22 Houseplant Combination Ideas

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Want to grow multiple plants together in one pot? Looking for the best Houseplant Combination that could work out in your favor? You are at the right place!

Houseplant Combination planting is an amazing hack to save space while growing multiple varieties in a single pot. Sounds fun? Here’s are some great combos you must check out!

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Best Houseplant Combinations

1. Episcia, Calathea, & Lime Pothos

Houseplant Combinations

The exquisite combination of Episcia, Calathea, and Lime Pothos has similar water and soil requirements while exploring different shades of greens in one container.

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2. Peace Lily, Kalanchoe, & Arrowhead

Beautiful white bracts of Peace Lily bring a peaceful vibe to the surroundings when paired with the thick leaves of Kalanchoe and lush green foliage of Arrowhead.

3. St. Anthony’s Turnip, Ranunculus, Grape Hyacinth, Daffodil, & Primrose

Houseplant Combinations 2

Combine stunning flowers of St. Anthony’s Turnip, Grape Hyacinth, Daffodil, & Primrose to bring life to the boring corners. Keep them in bright filtered sunlight.

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4. Moth Orchid, Parlor Palm, Southern Maidenhair Fern & Emerald Ripple Peperomia

Houseplant Combinations 4

Here is a great way to deck up your room with a combination of bold and narrow leaves of fern, broad foliage of emerald ripple peperomia, along the stunning flowers of moth orchid.

5. Flapjacks, ‘Spaghetti Strap’ Agave & ‘Hope’ Peperomia

This mesmerizing combination of green leaves will surely add visual interest to your rooms. They need less water and will do well under bright sunlight on windowsills or hanging baskets.

6. ‘Shooting Star’ Hydrangea, Silver Lace Fern, Silver Dollar       Maidenhair Fern & Creeping Fig

Houseplant Combinations 5

A beautiful combination of fireworks-like white double flowers of hydrangea with textured leaves of ferns and creeping figs will give a classic natural touch to your interior.

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7. White Queen Caladiums, Variegated Creeping Fig, & Whopper Begonia

Houseplant Combinations 6

The soothing shade of pink flowers combined with the colorful leaves of the caladium can enhance the appeal of any room. They will do great in dappled sunlight.

8. Lady Palm, Painted Fingernail Plant & Firecracker Plant


A great container arrangement for summer. The painted fingernail plant adds a touch of color to the green foliage of the lady palm, while the firecrackers add a dash of red flowers to it!

9. Peace lily, Peacock Plant & Marble Pothos


The leaves of the Peacock plant can be a pretty showstopper in any container. Combined with the white flowers of a peace lily and green foliage of marble pothos makes for a striking arrangement!

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10. Snake Plant, Peace Lily, and New Zealand Flax

Try this combination by including snake plant, peace lily, and New Zealand flax together in a container. It looks cool in any style of decor in your home.

11. Neon Pothos, Prayer Plant, and Hoya


All three green foliage plants look great together in this rustic planter. The neon shade of this pothos catches the attention of onlookers.

12. Ferns, Inch Plant, Ivy and Coleus


The colorful variegation on coleus complement the wandering jew and ferns. Plant them at the entrance to leave a striking impression on your guests.

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13. Pothos and Spider Plant


Try this easy houseplant combination idea by blending pothos and spider plants in the same pot. Place them at a bright spot.

14. Rattlesnake Plant, Fittonia, and Neon Pothos

The variegated rattlesnake plant pairs beautifully with fittonia and bright neon pothos. This is a perfect choice for countertops and high shelves.

15. Parsley and Aglaonema

Colorful aglaonema and deep green fragrant parsley leaves make a cute combination in pots. Grow them in beautifully textured pots for the best display.

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16. Anubias and False Aralia


Small false aralia leaves make a pretty combination with dainty variegated lime green foliage. Light up a bland corner with this plant bouquet.

18. Peperomia, Snake Plant, and Satin Pothos

This lovely combination idea is a show-stealer, variegation on snake plant, satin pothos, and peperomia leaves make the look adorable.

19. Areca Palm, Cornstalk Dracaena, Polka Dot Plant and a Succulent


This small jungle combination gives both texture and color to the pot, succulent provide it a more distinct and prominent look.

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20. Dumbcane, Pothos, Dracaena Warneckii, and Prayer Plant


This idea gives you the feeling of a little dense garden in a small container. Deep green leaves with white variegation make a statement with simplicity.

21. Prayer Plant, Dumb Cane, and Large White Calla Lily

The deep green leaves of pothos, and variegated prayer plant foliage make a beautiful combination with white blooms of calla lily.

22. Philodendron, Prayer Plant, Wild Garlic, and Parlor Palm


The deep green leaves of philodendron and parlor palm complement the pink shade of pink syngonium and the variegation of the prayer plant beautifully.

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  1. I’d like to see more combinations of house plants. Instead of having 150 containers, I could have 40-50 that look even more lush and beautiful.

  2. How do you combine snake plant and peace Lily when the latter needs watering almost daily, and the snake plant only needs an occasional drink?

    • I thought the same thing about the polka dot plant with a succulent. I don’t think they have same needs.

    • The only viable way I could see this is that technically neither plant needs soil at all…. so in water…. but I can’t help but feel they’d have to compete too much at that point…

  3. a lot of these plants aren’t even compatible with each other. when picking plants for a planter arrangement try to pick plants that have the same needs. Like same water needs, soil, and lighting. while yes these are beautiful, they would only last a short time if they are not compatible.

  4. You can also keep each plant in an individual container and then put them together in their suggested combos in the large planter. Then you have the option of watering each plant as it needs. You can cover up any showing pot edges with moss or other covering.


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