24 DIY Planter with Privacy Screen Ideas

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Wish for a bit of seclusion while you spend quality time with yourself? Check out these easy DIY Planter with Privacy Screen Ideas.

Regardless of the friendship with neighbors or not, you may want to enjoy your outdoor time in private. Here are some handy DIY Planter with Privacy Screen Ideas to help you out!

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DIY Planter with Privacy Screen Ideas

1. Privacy Screen Planter

This portable privacy screen with planters is a perfect fit for compact balconies and yards with limited space. Learn more here.

2. Hanging Gutter Garden

Gutter gardens are a great way to take advantage of the vertical spaces around your home to grow flowers, edibles while making a privacy screen. Check out the DIY tutorial.

3. Privacy Screen Planter

An inexpensive project with a major impact! Upgrade your outdoor space with this beginner-friendly weekend project for some privacy. Draw inspiration from here. 

4. Planter Wall

This planter with a privacy screen is fun and easy to craft. Few wooden blocks and galvanized steel hooks will make your task easier. Get the details here.

5. Stacked Crates/Planter Boxes

Stack planter boxes and crates strategically to make a fascinating architectural privacy guard. Learn more here.

6. Privacy with Hanging Garden Using Shoe Organizers

Create a hanging planter herbal garden using shoe organizers and use them as ‘curtains.’ Check the tutorial here.

7. Vertical Garden Wall Using Ground Spike

This easy vertical garden is perfect for privacy. All you need are some pot and vertical mesh. Learn more here.

8. A Large Galvanized Container for Trees

Here’s a great way to create privacy using a large container on casters with some trees. Get the tutorial here

9. Patio Planter with Bench

Go creative by making molds for the in-built planter on an L-shaped bench. Add soft cushions for a comfier look. 

10. Wooden Box Deck Planters

You can opt for narrow, tall box planters made of wooden slats to add design and privacy to your garden or balcony. Get the details here.

11. Planter Box with Trellis

The corner planter box with trellis for climbing vines can lend an oriental look to your garden. Learn more here.

12. Privacy Screen Using Hanging Plants

Create a living privacy wall on your patio and porch using hanging baskets. Get the tutorial here.

13. Privacy Planter Box With Screen

Use lumber stock and cedar to build a tall planter box with a privacy screen in your garden, patio, or backyard. Click here.

14. Easy Privacy Planter

Here’s a simple idea – planter boxes mounted to the railing with some tall plants in them! Get the details here.

15. Modern, Floating Outdoor Plant Wall

Add some fresh herbs and greenery to the patio or outdoor lawn by creating a wooden privacy screen. Read more here.

16. Stylish Outdoor Privacy With Planter Boxes

This deck space is stylishly separated from nearby neighbors thanks to the clever use of lush greenery and hanging planter boxes. Read more here.

17. Slatted Privacy Planter

Another clever idea to refresh your yard while adding privacy to the space is to make this privacy fence planter. Learn more here.

18. Wooden Plant Box with Privacy Screen

Assemble the frame, add the cedar boards, install the lattice or pallet board, and add finishing touches. Read more here.

19. Living Wall with Movable Planters

Plant a vertical garden, and let the automatic watering system keep it thriving. Get the details here.

20. Tiered Planter with Trellis

Here’s an easy planter you can make using cedar fence pickets and a few household tools.

21. Criss-Cross Trellis Planter

Watch this detailed video to learn how to make a wooden criss-cross planter for privacy.

22. Tiered Raised Garden Bed

Learn how to build a DIY tiered raised garden bed using cedar fences. Details are here.

23. A Handy 2-in-1 Planter and Privacy Screen

Gain some privacy in style with this easy privacy screen great for small spaces. Check out the DIY here.

24. Mobile Container Garden

Add portable green space to your patio using galvanized metal trash cans and casters. A great movable private screen it will be. Details are here.

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