How to Grow Neon Pothos | Neon Pothos Care Indoors

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Do you want a houseplant with bright and chartreuse leaves? Learn all about How to Grow Neon Pothos and display its lush foliage!

How to Grow Neon Pothos

If you want a specimen with chartreuse leaves and trailing stems, then learn all about  How to Grow Neon Pothos and include it in your plant collection today!

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Neon Pothos Plant Information

Neon Pothos is native to the Solomon Islands and has heart-shaped, pointed-tipped leaves. It is one of the best plants to grow in hanging baskets and you can also grow it in small pots on shelves and watch it trail down beautifully with its chartreuse leaves. 

As these plants do well in dappled light, it makes them suitable for homes, offices, commercial spaces.

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Choosing the Right Container for Neon Pothos

How to Grow Neon Pothos 2

Start the plant in a 6-8 inches pot. If you want the best display, grow it in hanging baskets or in a container placed on a stand. 

How to Grow Neon Pothos

You can propagate Neon Pothos in both soil and water:

  • Choose a healthy stem and snip away 4-6 inches of it using a sanitized scissor.
  • Get rid of the lower leaves while keeping the top ones. At this point, you can grow it either in a glass of water or in potting soil. 

In Water

Put the cutting in a vase filled with water and where it gets indirect and bright light. Change the water once in 4-5 days. It will form roots in 2-3 weeks.

In Soil

Dip the cut portion in a rooting hormone, and plant the cutting in well-draining, moist soil. Makes sure it gets plenty of indirect light. The roots will form in 2-4 weeks.

Requirements for Growing Neon Pothos



When growing indoors, pick a spot that gets indirect light all day long. Neon pothos won’t mind staying in a bit of shade and low light but ensure you’re not keeping it in a dark spot all day long. 

For best colors, ensure it gets plenty of bright and indirect light.


Neon pothos prefers well-draining, simple, good-quality potting soil that can also hold moisture. Mix vermiculite or perlite in the growing medium in the ratio of 2:1 to enhance drainage.

You can also add one portion of shredded pine bark or coconut coir to the growing medium for a boost in growth. The plant is very tolerant toward soil’s pH value and can work well in neutral to acidic soil. 


This pothos is not a fan of overly wet soil, so avoid overwatering it at all costs. If you notice any black-colored spots on the leaves it indicates that the soil is too wet. 

If the leaves begin to droop and the plant loses some leaves or shrivels up, it indicates underwatering. 

So, how often to water neon pothos? Check the top 2-3 inches of the soil with your fingers, and if the soil feels dry to touch, water the plant. 


Neon pothos does best in the normal home temperatures around 60-85 F or 17-29 C. Keep the plant away from cold open windows, A/C vents, and drafts. Avoid exposing it to below 50 F or 10 C for a longer period as it may kill your beloved green friend. 


Maintaining a 40-60 percent humidity level around the plant will make thrive phenomenally good. However, the plant can even thrive in low humidity environments. 

Neon Pothos Care

How to Grow Neon Pothos 4


For best growth and color, use a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted to half of its strength once in 3-4 weeks. Do not fertilize it in fall and winter, if you live in a cold climate.


You must keep a shear handy to snip away the stems and leaves in order to keep the plant in shape. While growing it indoors, keep the height and spread in check by pruning it from spring to early fall.

Do remember to use clean pruning shears. Pinch back the fresh stems during the growing season in spring and summer.

You can use the cuttings to grow new plants and gift them to your friends and relatives.

Pests & Diseases

Though the plant is easy to maintain, it can get occasionally affected by spider mites. Keep them at bay using an insecticidal soap solution. To make sure the plant is safe from root rot, avoid overwatering it.

Potting and Repotting Neon Pothos


If you notice roots coming out of the drainage holes, then it’s a telltale sign that the plant needs to be transplanted to a bigger pot. 

Gently lift the plant out of its existing container and re-pot the plant into a pot that is one size bigger than the old one with fresh potting soil. 


Neon pothos is not a toxic houseplant, but as it contains calcium oxalate crystals, it can cause minor mouth and throat irritation if eaten in large quantities. 

You can keep it in your home without any worries. However, just keep it away from your curious pets so that they don’t end up nibbling or damaging its leaves–for the plant’s safety. 

Variegated Neon Pothos 


Over a period of time, with right care and maintenance, the plant will start to have a mild to strong variegation on its leaves. It also depends upon the age and light exposure.

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