31 Unbelievable Succulents with Unique Shapes

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Add these Succulents with Unique Shapes and Patterns to your plant collection for a spectacular show of colors and shapes!

While all succulents are unique due to their extraordinary shapes, varieties, colors, and combinations–These 31 succulents with unique shapes are the most. If you love collecting these low-maintenance plant, save this list.

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Succulents with Unique Shapes and Patterns

1. Haworthia cooperi var. truncata

This variety features almost transparent, patterned ‘windowed’ leaves that grow smaller than other haworthia varieties. You can plant it in small pots or terrariums.

2. Echeveria ‘Ice Age’

Succulents with Unique Shapes and Patterns 2

This echeveria is a variegated cultivar of echeveria ‘Rosea Grandis.’ It has distinct patterns of porcelain white hues with capillary vessels and edges having a pink hue.

3. Lenophyllum guttatum f.variegata

Succulents with Unique Shapes and Patterns 2

This beautiful variegated form of Lenophyllum guttatum has bright red markings. It grows in a compact form with oppositely paired and boat-shaped leaves.

4. Ceropegia linearis subsp. woodii

This trailing succulent produces long trailing stems with patterned, heart-shaped gray-green leaves. With maturity, it forms woody caudex at its base.

5. Fockea comaru

Succulents with Unique Shapes and Patterns 3

It also goes with the name Brachystelma comaru. It is a caudiciform succulent with large tuber and thin, erect branches. The plant has very narrow leaves in a deep green shade.

6. Cereus ‘Ming Thing’

Succulents with Unique Shapes and Patterns 7

‘Ming Thing’ is a monstrose form of ‘Cereus Validus.’ It is an eye-catching cactus that grows in a sculptural form in a blue shade with woolly areoles and short black-spines.

7. Stapelia leendertziae f. cristata

Succulents with Unique Shapes and Patterns 4

This large, captivating specimen has fan-shaped stems that trail down beautifully over pots. The plant has a dull green to red color and grows bell-shaped red-purple flowers.

8. Echeveria gibbiflora ‘Barbillion’

‘Barbillion’ is a fascinating succulent that closely resembles Echeveria ‘Etna’ with a rosette of heavily-carunculated leaves.

Fun Fact: The main attraction of this plant is its ability to change color and shape according to season and sunlight exposure.

9. Crassula umbella ‘Wine Cup’

Succulents with Unique Shapes and Patterns 5

‘Wine Cup’ is an exquisite succulent with unbranched, erect leaves and stems combined into a round structure around the stem. It grows yellow-green flowers in winter to spring.

10. Pseudolithos cubiformis

This small succulent plant forms a large, granite grey, almost perfect cube shape. The foliage has a leathery feel with light green or olive color in a shade that turns to red-brown in full sun.

11. Monilaria obconica

Succulents with Unique Shapes and Patterns 6

This attractive clump-forming succulent has very distinctive foliage, which has a spaghetti-like shape and small shiny pearls on the epidermis. Its green leaves take a red tint when kept in full sun.

12. Adromischus cooperi

The plover eggplant will amaze you with its fleshy and plump leaves, having a distinct pattern in red-brown color on the edges. You can easily propagate it from a single leaf!

13. Adromischus cristatus

Succulents with Unique Shapes and Patterns 7

Crinkle Leaf Plant has triangle-shaped foliage that’s covered in a layer of very fine hair. The end of each leaf forms a unique crinkle, which gives the plant its name.

14. Faucaria felina

Pebbled Tiger Jaws, as it is popularly called–is a compact plant. The oblique tipped slender leaves of the plant also renders it a smashing look.

15. Graptoveria ‘Topsy Debbie’

Succulents with Unique Shapes and Patterns 8

Thanks to the color of its foliage, the plant is also named as Lilac Spoons and is very popular among succulent collectors. You can make its color intense with sunlight exposure.

16. Euphorbia obesa

The Baseball Plant stands out with its globular foliage, looking like a big ball of brown-green delight, which takes a cylindric form as the plant gets older.

17. Trachyandra tortilis’

If you are looking for the most unusual foliage shape in succulents, this one wins it hands down. The spiral, wire-like arrangement of its leaves fold after the plant flowers.

18. Albuca spiralis

The coiled and grass-like leaves of the plant make it quite stunning to look at. It also grows scented flowers in yellow color.

19. Aloinopsis luckhoffii

Succulents with Unique Shapes and Patterns 10

One of the most compact succulent specimens, the plant grows in a dense mat of low and clustered rosettes. The leaves have a gray-white ‘teeth’ on the surface.

20. Living Stones

The stout and stubby appearance of lithops make them one of the most unique looking succulents in this list. They sure do look like living stones in pots!

21. Conophytum bilobum

Succulents with Unique Shapes and Patterns 11

The living pebble plant is easy to grow and looks magnificent with its stubby, bright green look. Its individual leaves are thick and fleshy.

22. Aztekium ritteri

This cactus is one of the slowest growing plants on the list, just 1 mm per year! It is also considered a sacred plant in some Mexican tribes. The plant grows a pink-white flower on the top.

23. Boophone haemanthoides

Succulents with Unique Shapes and Patterns 12

Namaqua Century Plant has a massive scaly bulb from which unique foliage emerges. The surface of the leaf has a strong wavy pattern. It also grows sweet-scented flowers.

24. Crested Senecio vitalis

This succulent looks like the tail of a mermaid! If you want to induce that oceanic vibe indoors, this is the plant to grow. Its foliage is of blue-green color and gets more intense in full sun.

25. Conophytum pageae

Succulents with Unique Shapes and Patterns 13

Though the plant looks a lot like Lithops, the shape of its foliage is more rounded, making it look like kidney beans. With full sun exposure, the plant takes a blue-green shade.

26. Bowiea volubilis

The climbing onion is an odd and unusual specimen that you must add to your succulent collection. Leaf-like appendages form its foliage, and it also grows star-shaped green-yellow flowers.

27. Crassula falcata

The propeller plant, as it is popularly famous as, is quite a unique specimen with gray-green foliage. It stays compact and is also easy to grow and maintain.

28. Aloe polyphylla

Spiral aloe is an astonishing looking succulent with pointy leaves arranged in a spiral manner. The plant also grows salmon-pink flowers atop the swirling foliage.

29. Aeonium canariense

The short-stemmed rosettes of green leaves of Canary Island Aeonium look like a bunch of roses.

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30. Euphorbia tirucalli

Pencil cactus is another unique succulent that can reach an impressive height of 5-6 feet indoors. The thin, pencil-like foliage of the plant in light green color looks quite appealing and turns into red or orange when exposed to full sun.

31. Hoya kerri

The Sweetheart or Valentine Hoya plant is aptly called that way because of its big, heart-shaped leaves. It’s a great plant to gift and also does well in compact pots.

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