13 Best Succulents to Propagate from Cuttings

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Want to know the names of Best Succulents to Propagate from Cuttings and how to do it? This article is surely going to help you out!

Propagating succulents from cutting is the best way to expand your plant collection. This method is very simple and takes less time, compared with growing from seeds. Read about the Best Succulent to Propagate from Cuttings in this article.

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Propagating Succulents from Leaves or Stem Cuttings

Best Succulents to Propagate from Cuttings

If you want to increase the number of your established succulents, use the existing plants’ leaves or stems for propagation. Always choose full and plumped leaves to propagate. Similarly, for propagating by stem cutting, pick a 2-5 inches long, healthy stem.

Tip: Allow the leaves and stems both to heal in a dry and warm place for 2-3 days to develop the callus.

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Best Succulent to Grow From Leaf Cuttings

1. Kalanchoe

Botanical name: Kalanchoe (Genus)

Plants from the kalanchoe family are best succulents to grow from cuttings. However, growing indoors, its flowering species don’t bloom. You can propagate kalanchoes from leaves easily to multiply them. It is one of the best succulents to propagate from cuttings on this list.

2. Aloe Vera

Best Succulents to Propagate from Cuttings easily

Botanical name: Aloe barbadensis

Aloe vera is the most popular houseplant with many other medicinal properties. Apart from several benefits, it’s drought-tolerant and low maintenance, thriving on neglect. You can propagate aloe vera from its fat leaves. You can also plant it from a stem cutting as well if the plant has matured enough with a woody stem.

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3. Echeveria

Botanical name: Echeveria spp

With thick fleshy leaves with wax-like rinds on the exterior, echeveria makes for an excellent indoor and outdoor plant. To plant more echeveria, start with leaf-cutting by just placing the leaf on the soil, and the root will emerge in a few weeks. It is one of the best succulents to propagate from cuttings on this list.

4. Haworthia

Best Succulents to Propagate from Cuttings easily at home

Botanical name: Haworthia (Genus)

Haworthia is an attractive small houseplant, also known as the zebra cactus. It features rosettes of plumped green leaves, designed with white bands. To propagate it, pluck off a healthy leaf from the stem and lay on a well-draining soil to let it grow.

Best Succulents to Propagate from Stem Cuttings

5. Burro’s Tail

Botanical name: Sedum morganianum

Also known as donkey tail, burro’s tail produces long, hanging stems; hence the name. Propagate it by cutting the stems and allow them to heal for 5-6 days. Plant it in a pot filled with a succulent mix. It is one of the best succulents to propagate from cuttings on this list.

6. Crown of Thorns

Best Succulents to Propagate from Cuttings and grow them

Botanical name: Euphorbia milii

The crown of thorns is named due to a story that describes the stems of this thorny plant that were used to make the Crown of Jesus. You can grow this succulent indoors or outdoors, as it can survive well in droughts. It can be easily propagated from cuttings in spring.

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7. Jade Plant

Botanical name: Crassula Ovata

Crassula ovata is popularly known as a lucky plant. It has been found in many studies that the jade plant can purify the air indoors. To propagate the plant from cutting, choose a healthy 3-4 inches long stem and allow it to dry till callus emerges. It is one of the best succulents to propagate from cuttings on this list.

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8. Sedum 

Best Succulents to Propagate from Cuttings 2

Botanical name: Sedum

Sedums are also best succulent to grow from cuttings. You can plant ‘Autumn Joy,’ Sedum kamtschaticum “Variegatum,” ‘Ruby Glow,’ or ‘Sedum caticola.’ To propagate, pluck off 6-inch long cutting from the tip of the plant and stick the bottom half to the soil.

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9. Wax Plant

Botanical name: Hoya carnosa

Known for its stunning star-shaped, wax-like white flowers and leathery leaves, hoya is a popular houseplant. You can propagate it from stem cutting in spring or summer by snipping off a healthy 4-5 inches long stem with 2-4 leaves, put the container in indirect sunlight.

10. Aptenia

Best Succulents to Propagate from Cuttings 4

Botanical name: Aptenia cordifolia

Also known as the baby sun rose, Aptenia forms red or magenta-purple flowers from spring to fall. To propagate aptenia, cut 3-5 inches long stem from a healthy plant and allow it to heal for 2-3 days in a dry place then plant it in a potting mix. It is one of the best succulents to propagate from cuttings on this list.

11. Aeonium

Botanical name: Aeonium (Genus)

Aeonium can bring colors to your garden with its colorful leaves in red, cream, and chartreuse shades. It features thick spoon-like, puffy leaves in a rosette pattern. You can propagate this succulent from 3-4 inches stem cutting any time of the year.

12. Strings of Pearls

Best Succulents to Propagate from Cuttings 6

Botanical name: Senecio rowleyanus

Strings of pearls is a perfect trailing houseplant producing beautiful rounded, bead-like small leaves and white fragrant flowers. You can propagate strings of pearls from stem cutting and easily multiply this attractive succulent to decorate your interior.

13. Strings of Banana

Botanical name: Senecio radicans

Strings of banana is a fast-growing plant that features cascading vines of succulent. It produces small white, yellow, or lavender colored flowers and banana-shaped leaves all year round. Stem cuttings from a healthy plant can easily propagate them.

How to Propagate Succulents

Use clean and sharp scissors to cut the stems to the desired length you want, at a 45-degree angle, remove the bottom leaves and allow the stems to heal in a dry, warm place for 2-3 days till the callus develops. You can skip this step as well if the weather is warm and dry.

Plant the cutting in a regular potting soil or make a moist peat and perlite mix, cover the pot in plastic to maintain the moisture. Place the container where it receives bright, and indirect light. It will take 2-3 weeks days for cuttings to root.

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