24 Most Creative DIY Succulent Planters On The Web

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Love growing succulents? House them in the most creative, good-looking yet inexpensive DIY Succulent Planters available on the web!

1. DIY Mini Succulent Planter

DIY Mini Succulent Planter

These cute little planters are made from large, colorful plastic Easter eggs to grow the assortment of succulents. Line them up on a shelf as decor pieces or use them as the centerpiece. Visit A Kailo Chic Life for the tutorial!

2. Vintage Planters

Vintage Planters

Have you grown succulents in almost everything? But, did you try growing them in vintage planters? A classy setup! Check out the idea at Blue Bird Kisses.

3. Monogram Succulent Planter

Personalize your home front with a succulent monogram planter like this. Visit Daily Dish Magazine to learn more.

4. High Heel Planters

Transform your old high heel footwear into an eccentric succulent planter. Follow the detailed tutorial at DIY Fun Ideas.

5. Cassette Tape Succulent Planter

Connect your childhood to your present by making a DIY succulent planter from old cassette tapes. Find the instructions at Creative Green Living.

6. Edible Succulent Terrarium Cupcakes

Edible succulent cupcakes with planters, we could not exclude this idea from our list. Of course, it is not related to gardening. Serve them as a dessert or decorate as the centerpieces. The recipe is here.

7. Book Planter

Book Planter

This DIY article at Apartment Therapy is engaging and shares the all required steps to create these unique Book Planters!

8. Mini Copper Planters

Mini Copper Planters

Bloggers are becoming creative, and this DIY is an example. Copper caps are cleaned up using tomato ketchup and repurposed as planters. Find this project at Poppy Talk.

9. Teacher’s Gift

Plant succulents in mini metal plant pots to make the valuable teacher gift, a perfect idea for the Teacher Appreciation Week or use them as favors. Find the DIY at Tiny Oranges.

10. Mini Tin Garden

A garden in your garden! Isn’t it? Use this miniature garden as a decoration item or for favors. You only need plants, soil, and tin container for this project. We found the idea here.

11. Mason Jar Succulent Pots

Mason Jar Succulent Pots

Employ mason jars, paint, succulent and soil to complete this project in no time! Follow Lolly Jane to get the directions.

12. Disco Ball Succulent Planter

Disco Ball Succulent Planter

If you love to create eye catchy and gaudy DIYs, this one will work for you. Get disco ball ornaments and a craft knife and follow this tutorial.

13. Growing Succulents

Here’s a super quick guide on how you can grow and take care of succulent plants.

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14. Designer Dinosaur Planter

Spray paint a hollow plastic dinosaur toy to convert it into a stylish planter. Find the DIY tutorial at The Homespun Hydrangea.

15. Glass Insulator Planter

Find this DIY at Home Talk. It is absolutely an out of the box idea to reuse glass insulators for growing succulents!

16. Ruler Succulent Planter

Have broken wooden rulers at home? If not, you can break one! Can’t you? Use it to create a succulent planter. Follow the instructions here.

17. Wine Cork Magnet Planters

Make these tiny but adorable magnet planters to grow succulents using wine corks. Find the tutorial here. Check out more Magnet Planter Ideas here!

18. Brass Succulent Planter

Brass Succulent Planter

These tiny brass planters are made from PVC drain cups. Brass colored aluminum sheets are attached to them to give this look. A Beautiful Mess has a step by step tutorial.

19. Light Fixture Planter

Create an attractive brass light fixture planter for your home in a few easy steps. Click here for the tutorial.

20. DIY Crystal Planters

One of the unique DIY succulent planter ideas in this list. Use crystals, succulents, adhesive, and leather cord to complete this project. Get the directions at Jojotastic.

21. Wooden Succulent Planters

This mini succulent planter is made using wooden furniture foot. A drill is used to create a hole to fill the dirt. Catch the idea at the Earnest Home.

22. Packing Paper Sack Planters

Make these eco-friendly packing paper sack planters using simple blank papers or patterned papers. We found the tutorial at Fall For DIY.

23. Glass Terrariums

Glass Terrariums

Be vigilant in this DIY project–you will need to cut the glass using a glass cutter. Overall, it is not that difficult and worth the effort. Find the tutorial here.

24. DIY Faux Succulent Garden

Dollar store frames, moss, faux succulents, twigs, paint, dark wax, and paintbrush are all used to complete this DIY project.

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