37 Amazing Air Plants in a Terrarium Ideas

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Here are Amazing Air Plants in a Terrarium Ideas to adorn and liven up your home with these air purifying beauties.

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Amazing Air Plants in a Terrarium Ideas

1. Air Plant in a Terrarium with Moss and String Lights

Air Plants in a Terrarium Ideas 1

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One of the best Amazing Air Plants in a Terrarium Ideas is adorning the plant with string lights and complementing it with moss, a seashell, and white gravel.

2. Air Plant with Moss in White Gravel


A beautiful air plant terrarium that can be hung or kept on a table, filled with white gravel and moss.

3. Air Plant in a Terrarium with Gravel

An amazing air plant terrarium filled with a gravel to uplift the light colors of the air plant.

4. Air Plant in Christmas-themed Terrarium Jars

Air Plants in a Terrarium Ideas 4

These Christmas-themed terrarium jars are perfect for a display of snowy air plants.

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5. A Trio of Hanging Air Plant Terrariums


An amazing trio of air plant terrariums hanging in a corner filled with colorful mediums.

6. Air Plant in Open Terrarium with Stones

One of the most Amazing Air Plants in a Terrarium Idea is this air plant growing in stones.

7. Air Plant in a Glass Bulb Terrarium

A beautiful glass bulb terrarium with black gravel for the air plant.

8. Red Air Plant in a Hanging Terrarium

Air Plants in a Terrarium Ideas 8

An amazing red air plant with moss and white gravel in a terrarium hanging with a rope.

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9. Air Plant Table Terrarium Idea


A table decoration with a stunning and vibrant air plant and moss in a terrarium.

10. Air Plant in Glass Vase Terrarium


This glass vase terrarium with a gorgeous air plant can uplift any corner of your home.

11. Air Plant in Mason Jar Terrarium


This air plant can do no wrong with brown gravel and a tree branch in a mason jar terrarium.

12. Air Plant with Terrarium in the Garden

An amazing air plant in an outdoor glass terrarium.

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13. Globe and Tear-drop Terrarium with Air Plants

Air Plants in a Terrarium Ideas 13

This pair of a glass globe and a tear-drop shaped terrarium is an Amazing Air Plants in a Terrarium Idea.

14. Air Plant in Wooden Terrarium


Want a natural texture and beauty? Here is one of the most Amazing Air Plants in a Terrarium Idea with a wooden terrarium.

15. Hanging Air Plant Terrarium


This hanging air plant terrarium with white stones and moss is perfect for any room.

16. Two Air Plants in the Terrarium

Plant air plant varieties in a single terrarium and see how it lights up.

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17. Air Plant with Colored Moss in Terrarium

Air Plants in a Terrarium Ideas 17

This air plant in a terrarium idea surrounded by colored moss will attract everyone’s gaze.

18. Air Plant in a Tilted Terrarium Design

Here is an amazing air plant in a tilted-face terrarium filled with grey stones.

19. Cork Bottle Terrariums with Air Plants


These cork bottle terrariums with air plants are the perfect decoration to freshen up your home.

20. Hanging Air Plant Holders

Want something elegant and beautiful? Here are hanging air plant-holding terrariums.

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21. Air Plants in Lantern-shaped Terrarium

Air Plants in a Terrarium Ideas 21

A lantern-inspired terrarium filled with gravel and beautiful air plant varieties.

22. Copper and Glass Terrarium with Air Plant


Add this copper and glass terrarium with an air plant, dark gravel, and white crystals, and witness it uplift the room’s ambiance.

23. Metal and Glass Terrarium with Air Plant


Another Amazing Air Plant in a Terrarium Idea that you can keep on the table or hang.

24. Air Plant with Seashells and Moss

Air Plants in a Terrarium Ideas 24

Just add seashells and moss to this beautiful air plant terrarium and witness how it allures everyone.

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25. Air Plant with Moss and Stones

This unique air plant terrarium with moss and stones is an absolute beauty.

26. Air Plants with Bark and White Gravel in a Large Terrarium

Martin Borchardt

Add a piece of bark to various air plants inside a terrarium and pair these with white gravel for one of the most Amazing Air Plants in a Terrarium Ideas.

27. Air Plant and Succulent filled Terrarium pair

Pair the terrarium’s air plant with some fleshy and spiny foliage by adding mini succulents to it.

28. Hanging Terrarium with Air Plant and Branch

Air Plants in a Terrarium Ideas 28

A beautiful hanging terrarium full of bright green moss and an amazing air plant.

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29. Pumpkin shaped Terrariums with Air Plants

These amazing pumpkin-shaped terrariums filled with beautiful air plants certainly make any room stand out.

30. Air Plant Garden with Crystals in Open Terrarium

Add crystals to an open terrarium filled with air plants and see how it turns into a work of art.

31. Air Plant with Red Moss

Air Plants in a Terrarium Ideas 31

An air plant in white gravel, complemented with red moss. What more could the perfect terrarium need?

32. Hanging Air Plant Terrariums on Window

Iowa State Hort News

An Amazing Air Plants in a Terrarium Idea is hanging multiple air plant terrariums on the windowsill.

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33. Glass Bulb Air Plant Terrarium with Stand

A unique and elegant modern glass bulb air plant terrarium idea that everyone will love.

34. Air Plant on Moss

Air Plants in a Terrarium Ideas 34

Grow the air plant on moss and small stones for the perfect mix of faded and dark green colors.

35. A Massive Air Plant in Glass Terrarium with Purple Crystals


These purple crystals and dark soil for the air plant in the terrarium screams unique and wonderful.

36. Hanging Air Plant Terrarium with Moss and Stones

A lovely terrarium filled with an air plant and stones that can be hung.

37. Air Plant Terrariums with White Gravel and Blue Stones

Air Plants in a Terrarium Ideas 37

Another one of the most Amazing Air Plants in a Terrarium Ideas is adding to the beauty of the air plants using white gravel and blue stones.

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