24 Types of Vertical Gardens You Can Create Indoors

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We have wonderful indoor vertical gardens! Hanging planters, wall pockets, ladder stands, floating shelves, repurposed wine bottles - these ideas suit everyone. Whether cascading down stairs or in bathrooms, each idea brings nature closer, making it easy to spruce up your space.

Are you familiar with the amazing Types of Vertical Garden You Can Create Indoors? Don’t worry if you have no idea. These will help!

Vertical gardens are an innovative and space-saving way to bring nature into your indoor spaces. These installations not only improve air quality but also add a touch of natural beauty to your home.

26 Ways to Create a Vertical Garden Indoors

Types of Vertical Garden You Can Create Indoors

1. Hanging Vertical Garden

 Vertical Garden Indoors ideas

You can hang decorative planters from your ceiling to make use of vertical space and showcase your favorite plants. These suspended gardens look lovely.

30 Modern Hanging Glass Planter Ideas

2. Wall-Mounted Pockets

Wall-Mounted Pockets in vertical garden

Why not repurpose shoe organizers or use specially designed wall-mounted pockets to create a charming vertical garden for your herbs?

3. Ladder Stand Vertical Indoor Garden

Lean a wooden ladder against a wall and use its steps to display potted plants. Better yet, you can turn the steps into stands and place your pots on these.

20 Functional Indoor Ladder Planter Ideas

4. Floating Shelves

Indoor Vertical Garden

All you need are 2-3 floating shelves on your wall to display potted plants, creating an elegant and visually pleasing arrangement. It’ll also keep your space organized and airy.

28 Plant Collection on the Shelves Pictures

5. Use a Wall Trellis

Wall Trellis Indoor Vertical Garden

Install a trellis on your wall of any shape and size (Circular wooden fixtures like this picture will also do), and let climbing plants like ivy or pothos thrive and cover up the walls.

21 Super DIY Trellis Plant Wall Ideas Anyone Can Complete

6. DIY Vertical Garden in a Frame

Ideas for Indoor Vertical Gardens

You can also craft a wooden frame with designated plant pockets and hang it as a decorative living wall. This DIY project allows for a customized and artistic display.

11 DIY Picture Frame Ideas For Gardeners

7. Wall-Mounted Wooden Crates

Indoor Vertical Garden

If you have some wooden crates lying around the house – add them to your wall and fill them with plants to create a rustic and eclectic vertical garden.

8. Succulent Frame Garden Idea

Succulent Frame Indoor Vertical Garden

Window frames can hold all kinds of plants, but they truly stand out with succulents. You can grow them in its compartments, and it’s incredibly low maintenance.

Vertical Succulent Wall Planter In Quick Easy Steps | DIY Succulent Frame

9. Vertical Gutter Garden

best Indoor Vertical Gardening ideas 1

Upcycle old gutters by mounting them horizontally on your wall or on a stand. Then all you need are herbs or any plant of your choice for a creative indoor vertical garden.

13 Vertical DIY Rain Gutter Garden Ideas For Small Spaces

10. Use a Twig to Hang Pots


Twig to Hang Pots Indoor Vertical Garden

Make the most of your vertical space with a twig. Nail or glue it to the wall and then hang plant pots on it.

11. Living Wall Garden

Living Wall Indoor Vertical Garden

Did you know you could create living art by arranging plants on the wall – for this, you can use aluminum or a wooden section and bolt them to the wall.

23 DIY Indoor Plant Wall Projects Anyone Can Do | Living Wall Ideas For Home

12. Wine Bottle Hangers

Indoor Vertical Garden ideas 1

If you have plenty of empty wine bottles, then you should turn them into hanging planters and mount them on your wall. You can use jute or macrame for this.

29 DIY Wine Glass Centerpieces | Wine Glass Decoration Ideas

13. Mason Jar Garden

finest Indoor Vertical Gardening ideas

You can also use mason jars or glass containers to create a tilted type of vertical garden on your kitchen wall. These are perfect for growing herbs and you can use these in your recipes.

25 Clever Houseplants in Mason Jar Ideas

14. Repurposed Wooden Boxes

Wooden Boxes Indoor Vertical Garden

There’s a ton of stuff you can create an indoor vertical garden with. Take old wooden boxes, for example. Hang them on the wall creatively using ropes.

50 Amazing Things You Can Make with Pallets in Your Home | DIY Pallet Ideas

15. Staircase Railing Planter Idea

Staircase Railing Planter Indoor Vertical Garden

You can attach planters to your staircase railing or train vines on them to create a cascading plant display.

41 Stunning Garden on the Staircase Wall Ideas

16. Bathroom Plant Wall

Bathroom Plant Wall Indoor Vertical Garden

You can also add a vertical garden wall to your bathroom with humidity-loving plants. Pothos, philo, and fiddle leaf fig are some great choices!

17. Living Room Divider

Living Room Divider Indoor Vertical Garden

Create a vertical garden to serve as a living room divider for a cozy and green partition. It’s perfect for privacy if you don’t wish to compromise the open feel.

36 Most Unique Room Dividers | Partition Wall Divider Ideas

18. Vertical Hanging Pot Display

best Indoor Vertical Gardening ideas 2

Take rods, fix them in the window, and hang small planters or make planters out of plastic bottles on your windows for a vertical garden that thrives in natural light.

30 Stunning Window Garden Pictures

19. Wooden Planters with Magnets

Wooden Planters with Magnets Indoor Vertical Garden

You can attach magnets to planters that you like for a vertical garden indoors. They would look great on a refrigerator with cuttings in them.

7 DIY Indoor Magnetic Garden Ideas

20. Macrame Hangers on Ceiling Hooks

Macrame Hangers on Ceiling Hooks Indoor Vertical Garden

You know what they say – you can never go wrong with macrame! Grab a few pots with plants and hang them using macrame and ceiling hooks. Simple, right?

12 Hacks to Hang Plants Without Damaging Your Ceiling or Wall

21. Pocket Planter

Ideas for Indoor Vertical Gardens 3

Plant pockets are great for aesthetics in a vertical garden indoors. Don’t miss this idea!

14 DIY Vertical Pocket Planters For Urban Homes and Gardens

22. Hanging Metal Pot Holders

Indoor Vertical Garden ideas 3

Hang metal pot holders on a chalkboard for a versatile vertical garden to showcase your artistic flair!

23. Vertical Water Garden

Vertical Water Indoor Vertical Garden

Why not build your own mini-ecosystem in glass bottles hung on the wall with copper pipes? These are miniature, lightweight, and low maintenance!

24. Living Moss Wall DIY

Moss Wall Indoor Vertical Garden

Want a living wall decor piece that won’t need much attention and still looks beautiful? Follow this DIY to create a circular moss wall art!

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