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Growing Ornamental Grasses is fun. You can decorate your house, garden, balcony or patio with them. So, what are the best ornamental grasses for containers? We named a few, check out.

Grasses are not only for lawn or ground cover. They can add a visual charm at any place if you grow them in containers.
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Growing and care for ornamental grasses is relatively easy. You can start to grow them from seeds.

Before you head on to see the list of best ornamental grasses below, learn how to care for them here!

Growing ornamental grasses in containers is an excellent way to feature grasses without letting them branch out and taking over your whole garden. Container grown grasses are also easier to control, and they look stunning when grown with flowers.

Growing Ornamental Grasses in Pots

Ornamental grasses are an excellent way to create privacy in the garden, especially on a patio, balcony or rooftop. Some of the grasses are extremely resistant to drought and grow rapidly. And there are those that love moisture; you can choose according to the growing conditions you’re providing.

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Growing Position

Decide where you want to grow the ornamental grass. Ornamental grasses thrive in a spot that gets at least five to six hours of sunlight daily.

Choosing Right Pot

Choosing a right pot is also necessary for growing ornamental grasses in containers. Ensure proper drainage and see if it is wide enough to let the grass spread and deep enough to support the root system. You should also care about the looks of a container.

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Use a mix of one part compost, one part top soil and one part perlite for making an excellent growing medium for grass.


A general rule is to water your plants only when the top two inch of soil is dry. However, different grass varieties have different needs, and some even like to sit in water so make sure to do a proper research about the grass variety you’re growing.

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Fertilize annually in spring with slow-release 3 – 1 – 2 fertilizer. For tropics, feed your plants in fall and winter. Take care not to over-fertilize grass and strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

11 Best Ornamental grasses for containers

1. Bamboo Muhly Bamboo Muhly

Almost fern-like but super fine in texture, bamboo muhly grass grows easily in USDA Zones 8 to 11. It takes its name from its notched stems and feathery foliage. It thrives in the tropical climate, loves sun and heat and grows well in containers.

2. Japanese Sweet Flag japanese-sweet-flag-water_mini

This low growing (12″) ornamental grass is good to grow in containers if you don’t want to grow a tall variety. Japanese sweet flag is low maintenance and grows in moist and soggy soil and semi-shade to full sun in USDA zones 6 to 9.

You can grow this ornamental grass with other moisture loving plants or with aquatic plants.

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3. Red Fountain Grass Red_Fountain_Grass

USDA Zones 9 to 11. Beautiful red fountain grass looks stunning; it’s an arching upright plant. Fill the pot with its rich burgundy color of foliage, and you’ll see how beautiful it looks.

4. Japanese Forest Grass Japanese Forest Grass_mini

USDA Zones 5 to 9. Once you see Japanese forest grass growing in a nearby, nursery, you’ll love to pick it. It’s the plant you can grow in the shade, its foliage comes in yellow-green stripes and grows in a clump. Grow this ornamental grass in a dark ceramic pot for an absolutely stunning look.

5. Blue Lyme Grass Blue-Lyme-grass

Blue lyme grass grows aggressively in all kinds of soil. It grows in both tropical and nontropical climate under USDA Zones 4 to 10. The sword-like foliage grows up to 3 – 4 feet that fold as they grow tall. This bold and spiky grass forms beige colored flower heads usually in summer.

6. Fiber Optic Grass

fiber optic grass
Image Credit: Cocoon Home

USDA Zones 10, 11. Fiber optic grass grows well in tropics, in a colder climate, you can grow it as annual. It hangs down gently in a curve and creates an unusual effect. It’s one of the best ornamental grasses you would like to grow in containers.

Fiber optic is a low growing, fine textured grass that can be planted in full to partial sun. It loves moist soil. You can also grow it indoors; we also added it in our list of most BEAUTIFUL HOUSEPLANTS!

7. New Zealand flax New Zealand flax

USDA Zones 9 to 11. New Zealand flax is perennial in frost-free areas, excellent for tropical regions. You can grow it in containers, it looks beautiful and gives a tropical feel. This grass like beautiful foliage plant comes in colors of green, copper, red and gold.

8. Sedge

Carex morrowii Ice Dance

Sedge looks like grass, but it is not. When grown in containers, its leaves glow in the sun and look fantastic while the blades rustle in the slightest breeze. Sedge grows well in warm sunny conditions.

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9. Miscanthus Miscanthus sinensis Morning Light

USDA Zones 6 to 9. One of the most popular ornamental grasses, it grows well in the container. Available in many varieties, it looks picturesque in the morning sun.

10. Blue Oat Grass Blue Oat Grass_mini

USDA Zones 4 to 9 Grow this cool blue – gray grass in a pot with bright flowers to create an aesthetic look on your patio, terrace or balcony garden. Blue oat grass is low maintenance and grows well in partial shade.

11. Feather Reed Grass feather reed grass_mini

Feather reed grass can be grown in the sun and partial shade both. It grows well in USDA Zones 4 to 9. Feather reed grass looks attractive as a focal point– on a patio if grown in a container.

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Growing ornamental grasses is fun. You can decorate your house, garden, balcony or patio with them. So, what are the best ornamental grasses for containers? We named a few, check out!


  1. Are any of these grasses poisonous or toxic to cats or other animals? Can they be grown in a very small container in the house near a sunny west window? I’m thinking they’d be chewed on here if they’re outside on the porch at ground level where pets can reach it.

  2. One of the best annual grasses, I’ve found, is Lemon Grass! Gorgeous! Smells good. Keeps the mosquitos away!

  3. Caring for ornamental grasses in containers is basically the same as any other outdoor potted plant. They need regular water, but most are not as thirsty as flowering plants. Feed the plants with a high nitrogen fertilizer a couple of times during the summer, and you will need to  cut them back  each early spring and late winter. Other than that, the major maintenance is dividing them when they outgrow their containers, which can happen quite quickly. Left undivided, ornamental grasses can even split their pots.

  4. Would it be possible for someone to tell which kind of grasses would be suitable for an out door vertical wall. I look forward to hearing from someone soon. Thank you


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