12 Reasons Why You Should Grow Succulents

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If you are looking for Reasons Why You Should Grow Succulents in your home and garden, then we have plenty for you!

Apart from looking amazing, succulents are also one of the easiest plants to maintain. However, if you are still not sure and looking for Reasons Why You Should Grow Succulents, then this post is for you.

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Reasons Why You Should Grow Succulents

1. Can be Grown in Stylish Ways

Reasons Why You Should Grow Succulents

Thanks to their compact dimensions, colors, appearance, and shapes–succulents can be grown in creative pots, jars, and DIY planters. Grow them in wooden planters or plant your favorite succulent in kokedama balls. Check the DIY here.

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2. They are Low Maintenance

Succulents are low-maintenance plants and don’t ask for frequent attention. They are not particular about watering and fertilizer requirements. Snake plant, aloe vera, jade plant, and crown of thorns are some of the best succulent types that are grown indoors.

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3. Trendy and Modern

Succulents are the most modern plants and in trend for some years. You can go creative by growing succulents in teacups and coffee mugs. Also, check out some cool spiller filler thriller succulent planter ideas here.

4. Best Drought Tolerant Plants

If you are a busy, forgetful, or beginner gardener–succulents are an excellent choice for you as they store water in their plump foliage and do not require frequent watering. In fact, overwatering can cause root rot in succulents.

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5. Grow them Anywhere

Reasons Why You Should Grow Succulents 2

Depending on the variety, you can grow them indoors or outdoors. Some succulent types prefer full sun, but you can grow them indoors too on a sunny window. Also, use well-draining succulent soil and use planters with proper drainage holes to avoid root rot.

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6. No Frequent Fertilization

There is one more reason why you should grow succulents is they are not heavy feeders. So, you don’t have to worry about the constant nourishment of these exotic plants.

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7. Air Purifying Abilities

Succulents like the Snake plant and ZZ are champions when it comes to purifying home air. According to the NASA Clean Air Study, the ZZ plant helps clean the indoor air by filtering out pollutants like xylene, toluene, and carbon dioxide.

8. Available in So Many Shapes and Sizes

You can find succulents in unique shapes, patterns, and colors. According to the location and weather, some species change color, turning bright red or orange from green in full sun. You can also grow smaller varieties that fit in a cute teacup or go with trailing succulents like burro’s tail or strings of pearls in hanging baskets. Options are unlimited!

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9. Medicinal Properties

Reasons Why You Should Grow Succulents 3

There are many succulents that are edible and have medicinal uses. For example, yucca can be used to cure inflammation as its saponins and antioxidants are useful in treating arthritis pain. Aloe vera gel is useful in minor burns and rashes. It can also cure digestive tract related problems and reduce inflammation. Just boil the roots of yucca in water and drink its tea. Check out more of its benefits here!

10. Can Reduce Dry Air Problem

Succulents like the jade plant are proven to increase relative humidity around them. According to this study, jade and ZZ plants help improve air moisture. They’re also CAM plants and can demonstrate transpiration in the dark too.

11. They Flower Too!

If you are fond of colors and blooms, then don’t undervalue succulents as they are not just for fleshy leaves and thorns. Flowering Kalanchoe, Purple Ice Plant, and Peanut Cactus are prime examples, but the list is big. Check these best flowering succulents that will beautify your homes and give you one more valid reason to grow them!

12. Can be Multiplied Easily

Propagating a succulent plant by leaf, stem cutting, or division is super easy that even a newbie can do it. You can multiply your favorite succulents from existing plants this way easily. Here are some of the best succulents that can be propagated from cuttings successfully.

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