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Here’s a list of the Most Ridiculous Planter Ideas on the Internet! If you are someone who loves it a little wacky, this will interest you for sure!

Growing plants can be fun, and if you want to up the game by a notch, then here’s a list of the Most Ridiculous Planter Ideas on the Internet!

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Most Ridiculous Planter Ideas on the Internet

1. Put a Bag of Chips to Green Use


2. 3D-Printed Chill Out Pots

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3. Chandelier to Grow Flowers


4. Flowers in Boots

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5. Toliet Seats as Planters

6. A Groot!

7. Muggle Statue Face Planter


8. A Really Wacky Way to Grow Cactus!

Anne Cunningham

9. Succulents in Pouches


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10. Lady Head Planters


11. A Cool Family Planter

Moonbeams and Mayhem

12. Hanging Metal Fennels for Spider and Other Plants

13. Hanging Tins on Wooden Pole for Succulents

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14. A Dragon for Your Plant

15. Cactus in a Toilet Seat

16. Jeans Around a Tree to Grow Flowers

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17. Succulents in Musical Drums


18. Succulents in Baby Moose Skull


19. Flowers in a Hanging Bra!

20. Sedum as Hair on a Hanging Face Planter

21. Heels as a Duck Shape Planter

22. Terracotta Planters as Dolls

23. Large Painted Planters with Legs!

24. Blooms in a Pedestal Washbasin

Gardening Choice

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25. An Old Piano with a Water Feature and Blossoms


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26. An Artist Color Palette Planter

Roberto Reitenbach

27. Mini Planters on a Bicycle

28. A Colorful Work Desk as Planter

29. Girl Shaped Pots Made of Resin


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30. House Boy Planter

31. An Old Beetle Full of Flowers!

32. Flowers in Doll Heads

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33. An Old Tub to Plant Blooms

34. Variegated Plants in Roller Skates


35. Succulents Flowing Out of a Jug

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36. Car’s Dashboard as a Planter!

37. Old Guitar to Grow Flowers

38. Tea Pot and Hanging Cutlery Planter

39. Boombox to grow Succulents


40. Motorcycle Full of Flowers!


41. Hanging Bucket and Faucet Planter

42. Tricycle to Grow Flowers

43. Broken Alarm Clock Planter

44. Kitchen Pan for Succulents

45. Chest Skeleton Planter


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