14 DIY Wood Succulent Planter Ideas

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Take a look at 14 DIY Wood Succulent Planter that you can create from tree stumps, branches, logs, and driftwood to use as centerpieces.

1. Tree Trunk Planter

Tree Trunk Planter

Upcycle rotten tree trunk pieces to create a rustic succulent planter for your garden or home. Get the instructions at My Repurposed Life.

2. Tree Branch Planter

tree branch planter

Hollow out tree logs with a spade bit and plant your succulents as you normally do. Find the detailed tutorial here.

3. Succulent Planter Branch

Succulent Planter Branch

This wooden succulent planter was made using a tree branch. Here are the details.

4. Wood Log Planter

Wooden log succulent planters can make the perfect flashy centerpieces in your home for any occasion. Watch the video and for instructions.

5. DIY Succulent Planter

Follow this tutorial on Clever Bloom to know how to create a tree trunk succulent planter along with some tips for growing succulents.

6. Log Planter DIY

If you are afraid of bugs that might be infesting the tree trunk, buy bonfire logs from a hardware store instead. Catch the detailed How-to here.

7. Succulent Log Centerpiece

Succulent Log Centerpiece

Make your own durable and organic centerpiece using a few succulents and thick logs or branches. Visit HGTV for the tutorial.

8. Driftwood Planter

Driftwood Planter

Plant air plants and succulents in driftwood without creating a space! This video directs you how to attach air plants to the driftwood using hot glue.

9. Wood Block Succulent Planter

Wood Block Succulent Planter

Adorn a simple block of wood with a variety of succulents using basic hardware tools. Find the step by step DIY here.

10. Tree Branch Planter

Tree Branch Planter

The procedure for this tree branch succulent planter is not different from the other ideas in this list. Find the instructions here.

11. DIY Driftwood Planter

DIY Driftwood Planter

Choose your favorite succulents and plant them in a driftwood piece. Visit The Design Twins for the tutorial.

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12. Driftwood Planter with Succulents

Driftwood Planter with Succulents

Create a low maintenance driftwood succulent planter in less than an hour. Here’s the idea.

13. Tree Stump Planter

tree stump planter

To create this planter, create a wide hole for succulents in a tree stump with a hammer and chisel. Watch the video here.

14. Succulent Driftwood Planter

Create a driftwood centerpiece using your favorite succulents and scented candles. The tutorial video is here.

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