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These DIY Wine Glass Centerpieces look extravagant and modern, and creating them is not difficult either. All you need is Wine Glasses!

If you have spare wine glasses (if you don’t, go get some, NOW) in your house–complete one of these DIY Wine Glass Centerpiece projects. Display them to boost your daily home decor efforts or use some to decorate on special occasions and festivals. Moreover, they can be perfect wedding and party favors.

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DIY Wine Glass Centerpieces

1. Wine Glass Chandelier

A wine glass chandelier like this is all you need to add the right bling this festive season. The step-by-step DIY is here!

2. Gold Bottom Wine Glasses

Paint the bottom of the wine glasses in a royal shade of gold to make them stand out on the table. Learn the steps here!

3. Wine Glass Air Plant Home

You just need an air plant, some sand, burlap, and of course, a wine glass to complete this arrangement.

4. Wine Glasse Lamp Shades

Place tealight candles inside wine glasses and then cover them with DIY lampshades. Watch this tutorial!

5. As a Planter

You can also use a wine glass as a planter. Spray paint it in white or any other shade of your choice to make it more dramatic. Details are here.

6. Succulents in Wine Glasses

DIY Wine Glass Centerpieces 13

Succulents are one of the best plants to grow in wine glasses as they are small. They look lovely in them with their shape and colors.

7. Wine Glasses with Colored Beach Sand

DIY Wine Glass Centerpieces

Fill wine glasses with colored beach sand and tie ropes around them to make a cool candle stand.

8. Wine Glass Decoration for the Table

Candlelight is an attractive way to decorate rooms at Christmas and gives a warm feeling inside on cold and dreary days. Details are here.

9. Beach Themed Wine Glass Candle Holder

DIY Wine Glass Centerpieces 2

Here’s a beach-themed candle holder that is perfect for displaying those Sea Shell Candles.

10. Frankenstein Wine Glass Craft

All you need is a green and black enamel craft paint and a wine glass to make this one.

11. Christmas Wine Glass Centerpiece

DIY Wine Glass Centerpieces 3

If you are looking for something easy and budget-friendly this holiday, try this hassle-free DIY with minimal supplies.

12. Wine Glasses with Holiday Figurines

Pick up a collection of wine glasses, a box of sugar, and a few kitschy holiday figurines or plastic ornaments — for making these easy holiday dioramas. Details are here.

13. Wine Glass Candle Holder

DIY Wine Glass Centerpieces 4This Wine Glass Candle Holders with starfish, seashells, and sea glass is delicately gorgeous and elegant. Click here for details.

14. Inverted Wine Glass Candle Holder


Place a glass tray on the dining table, add faux roses, and put wine glasses upside-down over them. Put small candles on the base for a beautiful look.

15. Embellished Upside-Down Wine Glasses

DIY Wine Glass Centerpieces 5

Create a beautiful centerpiece with peace hues roses covered in upside-down wine glasses adorned with artificial satin blooms. See more here.

16. Wine Glass Bouquet

Try making this gorgeous bouquet using a wine glass, fresh roses, and other decorative items of your choice. See more in this video here.

17. Wine Glass Centerpiece

DIY Wine Glass Centerpieces 6

Watch this video to make a beautiful wine glass centerpiece. It will be a great table addition!

18. Wrapped Wine Glass Centerpiece

Cover the wine glasses in silver flower mesh and turquoise bling ribbon with the help of glue. Follow this DIY for the full tutorial.

19. Illuminating Rose Pearl Wine Glass

DIY Wine Glass Centerpieces 7

Create this shimmering decorative centerpiece with wine glasses, pearls, and satin ribbons. Watch the DIY here.

20. Glam Up The Wine Glass

Have a look at this DIY for creating a charming sparkling centerpiece with wine glasses.

21. Painted Wine Glass for Candles

DIY Wine Glass Centerpieces 8

These hand-painted wine glasses are perfect for displaying mini candles in style! Watch the video here.

22. Red Candles & Roses Under Wine Glass

Place a red rose beneath the upside-down wine glass and a red candle on its base. Read more here.

23. Wine Glass Snowmen

DIY Wine Glass Centerpieces 9

Make this adorable centerpiece with wine glasses, Epsom salt, acrylic paint, and glue. Check the detailed DIY here.

24. Wine Glass Centerpiece with Sunflowers

Turn wine glasses upside down and use them as candle holders. You can also use faux sunflowers for added bling!

25. Wine Glass With Christmas Figurines

DIY Wine Glass Centerpieces 10

Here’s a clever way to dress your Christmas table using an inverted wine glass, tealights, and mini baubles. Watch the video here.

26. Wine Glass Terrarium

Make a wine glass terrarium like this with real or faux plants and display it on your tabletop as a stunning centerpiece.

27. Wine Glass Chandelier

DIY Wine Glass Centerpieces 11
Sadly, we don’t have a tutorial for this

All you need are different wine glasses and a hanging metal structure to suspend it from the ceiling for a fabulous chandelier!

28. Rose in a Wine Glass

DIY Wine Glass Centerpieces 12

You can also use a wine glass as a vase to display the rose in style!

29. Mini Candles in Wine Glasses


If you are planning a candlelight dinner, then display candles inside wine glasses like this.

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