12 Best Dwarf Palms For Homes | Short Palm Varieties

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These 12 Dwarf Palms don’t grow tall and remain short and compact, making them perfect for growing indoors or outdoors in a limited space.

Excellent addition to both homes and gardens, these Best Dwarf Palms offer a magnificent tropical look without taking too much room.

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Best Dwarf Palms

1. Lady Palm

Best Dwarf Palms

Botanical Name: Rhapis excelsa

Height: 5-6 feet

This palm grows from multiple bush-like clumps with upright, deep green fronds that split into fan-like sections. It prefers dappled light and rich, loose potting mix.

2. Pygmy Date Palm

Best Dwarf Palms 2

Botanical Name: Phoenix roebelenii

Height: 3-4 feet

It is one of the best dwarf palm variety with narrow green fronds. Pygmy date palm is easy to care for and performs well in indirect light.

3. Sago Palm

Botanical Name: Cycas revoluta

Height: 1-3 feet

Not a true palm but a member of the cycad family, the sago palm features a short, fuzzy, plump trunk with long and stiff that fronds that arch out with leaflets that grow upwards.

4. Cat Palm

Best Dwarf Palms 4

Botanical Name: Chamaedorea cataractarum

Height: 3-4 feet

This small palm tree is ideal for bright, sunny locations but not direct sunlight. It offers long slender green bushy foliage on multiple stems.

5. Ponytail Palm

Botanical Name: Beaucarnea recurvata

Height: 3-4 feet

Also known as the elephant’s foot palm, this palm lookalike is actually a succulent. The base of the stem looks like an elephant’s foot.

6. Bamboo Palm

Botanical Name: Chamaedorea seifrizii

Height: 2-3 feet

Bamboo palm showcases decorative dense green bushy foliage, cane-like stems. In the native habitat, it grows in the shade and is perfect for growing in a dim-lit area.

7. European Fan Palm



Botanical Name: Chamaerops humilis

Height: 3-4 Feet

This Chinese fan palm look-alike features spiky fronds that form a star shape. European fan palm is slow-growing and quite manageable indoors. Also, it won’t mind some shade!

8. Saw Palmetto Palm


Botanical Name: Serenoa repens

Height: 3-5 Feet

Grow it in full sun to get that awesome blue-green foliage color. It also does well indoors in bright light and is quite easy to maintain.

9. Cardboard Palm

Botanical Name: Zamia furfuracea

Height: 3-5 feet

Not a true palm, but the growth habit of this ZZ plant relative is similar to that of a real one. It has a unique leaf pattern with toothed tips on long stalks

10. Parlor Palm

Botanical Name: Chamaedorea elegans

Height: 3-4 feet

This single-trunked palm stays compact and offers dense foliage with arching leaves. It is also particularly noted for growing beautiful yellow flowers.

11. Window Pane Palm

Botanical Name: Reinhardtia gracilis

Height: 3-4 feet

With its unusual looking leaves, divided into 4 sections that come in a bright green hue, the plant makes a solid impression. It is one of the best container palms you can grow.

12. Areca Palm

Botanical Name: Dypsis lutescens

Height: 5-10 feet

No other plant can beat this one when it comes to a cool tropical look. It is easy to grow, and the lush foliage looks simply amazing with every interior decor.

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