Can You Eat Aloe Vera Plant | Benefits of Eating Raw Aloe Vera

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Can You Eat Aloe Vera Plant, or you can use it topically? Find out the answer to these important questions in the article below!

Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis) is a popular houseplant that can thrive on neglect. It has several uses and medicinal benefits. However, people often get confused when it comes to eating the plant. So, Can You Eat Aloe Vera Plant? Let’s find out!

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Can You Eat Aloe Vera Plant?

Can You Eat Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera is a great indoor houseplant that can survive on neglect and has numerous medicinal properties and health benefits on offer. As it is rich in nutrients, enzymes, fatty acids, polysaccharides, amino acids, and minerals, you can eat aloe vera plant to encash all its benefits! The aloe vera leaf consists of three parts: skin, gel, and latex.

The gel and skin of an aloe vera plant are edible and have several health benefits, but you cannot eat it directly by cutting from the plant. Read on to learn how to consume aloe vera.

How to Eat Aloe Vera?

  • To eat the gel, take an aloe leaf from the plant, wash it with running, tap water.
  • Allow it to rest for 10-15 minutes till it emits a thin layer of yellow liquid with a strong laxative quality like; aloin. Excessive consumption of latex can result in severe fatal side effects.
  • Next, cut off the sharp spiky edges on the top, and both sides of the leaf rewash it to eliminate any traces of debris, residue, and latex.
  • After that, remove the skin and scoop out the inside gel with a clean spoon. You can eat it by adding to smoothies, drinks, and salsas.

Conversely, aloe vera skin is also safe to consume. To eat the skin, snip off the sharp edges and slice the skin from the gel. You can add it to summer salads, hummus, or salsa for a crunchy, mild taste.

Note: Keep in mind to choose leaves from aloe vera plant for consumption and not from other aloe species. Since these varieties may be toxic for use.

Benefits of Eating Aloe Vera

Consumption of aloe vera gel and skin from the leaf has several health benefits!

  • The gel contains 20 amino acids that help in making muscle tissue strong.
  • The enzymes in the aloe vera aid in digestion and enhance the nutrient intake.
  • Aloe vera gel also helps in reducing dental plaque. You can use it as a mouthwash as well.
  • It has been proved in studies that aloe vera gel assists in lowering blood sugar by boosting insulin sensitivity.
  • Regular consumption of aloe vera gel boosts the antioxidant level of blood and also fights the damage by free radicals.

Risks of Eating Aloe Vera

Consumption of aloe vera latex (Yellow substance) that is present inside the leaves has potential dangers. If taken in small quantities, it may work on treating constipation by boosting contractions.

If you are taking aloe vera latex for a long period, then it can result in side effects like; kidney problems, stomach cramps, muscle weakness, and irregular heartbeat.

Besides that, aloe vera consumption is not recommended for people who have diabetes, heart problems, or kidney issues.

Note: Pregnant women are advised not to consume latex as it can cause uterine contractions that can result in miscarriage.

What Does Aloe Vera Taste Like?

Can You Eat Aloe Vera Plant 2

Aloe vera has a bitter, slightly acidic, and earthy taste. The texture is soft and gluey; it’s watery as well hence can be ingested easily. You can consume it raw or combine with other fruit juices or smoothies as well.

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Avoid Consuming Processed Aloe Vera Gel

If you want to consume the Aloe vera gel, always make sure that you are taking it from a fresh plant. Avoid consuming packaged ones as they contain harmful preservatives.

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  1. Hello I bout 2 stalks so far in the year 2020 I bought 1 stalk and ate the latex and the gel till it was gone and now in 2021 this in my 2 nd. Stalk I’m working on I never washed the latex off I didn’t know if I stop doing that now will I be safe cause I didn’t read to on it first I had a friend that told me the health benefits of the aloe vera gel of eating it but he didn’t know that we had to wash the latex before consuming it have I been doing it to long already idk I hope not I’m worried cause I didn’t do it right before eating it everyday in high doses.


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