11 Spiller Filler Thriller Succulent Planter Ideas

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Take inspiration from these Spiller Filler Thriller Succulent Planter Ideas to create the most modern and dramatic container arrangements!

Use trailing succulents to create a spilling effect, spreading or groundcover succulents as a filler, and upright succulents for the thriller. To learn more about the thriller-spiller-filler technique, click here.

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1. A Thrilling Pot

Spiller Filler Thriller Succulents

Pair multiple succulents together to have a potful of thrilling delight, which blends the plant’s beauty perfectly.

2. Colorful Crush

Succulents paired with colorful flowers and bright green foliage plants will add a color crush to your garden.

3. Rustic Freestanding Container

Spiller Filler Thriller Succulents 2

This mini washtub adds a rustic appeal while the combination of different succulents makes for an eye-catching addition.

4. A Dramatic Container Display

Image Source: houzz

Grow agave, blue chalk sticks, and orange-flowering parrot’s beak together to create a stunning container display.

5. Succulent Hair

Spiller Filler Thriller Succulents 3
Image Source: northerngardener

A face-shaped container with succulents on top will make them appear like hair on the top of the head!

6. Mini Indoor Container Garden

Image Source: aliciawoodlifestyle

Grow reindeer moss, wood moss, and sheet moss along with succulents to create a mini garden for the table.

7. A Summertime Flair

Spiller Filler Thriller Succulents 4

Pair different colors of cacti and succulents to create a subtle and sublime look in your garden.

8. ‘Snake’ and Succulents

The long fronds of the snake plant will complement the small and compact look of succulents magnificently in a wide bowl.

9. Modern Cylindrical Containers

Spiller Filler Thriller Succulents 5

A timeless choice, these containers never go out of style and offer a clean, geometric feel to homes with a string of pearls, white purple calibrachoa, and blue ageratum.

10. Cheerful Blues

The blue container will offer the right contrast to the succulents, bringing a dazzling look to your yard.

11. Mixed Succulents in a Large Container

Spiller Filler Thriller Succulents 6

This is going to be a great addition to your container garden, beautifying the landscape by creating a visual delight with succulents.

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