22 DIY Dresser as a TV Stand Ideas

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These DIY Dresser as a TV Stand Ideas are great for anyone who is looking for a cheap way to keep a new set on!

 Why settle for a generic TV stand when you can create a functional and stylish centerpiece for your living space? Transforming a dresser into a TV stand not only gives you a chance to exercise your creativity but also opens up a world of storage possibilities that most off-the-shelf options can’t match. Read on to discover the best DIY Dresser as a TV Stand Ideas!

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DIY Dresser as a TV Stand Ideas

Do note that you can keep the TV either on the dresser or hang above it.

1. TV Stand from Dresser

Follow this quick and easy DIY Dresser as a TV Stand by repurposing a vintage wooden dresser. Here’s the DIY.

2. TV Console DIY

Why not turn the dresser into a stunning modern TV console? Here’s how you can do it over the weekend.

3. Dresser Stand for TV

With just a little bit of TLC and a little bit of time, you, too, can create this masterpiece. Tutorial here.

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4. Royal DIY Dresser as a TV Stand

Take some glue, nails, and paint, and follow this amazing DIY Dresser as a TV Stand idea that showcases elegance with its deep colors.

5. Modern TV Stand

A paint job and a new countertop can go a long way when you want to turn the dresser into a TV stand for the bedroom. Here’s how to do it.

6. 10-Step DIY Dresser as a TV Stand

Blink, and you’ll miss it. Here’s a quick DIY Dresser as a TV Stand idea for busy ones out there to create a wonderful TV stand in just 10 simple steps. Check it out here.

7. Painted and Glazed TV Stand

Who knew that just priming, painting, and glazing could turn an old dresser into such a beautiful piece? Here’s how you can do it yourself.

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8. Cheap TV Cabinet

Don’t spend big bucks on something new; create a TV cabinet without burning a hole in your pocket, like this DIY.

9. TV Stand with Candles and Books

Want an antique but serene vibe for your home, blending modern with the grace of the old? Here’s the DIY you need!

10. Easy DIY Television Stand

Take an old dresser, basic tools, and some paint to create this wonderful media console cum TV stand for your home! Step-by-step instructions here.

11. Black TV Stand

This dark TV stand is a beauty to look at. Want one for yourself? Here’s how you can create it with just an old dresser and a paint job.

12. TV Stand with Storage

Need something chic for the TV but also need space for other things? What are you waiting for? Follow this DIY that ticks all your needs!

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13. Old DIY Dresser as a TV Stand

With the royalty of blue and the elegance of silver, this TV console is one of the best ones on our list. Tutorial here.

14. Large TV Stand

The bigger the dresser, the better the TV stand! Check out this DIY Dresser as a TV Stand idea that holds true to this statement and spruces up your bedroom without compromising storage.

15. DIY Small TV Stand

How can we skip one for little rooms? This DIY shows detailed steps for converting a small dresser into the perfect TV stand that doesn’t take up much space.

16. White and Gold DIY Dresser as a TV Stand

Have a home with bright interiors? This white and gold TV stand from a repurposed dresser will fit right in. Check it out here.

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17. TV Stand Entertainment Center

Create an eye-catching and functional DIY TV Stand for your home’s entertainment center with this quick and easy DIY.

18. From Dresser to Farmhouse TV Stand

With a sander, paint, and new screws, you can bring new life to an old dresser and turn it into this farmhouse-style TV stand for your bedroom. Here’s the DIY.

19. Dresser to TV Stand in $30

Don’t want to spend much but want new furniture for the home? This DIY shares how you can create a TV stand from a dresser for just 30 bucks.

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20. TV Stand Dresser with Wood Shelf

Why stop at a simple dresser when you can have much more? Follow this cool DIY Dresser as a TV Stand idea  to learn how to create an eye-catching living room piece!

21. Repurposed Dresser TV Stand

With plenty of space for your gadgets, plants, and figurines, this repurposed dresser TV stand is perfect for anyone. Here’s the DIY.

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22. DIY Game Room TV Stand

Building your gaming setup and need a TV stand for the room? Look no further than this genius DIY to turn an old dresser into a stunning TV stand fit for a personal entertainment center.

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