11 DIY Picture Frame Ideas For Gardeners

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We always strive to bring you some of the best ideas for gardening. Here are some exciting DIY Picture Frame Ideas for Gardeners that are worth trying!

When it comes to gardening, there are many ideas that you can try! Keeping that in mind, we bring you some really amazing DIY Picture Frame Ideas For Gardeners, which is going to add a lot of appeal to your yard!

 1. Beach Framed Seashells DIY Picture Frame Ideas

Paint and distress a picture frame for a rustic look by attaching some big seashells to the center using an adhesive. We found the idea here.

2. Message Board

Attach chicken wire to the picture frame. That’s all you need to do to display pictures or messages in a unique way, using a clothespin!

3. Succulent Picture Frame

DIY Picture Frame Ideas for gardeners

Insert hardware cloth to the frame and back it up with a base. Now add soil and fill the whole area with succulent cuttings or other plants you may wish to use. Take inspiration from here.

4. Picture Frame Planter

Find a big picture frame that you no longer use, and convert it into this garden art. Drill a hole at one side of the frame, and hang the planter from it using a thick twine. Once complete, hang the whole piece to a branch of a tree in your yard. More info here!

5. Living Table Frame

DIY Picture Frame Ideas for your friends Convert your table frame into this living succulent art! All you need to do is to insert a sheet of hardware cloth to the middle, filling it with soil and plant. Quite similar to a DIY already mentioned above.

6. Greenhouse Terrarium

Turn a set of different sized picture frames into an inexpensive and practical greenhouse to display as your new centerpiece. Learn the details here.

7. DIY Succulent Garden

DIY Picture Frame Ideas that you never heard

Arrange picture frames such that they assert a 3D triangular effect and close the base of the figure with cardboard. For more details, click here.

8. Picture Frame Terrarium

Make this greenhouse terrarium with picture frames, brackets, screws, wood boards, paint, and plants. You can learn this DIY at Country Living.

9. Frame Hanging Planter

DIY Picture Frame Ideas that you must try

Spray paint a picture frame with metallic paint and attach two corners with a chain to hang it in the garden. Then, suspend your planter pots to the frame with wire in up-down fashion.

10. Hanging Art

This hanging art is nothing but different picture frames hung with little lanterns. For the partition you see in the bigger square frames, use white painted dowel rods.

11. Photo Frame Collage

DIY Picture Frame Ideas that you can try anytime in yard

The image is quite explanatory in itself! You only need to arrange photo frames in a collage on a wall. We found the idea here!

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