30 Great DIY Wine Cork Ideas For The Garden & Home

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You may not believe it, but wine corks can be useful. Learn how with these DIY Wine Cork Ideas For The Garden & Home!

You will love these DIY Wine Cork Ideas if you’re a wine cork collector, and if you’re not, you can easily get them for free or at cheap rates from an upscale restaurant, winery, friends, or websites.

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DIY Wine Cork Ideas For The Garden & Home

1. Wine Cork Mulch

DIY Wine Cork Ideas 1

Wine corks can work as a nice mulching material for your container garden. Avoid using plastic wine corks for this purpose. The directions are here.

2. Wine Cork Plant Markers. Wine Cork Plant Markers

Super easy wine cork project here; these plant markers can be a nice addition to your small garden.

3. DIY Wine Cork Coffee Table

DIY Wine Cork Ideas 3

This DIY coffee table idea is exceptional and requires a lot of time and effort. However, the outcome is worthwhile. The detailed post is available here.

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4. Cork Wrapped Succulent Planter

Cork Wrapped Succulent Planter

Make this adorable cork-wrapped planter for growing succulents using a glass jar, cork roll, and a few other supplies. Find the tutorial here!

5. DIY Wine Cork Birdhouse

DIY Wine Cork Ideas 5

This wine cork birdhouse not only serves the purpose but can also be used as a decorative tabletop centerpiece. Find the how-to video here.

6. Air Plant Wine Cork Magnets

Air Plant Wine Cork Magnets

Upcycle wine corks in a unique way by making these air plant cork magnets. Get the directions here.

7. Wine Cork Bath Mat

DIY Wine Cork Ideas 7

This list of things to make with wine corks is long due to brilliant DIY cork ideas like this. To create a wine cork bath mat like this, get the instructions here.

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8. Wine Cork Storage

Wine Cork Storage

If you’re a wine cork collector, you’ll love this idea. DIY a wine cork storage following the directions here.

9. DIY Wine Cork Planter Wall

DIY Wine Cork Ideas 9

Create a magnetic wine cork planter wall by attaching it to your refrigerator. The tutorial is here to follow.

10. DIY Cork Sculpture

DIY Cork Sculpture

This giraffe sculpture is made from newspapers, wire clothes hangers, tape, and, of course, the wine corks. You can use it to decorate your bar area, tabletop, etc. Visit Lil Blue Boo to understand the steps.

11. DIY Cork Flower Vases

DIY Wine Cork Ideas 11

Create attractive cork flower vases for your home in a few easy steps. Get the instructions here.

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12. Colorful Cork Succulent Magnets

Colorful Cork Succulent Magnets

Another wine cork succulent magnet tutorial to follow. You can also add stickers to make them prettier.

13. Wine Cork Candle Holder

Wine Cork Candle Holder

This wine cork candle holder is a nice idea; you can also use it as a centerpiece. The in-depth tutorial is available at Two Twenty One!

14. Wine Cork DIY Vase

Wine Cork DIY Vase

All the wine corks you’ve been saving put them to use by completing this DIY wine cork vase project. The tutorial is here!

15. Wine Cork Tree

DIY Wine Cork Ideas 15

One of the coolest wine cork crafts that your kids will love to get involved in. Moreover, you can complete this project in just 10 minutes. Find the tutorial here!

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16. DIY Cork Planter Box

DIY Cork Planter Box

Add interest to your container garden by creating this decorative cork planter box. Click here to see the DIY article.

17. Cork Topped Coffee Table

Cork Topped Coffee Table

This cork-topped coffee table/trunk has a creative story, including the tutorial, which you can read at Mom4Real.com.

18. Hanging Cork Planter

Hanging Cork Planter

How about this impressive DIY air plant hanging basket made from wine corks? If you like the idea, click here for the instructions.

19. DIY Cork Trivet

DIY Wine Cork Ideas 19

Visit Crafty Nest to learn how to complete this wine cork trivet project. It’s not only useful in the kitchen, but you can also use it as a pot stand to place a houseplant.

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20. Cork Micro Planters Topdressed with Beads

Cork Micro Planters Topdressed with Beads

DIY these cork micro planters top dressed in turquoise and blue seed beads (or choose your favorite color). We found the tutorial here.

21. Wine Cork Mini Stamps

DIY Wine Cork Ideas 21

These itty bitty wine cork stamps can be used in stamping arts and crafts or giving them to your kids. See the DIY idea here.

22. Dressed Up Cork Planters

Dressed Up Cork Planters

A different version of mini cork planters. To try this idea of wine cork trios, click here!

23. Wine Cork Letter

DIY Wine Cork Ideas 23

Create a wine cork letter following the DIY tutorial available here. Display it as a decorative piece in your master bedroom, fireplace mantel, or bookshelf.

24. DIY Wine Cork Wreath

DIY Wine Cork Wreath

How about demonstrating your love for wine by displaying a wine cork wreath on the door front? Find the tutorial here!

25. DIY Cork Container for PlantsDIY Cork Container for Plants

This quick and easy video tutorial will teach you how to turn those corks into a lovely recycled container. Here it is.

26. Orchid and Air Plant BasketOrchid and Air Plant Basket

You should go with this cork basket idea so you can display your orchids and air plants in style. Check out the DIY here.

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27. DIY Christmas Tree Garland with Wine CorksDIY Christmas Tree Garland with Wine Corks

Turn those wine corks into lovely holiday decorations for your Christmas tree. It will capture everyone’s attention. Here’s the DIY.

28. Summer Decor WreathSummer Decor Wreath

Wreaths are not just for Christmas. You can hang them year-round when they’re this easy to make. Learn more here.

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29. Wine Cork Hooks DIYWine Cork Hooks DIY

Try this wine cork hooks hack so you can hang your tools and pots in style. Here’s how to do it yourself.

30. Halloween DecorHalloween Decor

If you have wine corks lying around, why not put them to good use and turn them into a nice pumpkin to go with the Halloween decor? Tutorial here.

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