21 Crazy DIY Trellis Plant Wall Ideas Anyone Can Complete

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These DIY Trellis Plant Wall Ideas will help you display plants vertically on the walls the modern way.

If you are looking for DIY plant wall projects, the ideas listed below are easy to follow and complete.

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DIY Trellis Plant Wall Ideas

1. DIY Wood & Leather Wall Trellis

21 Fabulous DIY Trellis Plant Wall Ideas

You can mimic this trellis plant wall idea in any bright corner of your house where the houseplants can enjoy a few hours of bright daylight

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2. DIY Lattice Trellis for Climbers


Here‘s a beautiful lattice trellis you can make for yourself. It looks best with small flowering vines.

3. Free Standing Pot Trellis

21 Fabulous DIY Trellis Plant Wall Ideas 2

This freestanding pot trellis is a portable option and you can even transfer the whole set up to some other place as well. The DIY is here.

4. Hexagonal Wall Trellis


One of the most unique DIY trellis plant wall ideas, this wall trellis is nothing but hexagonal rings interlocked to support the climbing plants.

5. Vertical Wall Garden

21 Fabulous DIY Trellis Plant Wall Ideas 3

Not just the vines, potted plants also find their way in this DIY trellis plant wall idea. Follow the tutorial and make one for yourself.

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6. Outdoor Metal Trellis


This ornamental plant trellis will serve as a garden decor besides being a sturdy plant support.

7. Wall Hanging Houseplant Trellis

21 Fabulous DIY Trellis Plant Wall Ideas 4

This plant wall trellis is pretty easy to attach. All you need is a perfect climbing houseplant for this purpose. Some of the names are listed here!

8. Indoor Vines Climbing Square Wall Trellis


You can use real or artificial plants to complete this project. Click on the IKEA link in the caption to learn more.

9. DIY Wire Trellis for Outdoor Plants

21 Fabulous DIY Trellis Plant Wall Ideas 5

You don’t always need fancy stakes or trellis to support the vines. Just pin a wire to create a pattern on the wall and train the vines on it. Detailed steps are here.

10. Metal Hexagonal Wall Support


One of the cutest DIY Trellis Plant Wall Ideas! You can attach this over your work desk and put a mini planter of climbing houseplant to help it climb the wall easily. Or, get a faux plant!

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11. Hanging Wall Trellis

21 Fabulous DIY Trellis Plant Wall Ideas 6

This hanging wall trellis will help your houseplant vine all along the wall creating a mesh of tropical vines! Learn more here.

12. DIY Trellis Plant Box


The best part about this DIY Plant Wall Trellis idea is that it is movable and does not need extra accessories to hold the soil. A must-have for garden lovers. The tutorial is here.

13. Furring Strip Plant Stake

21 Fabulous DIY Trellis Plant Wall Ideas 7

Install a furring strip plant stake around the raised beds on your patio. It will help you grow the vining flowers and veggies in the same bed, saving a lot of space. Learn more here!

14. Ivy Climbing a Honeycomb Trellis


A honeycomb trellis like this is perfect for training fast-growing vines on the wall.

15. Indoor Pergola Cum Wall Trellis

21 Fabulous DIY Trellis Plant Wall Ideas 8

Do you have an extended patio? How about creating a pergola like this that has a trellis as well?

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16. Metal Mesh Support for Vining Plants


Perfect DIY plant wall trellis idea for outdoor gardens! Just install a wire mesh above the plant boxes, and the climbers will find their way to go up.

17. Honeycomb Trailing Plant Stake

21 Fabulous DIY Trellis Plant Wall Ideas 9

This invisible plant stake will camouflage itself with the background, and you’ll have your vines climbing beautifully up the wall. You can easily find a similar thing online!

18. Indoor Ladder Trellis


A ladder is the most feasible and inexpensive DIY Plant Wall Trellis Idea. Just lean it against the wall and train the climbers on it!

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19. Garden Wall Frame for Climbing Plants

21 Fabulous DIY Trellis Plant Wall Ideas 10

These wall frames will help the vining vegetables and plants to climb their way through the garden fence, saving the foliage from rolling on the ground.

20. Outdoor DIY Plant Wall Trellis


A geometric trellis like this is an eye-catching option for a garden with a retaining wall or fence. This elevates the look of a boring outdoor wall with its patterns while serving as a sturdy support for climbers.

21. Wooden Garden Fence Trellis

21 Fabulous DIY Trellis Plant Wall Ideas 11

Want to create this amazing honeycomb garden fence wall trellis? Check out the step-by-step DIY here.

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