26 Ways to Create a Vertical Garden Indoors

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Check out different Ways to Create a Vertical Garden Indoors that’ll turn any space into a green paradise!

Transforming a plain space into a lush, green oasis is more achievable than ever with these innovative Ways to Create a Vertical Garden Indoors!  This gardening trend brings a slice of nature into your home and maximizes limited space, making it a perfect solution for urban dwellers!

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Ways to Create a Vertical Garden Indoors

1. Go for a Living Wall

Create a lush living wall by arranging a variety of plants. It’s like having a colorful garden painting on your wall! Check out the DIY here.

2. Plant Stand with White Pots


Arrange white pots on a stylish metal plant stand. Each pot is a home for a different plant, making it a mini vertical garden display.

3. Planting in Grooves on the Walls

Ways to Create a Vertical Garden Indoors 3

Plant ferns in grooves on the walls, turning your room into a cheerful garden. It’s like nature peeking out from unexpected places!

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4. Hang Plastic Pots on the Wall

Hang plastic pots on the wall, each one holding a vibrant plant. These hanging pots add a splash of color and life to your room, making it feel fresh and lively. They’re cheap and lightweight too.

5. Repurpose an Old Glass Cupboard

Give new life to a cupboard by filling its shelves with plants. It’s a clever way to repurpose furniture and bring greenery into your home.

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6. Vertical Wall Garden in Wood Frame

Grow plants in a wooden frame attached to the wall. It’s like having a mini forest growing vertically, adding a natural and calming vibe to your room. The borders will help keep the growth in check, too.

7. Hanging Shelves with Terra Cotta Pots

Ways to Create a Vertical Garden Indoors 9

Hang shelves on your wall using ropes, each holding terra cotta pots filled with plants. It’s a practical and charming way to display your favorite green companions.

8. Modern Tiered Planter Stand

Use a tiered planter stand to showcase your plants. With multiple levels, it’s like creating a green skyscraper in your room, giving each planter its own spot in the room.

9. Vertical Plant Tower Idea

Ways to Create a Vertical Garden Indoors 11

Set up a vertical plant tower with multiple layers. It’s a compact and organized way to grow a variety of plants, making the most out of your indoor space.

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10. Pallet on the Wall

Hang a pallet on your wall using chains and plant flowers or herbs in its openings. It’s a rustic and creative way to have a garden suspended in the air.

11. Hydroponic Indoor Planter

Ways to Create a Vertical Garden Indoors 13

Grow plants in a hydroponic indoor planter without the need for any soil. This idea is a futuristic approach that doesn’t need much care.

12. Grid Frame Vertical Garden

Arrange plants in a grid frame on your wall. Each square of the grid becomes a home for a different plant pot. You can also use this to divide rooms!

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13. Garden Tools Planter with Buckets/Pots


Attach planks to the wall and hang buckets as planters. It’s a simple and effective way to have a vertical garden.

14. Shelf Arrangement for Pots

Arrange shelves on your wall to hold all kinds of pots. It’s like having a mini plant gallery in your home.

15. Vertical Garden on a Metal Frame

Ways to Create a Vertical Garden Indoors 17

Create a vertical garden on a sturdy metal frame with wooden planks. The frame acts as a backdrop for your plants. There’s plenty of space for tools and gloves as well.

16. Small Wooden Frame for Succulent Garden

Create a succulent and air plants garden in a small wooden frame made from planks. It’s like having a mini forest of tiny, colorful plants right on your wall!

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17. Staggered Plant Pot Stands

Ways to Create a Vertical Garden Indoors 19

Go with plant pots on staggered stands, creating a playful and dynamic garden display. Each pot stands at a different height, making it visually interesting.

18. Indoor Planter Box with Lattice

Build a garden with a lattice trellis and wooden planter boxes. You can also do this using an old dresser.

19. Iron Pipe Garden on the Wall

Ways to Create a Vertical Garden Indoors 21

Plant your favorite foliage in cut iron pipes hung on the walls. What a chic way to repurpose old stuff for a vertical garden!

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20. Tiered Macrame Hangers on a Branch


Hang potted plants in tiered macrame hangers suspended from a branch, creating a boho-inspired vertical garden. It’s like having a green waterfall.

21. Stack Some Old Crates

Ways to Create a Vertical Garden Indoors 23

Stack wooden crates and plant flowers or herbs in them. It’s a rustic and easy way to create a vertical garden, adding a touch of countryside charm to your room.

22. Try a Wall Lattice

This criss-cross style wall lattice is perfect for any number of pots and vines you want to grow in your vertical garden.

23. Vertical Tower with Hydroponics

Ways to Create a Vertical Garden Indoors 25

Set up a vertical tower with hydroponic plants. This modern idea will let you enjoy plants without much care.

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24. Turn a Cat Tower into a Vertical Garden


Create a vertical garden on a cat tower, combining your love for plants and pets. A mini jungle gym for your feline friend!

25. Hive Style Modular Vertical Garden

Ways to Create a Vertical Garden Indoors 27

Arrange modular panels in a hive-like pattern, creating a garden with depth and texture. It looks like a 3D puzzle of plants and can make your vertical wall garden stand out.

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26. Box Wall Garden

Craft this vibrant vertical wall garden with boxes. it is great to grow flowers in a very small space! DIY is here.

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  1. What I love about gardening is the different tastes and flavors that can be introduced to create a design that’s both pleasing and inviting. A vertical garden is amazing and the neat part is you can let your imagination run wild as you come up with so many plant designs for this garden type. These gardens are very popular and many persons are installing this garden type which is a work of art. Vertical garden does deserve their place in the world of gardening.


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