28 Indoor Hanging String & Rope Garden Ideas

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If you think creatively, you can display houseplants in many different ways. Just like these Hanging String and Rope Garden Ideas!

Growing plants in small planters and then hanging them using ropes or strings make them look spectacular. If this fascinates you, then have a look at some cool Hanging String Garden Ideas below!

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Hanging String Garden Ideas

1. Macrame Hanging Planters

Hanging Strings Plant Ideas

You can hang macrame planters using fine strings or make them in a way, so they have their own hanging ropes.

2. Woolen Strings


Hang pots using woolen strings or make a wrap for a pot for a designer look.

3. Green Plant Hanger for Cactus

Hanging Strings Plant Ideas 2

A green hanging planter holding a little pot of cactus looks super cute.

4. Old Candle Lanterns as Hanging Planters


Use rustic old lanterns and hang them using strings for that marvelous look.

5. Molten Glass Plant Hangers on Driftwood

Hanging Strings Plant Ideas 3

Place molten glass plant pots on driftwood and hang them on walls using strings.

6. Pots on Strings


Grow different small plants of your choice in pots hanging from strings.

7. Kokedama Planter

Hanging Strings Plant Ideas 4

A Kokedama Planter looks more beautiful when you hang it on a wall.

8. Hanging Pots by a Window


Hang pots by your bedroom window to have a cool reflection on the glass.

9. Old Glass Bottle Planter


Make holes at the neck of an old glass bottle to hang and use them as planters.

10. Blue Star Fern in Hanging Bags

Hanging Strings Plant Ideas 26

The beauty of a blue star fern will be at its peak if you’ll grow it in hanging bags made of jute.

11. The Magic of Colors!


These colorful hanging planters will add more beauty to the succulents!

12. Mini Bag Planter

Hanging Strings Plant Ideas 22

Hang a bag with string to grow plants in style!

13. Black Magic!


This dark black macrame planter will contrast beautifully with the bright foliage of pothos.

14. A Hanging Jungle

Hanging Strings Plant Ideas 11

You can enjoy a jungle look by hanging multiple planters together using a rope!

15. Succulents on Jute Robe

Make a sustainable choice by hanging succulents with a jute robe and tin platter.

16. White Beauty on Macrame Hangers

Hanging String Garden Ideas 38

Hang white ceramics in macrame ropes to give your hall a classy look.

17. Kokedama Moss Ball


Hang your philos in a kokedama moss ball planter and trail them over.

18. Hanging Basket Planter

Hanging String Garden Ideas 35

Hang your houseplants in a pretty basket with the help of jute ropes and enjoy the woodland vibe.

19. Downside Pyramid


Trail English Ivy vine in a downside pyramid planter knotted in hemp robe.

20. Hanging Mason Jar Planter

Hanging String Garden Ideas 51

Mason jars are great for growing herbs and other small plants. Just hang them with a jute rope.

21. Macrame Hangers on a Twig


Multiple planters on a single twig will give a lush green tropical look to your space.

22. Hanging Wooden Plates with Pots

Hanging String Garden Ideas 46

Grow plants in hanging planters at any corner of your room to display plants in style!

23. Floating Shelf Hanger


A floating shelf will accommodate pretty succulents and other plants easily. Hang them using macrame ropes.

24. Glass Globe on a Single Rope

Hanging String Garden Ideas 89

Upgrade the aesthetics of your living room with this hanging glass globe planter. Trailing succulents will look great in it.

25. Hanging Bulb Terrariums


Showcase your creativity by hanging these mini bulb planters. You can also make a mini terrarium inside!

26. Hooked Planter on a Copper Stand

Hanging String Garden Ideas 57

This one is an awesome way to display variegated houseplants! They will look stunning in such a setting.

27. Hanging Wooden Crates for Plants


Wooden crates offer a lot of space, and you can hang them to display vining and other plants in style!

28. Hanging Wooden Log Planters

Hanging String Garden Ideas 55

These wooden planters made from logs will leave your visitors awestruck!

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