth. Make the most of it and keep the pot near the wall to cover it.

3. Faux Monstera Vine Decor on a Staircase Wall

Monstera on side staircase

You can cover one of your staircase walls with an artificial Monstera vine like this DIY idea. It’ll look amazing!

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4. Go for a Macramé Hanger

Montera plant on Macramé Hanger

Add a wall hook, a macrame hanger, and a Monstera vine – it’s really that simple.

5. Create a Jungle Wall

Monstera jungle wall

Looking for something really modern for the living room? Perhaps with a foresty vibe? Create a plant wall with aroids like Pothos, Monstera, and Philos.

6. Create a Vertical Interest

Monstera coverup railing

You can also let your Monstera grow and cover the railing and space near the stairs. Get a bit of help from a Pothos, too, like this Redditor’s picture.

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7. Monstera Vine Covering the Wall

Monstera for corridor

A small tabletop Monstera vine planter can create a beautiful entrance for the corridor and double as table decor. You should try it.

8. A Towering Monstera on the Landing

Monstera on landing wall

With a little bit of care and a moss pole, you can create a lovely monstera tree that will cover the landing wall. A spectacular idea for sure!

9. Crawling Up the Wall!

Monstera pot

Keep a monstera plant near a wall and let it grow along it. With time, you’ll notice the Monstera’s aerial roots sticking to the walls – making it look like modern art!

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10. Make a Potted Plant Arrangement

Monstera potted plant arrangement

You can pair up deliciosa, adansonii, and many other monstera and other aroid varieties in pots and let them cover your walls.

11. Let it Cover for Privacy

Monstera for living room decor

There’s nothing better and chic than a towering living room wall specimen. And what better plant than a Monstera to do it? Not just that, it can also provide privacy!

12. Monstera All Over!

Monstera plant in hall near wall

Let your Monstera grow freely like a tree in a wide planter. It’ll reach the ceiling and create a green living wall-like illusion!

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13. Bicycle Trellis for Monstera

Monstera Trellis on hanging Bicycle near wall

All you need is a Monstera and quirky out-of-the-box wall decor (like this bicycle) so the vine can receive support and run on the walls.

14. A Corner Wall Masterpiece

Monstera Treills in corner wall

Don’t know how to use the space in the corner? Plant a Monstera and let it cover the adjoining walls.

15. Two Towering Living Room Monsteras

 Monstera in Living Room Wall

Find a nice place, add a hook to the ceiling with a small rope, and use it to support the Monstera’s stems. You’ll see it growing up the wall and ceiling in no time.

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16. Monstera Wall in the Study

Montera plant in study room wall

What makes a study room better? A lush green Monstera, of course! You can mimic this idea by adding a metal rod wall mount to support the plant or use a curtain rod.

17. A Corner Delight

Montera near window wall

Plant your Monstera near the window. The bright light will make it sprout and cover up the space of the bland corner wall.

18. A Huge Monstera Wall for Home Entrance

Monstera for entrance

We thought you’d like an outdoor wall too! Do you know that this Monstera is over 100 years old? Find out more about it here.

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