30 Stunning Window Garden Pictures

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Here are some outstanding Window Garden Pictures to give you an idea on how you can grow plants in style even if you don’t have a sprawling yard!

If you live in a studio or small apartment, then these Window Garden Pictures will give you some great ideas to have a little indoor green spot of your own!

Have a look at some great DIY indoor Window Garden ideas here

Stunning Window Garden Pictures

1. A row of Pots on a Windowsill

Window Garden Pictures

2. A Wooden Box Mini Garden

3. Colorful Windowsill Flower Garden

Window Garden Pictures 2

4. Succulents in Pots

5. Flowers in Tin Boxes

Window Garden Pictures 3

6. Trailing Flowers in Window Boxes

7. Jade and Other Plants in Pots

Window Garden Pictures 4

8. Succulents in Large Window Boxes

9. Line of Mini White Planters

Window Garden Pictures 5

10. Fruits and Veggies in Yellow and Green Planters

11. Flowers in Baskets

Window Garden Pictures 6

12. Flowerbox on a Windowsill

13. Tray Full of Potted Plants

Window Garden Pictures 7

14. Wreath and Plants On a Windowsill


15. An Indoor Jungle by a Window!

Window Garden Pictures 8

16. Plants on a Bohemian Styled Window


17. Potted Plants on a Windowsill with Painted Wall

Window Garden Pictures 9

18. Trailing Plants in Hanging Pots


19. Plants in Colorful Pots!

Window Garden Pictures 10

20. Succulents and Cacti

21. Three Tall Windows Full of Plants!

Window Garden Pictures 11

22. Plant Arrangement on a Window

23. Hanging Pots with Strings

Window Garden Pictures 12

24. Kitchen Window Garden


25. Flowers and Trailing Plants

Window Garden Pictures 13

26. A Vertical Window Garden

27. Flowers in White Pots

Window Garden Pictures 14

28. Small Potted Plants

29. Culinary Herbs on the Window

Window Garden Pictures 15

30. Flowering and Other Plant on a Wooden Cabinet by a Window



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