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Secrets To Grow Fuller and Bushier Rosemary

Here are some of the best-kept Secrets To Grow Fuller and Bushier Rosemary plants to ensure the herb stays green and bushy!

Secrets To Grow Fuller and Bushier Rosemary

Rosemary is a wonderful herb that makes for a great ornamental plant. It also has tonnes of medicinal and culinary uses, which makes it a must-have in every home. However, if you want to ensure that it stays healthy, then do follow these Secrets To Grow Fuller and Bushier Rosemary.

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Secrets To Grow Fuller and Bushier Rosemary

1. Pruning

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Start pruning rosemary during late winter and then through spring and summer. Pruning the plant later than this time period will prevent the stems from hardening before the first frost. Snip off the plant around September if you live in a warm zone.

Prune away faded flowers, and take off top 1 inch of the stems. Doing this will encourage the stems to spilt into two, resulting in a bushier growth.

2. Pinching

The best way to pinch a rosemary plant is to do it as close to the leaf nodes as possible. This will encourage the plant to grow 2 new stems beneath the pinch, helping the herb to grow fuller and bushier as it will no longer divert its energy on growing taller.

3. Multiplying


As the herb is quite easy to grow from cuttings, snipping them away from the existing plant and growing them in the same pot is the easiest way to make it appear bushy!

Simply fill the pot with cuttings, and soon you will have many rosemaries growing from a single pot, making the plant look exceptionally fuller!

Additional Tips to Make Rosemary Grow Fuller and Bushier

4. Well-Draining Soil is a Must


Rosemary, being a Mediterranean herb, loves hot and arid weather. If there is one thing this herb does not like, is soggy soil. If it stays wet, the roots will not be able to soak up the nutrients they need. Over time, it will also cause them to rot.

The best medium would be a potting mix for succulents. We also have a great article to make potting soil here

5. Well Lit Location

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The Rosemary plant absolutely loves light. If you keep the shrub outdoors in the sun for at least 6-8 hours, it will flourish. There are no qualms with too much light either, as this plant is a resilient one and does tolerate heat.

While growing it indoors, avoid placing it in a dim-lit area. A West or south-facing window will be an apt location to see it thrive all year-round.

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6. Less Water, The Better

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Since this is a Mediterranean shrub, it is not particular about watering. When you water your Rosemary, make sure that the topsoil is completely dry. Therefore, once a week will be more than enough.

If you notice the leaves getting brown, it is the sign of overwatering. If this occurs, just place the herb in the sun and let the soil dry out on its own.

7. Harvest Well

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Snipping leaves for kitchen use will keep the growth in check, while automatically making the plant bushier. Do make sure that you are not cutting more than 35% of the foliage.

Always harvest from the outside in, as this will create more growth in the future. Remember to use disinfected shears.

8. Refresh Soil Each Year


Taking out the plant from the pot and replacing the old soil with a fresh potting mix, once every year, is a good idea to make sure the herb stays lush and healthy.

This will also help you to inspect the roots. If you find any bits of it rotted, snip them away.

9. Fertilize Right

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Though the plant seldom needs feeding, it will be a good idea to fertilize it once in early spring. For best results, go with a 12-12-17 mix, diluted to half of its strength.

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  1. Thank you. I just repotted my new rosemary plant and most of the branches are beginning to bend over. Some at the top are still standing. But, I know after reading all that you have written regarding rosemary, I have been over watering it. I also repotted it in a much to small pot. I have always graduated up when repotting. Thank you so much for your wonderful and detailed article explaining how to successfully grow roesmary.

  2. Thank you! For the well-detailed and I have been overwatering my rosemary and did not know about it. Oh my! I will be replacing it a new soil today. Thank you! For this tips for caring rosemary.


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