15 DIY Corner Plant Stand Ideas for Houseplants

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Are you having trouble finding space for displaying plants in your home? Don’t worry and check out these Corner Plant Stand Ideas!

These corner plant stand ideas are excellent options to display your favorite green specimens without taking up too much space.

Corner Plant Stand Ideas

1. Wood and Metal Stand

Corner Plant Stand 17

A piece of round wood, 6-inch hairpin legs, drills, and screws are all you need to build a rustic, mid-century plant stand. Get the step-by-step instructions in this article.

2. Scrap Wood Tiered Stand for Corners

DIY Corner Plant Stand Ideas for Houseplants

Made from scrap wood, this tiered plant stand is quite affordable and easy to build. It can be placed in any narrow space indoors or outdoors.

3. Chic Corner Plant Stand

Corner Plant Stand 19

Want a planter stand for your front porch that can hold six pots easily? This tiered plant stand might be the right choice. The best part? You don’t need any fancy tools for this project.

4. DIY Moveable Corner Window Plant Shelf

best DIY Corner Plant Stand Ideas for Houseplants

Equipped with twistable shelves, this adjustable plant shelf lets you shift the plants in front of and away from the window as needed. This project is beginner-friendly and easy to assemble.

5. Wooden Stool as Corner Plant Stand

Wooden Stool as Corner Plant Stand

If you don’t want to DIY or purchase a stand for plants, grab a simple stool and turn it into a stand. This idea is perfect for those little corners in corridors.

6. DIY $20 Ladder Plant Stand

top best DIY Corner Plant Stand Ideas for Houseplants

Instead of discarding an old wooden ladder, turn it into a nifty corner plant stand using a few supplies and this DIY tutorial.

7. Tomato Cage Corner Stand

Corner Plant Stand 23

You can repurpose an old tomato cage and yarn to make an elegant corner stand for your favorite plants. Learn more about the project in this article.

8. Corner Plant Stand

DIY Corner Plant Stand Ideas

Do you need a focal point for your patio, porch, or living room? Build this custom wooden plant stand. It is 8 1/2″ wide and works with a 10″ planter pot.

9. Tiered Plant Stand for the Bedroom Corner

Tiered Plant Stand

With clean lines and modern aesthetics, this plant stand can brighten up any lifeless corner. If you want to make one, check out this tutorial.

10. Tall Wooden Plant Stands

Tall Plant Stands

Simple and cheap, these tall wooden plant stands can give any entrance a grand appearance. They can modified to fit any size of pot.

11. Skinny Planter Stand

Skinny Plant Stand

Aluminum tubes, a 36″ window box, and basic tools are all you need to create this lovely plant stand. It’s perfect for filling any narrow space with greenery.

12. A Simple Tiered Plant Stand

A Simple Tiered Plant Holder

This tiered wooden stand has multiple shelves to keep your plants at different levels. It can also double as a bookshelf.

13. Easy DIY Plant Stand

Easy Plant Holder

With a little bit of wood and a handful of supplies, you can assemble this wonderful cornet plant stand. Hop to this article for the building instructions.

14. Metal Branch Stand with Glass Shelves

Metal Branch Stand with Glass Shelves

Look how nice the ‘metal branch’ legs of this stand are! You can buy something like this if you like minimal designs.

15. Trio of Wooden Corner Plant Stands

Trio of Wooden Plant Stands

Confused about how to fill the space with greenery near the corners? Get a lovely trio of wooden corner stands like this one!

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