16 Stunning Heat-Loving Plant Combos for Containers

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Choose your favorite Heat-Loving Plant Combos for Containers and flaunt them on your balcony or patio in the sunny months!

If your region has a sunny vibe and waves then use it to your advantage! How? By getting inspired by these Heat-Loving Plant Combos for Containers!

Here are the best heat-tolerant vegetables to grow

Heat-Loving Plant Combos for Containers

1. Peppers, Tomatoes, Salvia, and Sweet Potato Vine

Spring Hill Nursery and Concept Plants.

As these plants love heat, you can grow them together in a large pot and showcase them on a balcony or a patio.

The sweet potato vine will add a bright green look matching the red tomatoes while the peppers and salvia will add to the beauty.

Tip: Use rich, well-draining soil and keep the pots in a bright sunny area.

2. Sedum, Echeveria, and Burro’s Tail


Succulents like sedums, echeveria, and burro’s tail are the best option when it comes to tolerating drought and heat. These low-maintenance plants are a great choice if you don’t want to water your plants frequently.

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3. Geranium and Dichondra


Choose heat-tolerant geraniums like Calliope, Caliente, and Fantasia. Combine them with dichondra or vinca to have a fantastic color combination!

4. Croton and Snake Plant

Show off striking colorful leaves of croton with variegated snake plants together for a contrasting look. These heat-tolerant options are the best choice for doorstep, deck, or balcony.

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5. Lantana, Coleus, and Verbena


Combine tiny lantana blooms with fragrant lemon verbena and bold coleus foliage. They will be more than happy to dwell in the heat while looking at their beautiful best!

6. Geranium, Verbena, Marigold, and Dusty Miller

Jennifer Williams Hopkins

Beat the heat with this colorful combination by mixing pink geranium, purple verbena, marigold, and dusty miller. They dwell in all types of soil without any fuss.

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7. Scaevola, Nemesia, Salvia, and Verbena


Try this pink and purple combo by blending Verbena ‘Rapunzel orchid’, Salvia ‘Victoria Blue,’ Scaevola ‘Saphira,’ and Nemesia ‘Blue.’ Use well-draining soil for best growth.

8. Lantana, Impatiens, and Coleus


For this adorable show, grow a mix of impatiens, lantana, and coleus in a rustic container. This combo might not tolerate direct sun for long, but it certainly won’t mind some indirect heat.

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9. Agapanthus, Lantana, and Rosemary

Use this eye-catching combination that does well year-round in warm climates. Combine weeping white lantana, trailing rosemary, and queen mum agapanthus for a fantastic display!

10. Coleus, Sunpatiens, and Creeping Jenny

Karrie Nieto

This heat-resistant combo is surely going to attract a lot of eyeballs! Combine red sunpatiens, coleus, creeping jenny, and ornamental grasses together in a large pot.

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11. Coleus, Caladium, Cast Iron Plant, and Asparagus Fern


The sword-like leaves of the cast-iron plant look beautiful when combined with apple-green coleus, asparagus fern, variegated ivy, and blood-red caladium. All of them are suitable for full or partial shade.

12. Chinese Fan Palms, Bromeliads, Aucuba, and Ivy


For an appealing show, include Chinese fan palms and add colors with scarlet bromeliads, gold variegated aucuba, and ivy. Grow it under dappled light or full shade.

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13. SunPatiens, Asparagus Fern, and Pothos

Blend together tropical Salmon’ SunPatiens, foxtail asparagus fern, and ‘Neon’ pothos for a never before seen combo! This is perfect for indirect heat and sun.

14. Mandevilla and Papyrus


Mix ‘Vogue Audrey’ Mandevilla, ‘Baby Tut’ dwarf papyrus, a South Asian elephant ear plant,  and a South American sweet potato vine ‘Blackie’. All of them favor full sun.

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15. Elephant Ear, SunPatiens, Angel Vine, Persian Shield, and Citronella Plant


Combine ‘Maui Gold’ elephant’s ear, orange SunPatiens, Persian shield, angel vine, and citronella plant. Keep the pot in full sun or partial shade for best growth.

16. Basil, Rosemary, and Lemongrass


Make this fragrant combination by including basil, rosemary, and citrus-scented lemongrass. This will also supply a fresh harvest to the kitchen!


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