20 Best Types of Lantanas | Lantana Varieties You Must Grow

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Bring home these stunning Types of Lantanas to splash a flair of vibrant colors across your garden. They are very easy to grow and drought-tolerant too!

Lantanas are some of the best plants that do well in full sun, are drought-tolerant, and thrive even if you neglect them for a long time. Here are the best Types of Lantanas for a splash of color in your garden with minimum maintenance!

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Types of Lantana

1. Trailing Lantana

Types of Lantanas

Botanical Name: Lantana montevidensis

As the name suggests, this variety has a trailing growth pattern and can grow up to 12-18 inches in height. It flowers in pink, purple, and lilac shades.

2. Popcorn Lantana


Botanical Name: Lantana trifolia

Also known as lavender popcorn, it is grown for its ornamental fruit and blooms. The clustered flowers resemble a bowl of popcorn.

Note: The fruits are not edible.

3. Common Lantana

Types of Lantanas 2

Botanical Name: Lantana camara

Native to tropical America, the plant grows in small, upright shrubs and can reach up to 3-6 feet tall. You can grow it as an annual in cold climates.

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4. Buttonsage Lantana


Botanical Name: Lantana involucrata

The plant blooms in lavender to white hues giving a striking contrast to the deep green foliage. Its crushed leaves give out a sage-like scent.

5. Horrida Lantana

Types of Lantanas 3

Botanical Name: Lantana horrida

The plant has a strong, pungent smell and flowers profusely in vibrant shades of orange, red, purple, and yellow during summer and fall.

6. Texas Lantana

Botanical Name: Lantana urticoides

Also popular as calico bush and west Indian shrub verbena, it blooms beautiful flowers in the shades of red, yellow, and orange.

7. Desert Lantana

Types of Lantanas 4

Botanical Name: Lantana achyranthifolia

The plant is also famous by the name Mexican Majoram, thanks to its mint-like fragrance. It grows beautiful flowers in shades of white, pink, and purple.

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Popular Lantana Vareities 

8. Bandana Pink

This lovely lantana shows off small clusters of baby pink flowers that take a deeper hue, making for a gorgeous addition to any garden.

9. Bandana Cherry

Types of Lantanas 5

The outer circle of its cherry-red flowers has orange, pink, or yellow shades. The plant looks spectacular around patios.

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10. Pot of Gold

This lantana displays bright and radiant yellow blooms and grows up to 10-14 inches tall. It is also a good choice for hanging baskets.

11. Landmark Pink Dawn

Types of Lantanas 6

Pink dawn lantana offers flowers in a soft pink shade with a yellow center that matures to develop a pastel pink shade.

12. Silver Mound

It has a low growth pattern and offers small yellow blooms in spring that turn creamy-white by fall. A great plant to light up your patios and hedge garden.

13. Dallas Red

Types of Lantanas 7

This new cultivar boasts lovely clusters of dark orange blooms that take a red hue with time. The plant can grow up to 3-4 feet tall and 3-5 feet wide.

14. Confetti


Confetti showcases a multicolored flair of blossoms in yellow, pink, and magenta tones. It is a spreading variety that makes for excellent groundcovers.

15. Weeping Lantana

Types of Lantanas 8


The Weeping Lantana produces rich purple and lavender blooms. It looks beautiful in hanging baskets as it spills over the rim of the pot.

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16. Irene


Another striking multicolored variety with a mounding growth pattern, the plant looks perfect as a ground cover and in hanging baskets.

17. New Gold

Types of Lantanas 9

New Gold offers vibrant golden yellow blossoms across the season. It looks beautiful in containers, hanging baskets, and can be trained as a shrub as well.

18. Radiation


The brilliant orange and red blooms invite bees and butterflies to the garden. It looks beautiful as a low hedge variety.

19. Patriot Rainbow

Types of Lantanas 10

The plant offers a small height and a compact growth pattern. Its flowers change color with age reflecting a rainbow-like appearance.

20. Dove Wings


Dove Wings is a member of the Patriot series and grows up to 12-18 inches tall and 18-24 inches wide. The white to creamy blooms have yellow centers.

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