55 Flowers that Start with ‘P’

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If you are a fan of the letter ‘P’ in the alphabet, then these Flowers that Start with P will surely have your attention! Keep reading!

Flowers that Start with P bring a delightful array of colors and shapes to any garden. From the vibrant poppy to the elegant peony, these blossoms enchant with their beauty and grace. Let us look at all of these beauties.

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Flowers that Start with P

1. Poppy

 Flowers that Start with 'P' 1

Botanical Name: Papaver

With its fiery red petals and dark center, the Poppy can make any garden stand out with its vivid beauty.

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2. Peony


Botanical Name: Paeonia

The enchanting Peony, in hues ranging from soft blush to bold fuchsia, showcases blossoms that captivate with their layers of lush, velvety petals.

3. Petunia

Flowers that Start with 'P' 3

Botanical Name: Petunia

In an array of colors like pink, purple, and white, Petunia’s cheerful blooms effortlessly elevate hanging baskets and borders, spreading joy with their simplicity.

4. Phlox


Botanical Name: Phlox

The lovely Phlox, standing tall with clusters of fragrant, star-shaped flowers, paints gardens with hues of pink, lavender, and white.

5. Pansy

Flowers that Start with 'P' 5

Botanical Name: Viola × wittrockiana

The adorable Pansy, with its “happy face,” blooms in various colors like orange, yellow, and blue, brings cheer to early spring gardens, expressing joy in its simplicity.

6. Primrose

Botanical Name: Primula

The Primrose, in soft hues of yellow and pink, showcases its dainty allure in gardens and indoors alike.

7. Protea

Flowers that Start with 'P' 7Botanical Name: Protea

With blooms that resemble sculpted masterpieces, the exotic Protea has a stunning palette ranging from warm oranges to dusky pinks.

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8. Passionflower

Botanical Name: Passiflora

The Passionflower’s intricate and enchanting flowers, in shades of purple and blue, captivate all who behold them, earning it a place in our flowers that start with p list.

9. Portulaca

Flowers that Start with 'P' 9

Botanical Name: Portulaca

The Portulaca comes in vivid colors like red, orange, and yellow and thrives in arid conditions, adding a burst of vibrancy to hot and sunny landscapes.

10. Periwinkle

Botanical Name: Vinca minor

The evergreen Periwinkle, with its glossy leaves and delicate blue or white flowers, blankets the ground with a soothing and serene beauty.

11. Poinsettia

Flowers that Start with 'P' 11

Botanical Name: Euphorbia pulcherrima

The iconic Poinsettia, with its bold red bracts and festive aura, symbolizes the holiday season, illuminating homes with its cheerful presence.

12. Plumeria

Botanical Name: Plumeria

Conjuring images of a tropical paradise, the fragrant Plumeria’s waxy, multi-petaled flowers in white, pink, and yellow.

13. Pineapple Lily

Flowers that Start with 'P' 13

Botanical Name: Eucomis

The Pineapple Lily boasts pineapple-shaped flower spikes and speckled foliage, offering a delightful touch of intrigue to gardens and containers.

14. Parrot’s Beak

Nursery & Garden Industry Victoria

Botanical Name: Lotus berthelotii

The Parrot’s Beak, with its intricate, claw-like flowers in vivid orange and red hues, entices pollinators with its intriguing shape.

15. Painted Daisy

Flowers that Start with 'P' 15

Botanical Name: Tanacetum coccineum

The Painted Daisy’s striking flowers, in shades of red, pink, and white, transform landscapes into vibrant canvases.

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16. Phalaenopsis Orchid


Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis

Graceful and elegant, the Phalaenopsis Orchid showcases arching stems bearing blooms in a spectrum of colors, showcasing amazing beauty.

17. Penstemon

Flowers that Start with 'P' 17

Botanical Name: Penstemon

Luring hummingbirds and butterflies, the Penstemon’s tubular flowers in purple, pink, and white breathe life into garden borders with their enchanting allure.

18. Purple Coneflower

Botanical Name: Echinacea purpurea

Robust and alluring, the Purple Coneflower’s daisy-like blooms, centered with prominent cones, attract pollinators, captivating everyone.

19. Paperwhite

Flowers that Start with 'P' 19

Botanical Name: Narcissus papyraceus

The fragrant Paperwhite, with its delicate, white, star-shaped blooms, brings a touch of elegance and purity to indoor spaces during winter.

20. Pyrethrum


Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum coccineum

Guarding gardens with its natural insect-repellent properties, the radiant Pyrethrum presents bold and colorful, daisy-like flowers in an array of shades.

21. Persian Buttercup

Flowers that Start with 'P' 21

Botanical Name: Ranunculus asiaticus

The Persian buttercup’s ruffled, rose-like petals in hues of red, yellow, and orange are perfect.

22. Plumbago

Botanical Name: Plumbago auriculata

The enchanting Plumbago, with its sky-blue, phlox-like flowers and cascading growth, adds a serene and dreamy quality to garden landscapes.

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23. Pearly Everlasting

Flowers that Start with 'P' 23

Botanical Name: Anaphalis margaritacea

The charming Pearly Everlasting, with its small, white, button-like flowers and silvery foliage, retains its beauty even when dried.

24. Port St. Johns Creeper


Botanical Name: Podranea ricasoliana

Embracing trellises and fences, the showy Port St. Johns creeper drapes them with clusters of vivid, trumpet-shaped flowers in pink and red.

25. Pink Yarrow

Flowers that Start with 'P' 25

Botanical Name: Achillea millefolium

The delicate Pink Yarrow, with its feathery foliage and flat-topped flower clusters, attracts beneficial insects while adding a soft, pastel touch.

26. Prairie Gentian

Botanical Name: Eustoma grandiflorum

Resembling delicate musical instruments, the Prairie Gentian’s trumpet-shaped flowers in vivid blue, pink, and white inspire wonder in wild meadows.

27. Peruvian Lily

Flowers that Start with 'P' 27

Botanical Name: Alstroemeria

Symbolizing friendship and devotion, the alluring Peruvian Lily enchants bouquets and gardens with long-lasting, funnel-shaped flowers in a delightful array of colors.

28. Painted Tongue


Botanical Name: Salpiglossis

The Painted Tongue flourishes in artistic splendor, boasting trumpet-shaped flowers in a kaleidoscope of colors, inviting admiration from all.

29. Pot MarigoldFlowers that Start with 'P' 29

Botanical Name: Calendula officinalis

The cheerful Pot Marigold, with its sunny, yellow, or orange flowers, is a medicinal and culinary herb, soothing the soul with its healing presence.

30. Paintbrush


Botanical Name: Castilleja

The Paintbrush, with its vibrant, brush-like flower spikes in shades of red, orange, and pink, is a favorite of hummingbirds.

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31. Pink Jasmine

Flowers that Start with 'P' 31

Botanical Name: Jasminum polyanthum

Perfuming the air, the fragrant Pink Jasmine definitely tops our flowers that start with p collection.

32. Persian Violet

Botanical Name: Exacum affine

Gracefully clustering with blue, star-shaped flowers, the charming Persian Violet graces indoor spaces with its gentle beauty and refreshing fragrance.

33. Patience PlantFlowers that Start with 'P' 33

Botanical Name: Impatiens walleriana

The Patience Plant, with its abundant, colorful flowers in shades of pink, purple, and white, thrives in shaded areas, adding vibrancy to dim corners.

34. Parachute Daisy

Saad Sahyadri/facebook

Botanical Name: Ceropegia noorjahaniae

Unique and enchanting, the Parachute Daisy drapes with bulbous, parachute-like flowers and long, trailing stems, leaving onlookers in awe.

35. Prairie Smoke

Flowers that Start with 'P' 35

Botanical Name: Geum triflorum

With a smoky and mystical effect, the mesmerizing Prairie Smoke casts an intriguing allure, lighting up wild landscapes with a touch of charm.

36. Paper Daisy

Botanical Name: Rhodanthe chlorocephala

The delicate Paper Daisy, with its papery, white, or pink flower heads, thrives in sandy environments.

37. Partridge BerryFlowers that Start with 'P' 37

Botanical Name: Mitchella repens

The endearing Partridge Berry, with its red berries and dainty, white twin flowers, creates a cozy carpet of green in woodland areas, symbolizing unity and fertility.

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38. Philippine Violet


Botanical Name: Barleria cristata

The enchanting Philippine Violet, with its showy purple flowers and glossy foliage, decorates gardens with an exotic and tropical allure.

39. Peacock Flower

Flowers that Start with 'P' 39

Botanical Name: Caesalpinia pulcherrima

Next among flowers that start with p, the Peacock flower, with its orange and red blooms, resembles a colorful peacock tail, captivating with its display.

40. Purple Heart

Botanical Name: Tradescantia pallida

The resilient Purple Heart, with its deep purple leaves and delicate pink flowers, beautifies gardens and hanging baskets.

41. Pheasant’s Eye

Flowers that Start with 'P' 41

Botanical Name: Adonis annua

The dainty Pheasant’s Eye, with its bright yellow flowers and feathery foliage, adds a touch of sunshine anywhere in the garden.

42. Persian Shield

Botanical Name: Strobilanthes dyerianus

Cast in purple hues, the dazzling Persian Shield creates a stunning visual display, transforming shaded areas into beautiful focal points.

43. Pink Evening Primrose

Flowers that Start with 'P' 43

Botanical Name: Oenothera speciosa

Greeting moths and butterflies, the enchanting Pink Evening Primrose unfurls fragrant pink flowers at dusk, revealing nature’s twilight beauty.

44. Passion Vine

Botanical Name: Passiflora incarnata

The intricate Passion Vine, with its striking, complex flowers and edible fruit, is one of the top choices on our flowers that start with P list.

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45. Pink Muhly Grass

Flowers that Start with 'P' 45

Botanical Name: Muhlenbergia capillaris

The Pink Muhly Grass, with its airy, pink plumes, dances gracefully in the breeze, creating a dreamlike ambiance.

46. Persian Cyclamen


Botanical Name: Cyclamen persicum

The delicate Persian Cyclamen boasts heart-shaped leaves and fragrant flowers in shades of pink and white.

47. Peacock OrchidFlowers that Start with 'P' 47

Botanical Name: Acidanthera

The elegant Peacock Orchid, with its white, star-shaped flowers and maroon centers, exudes a delicate and exotic allure.

48. Pale Corydalis


Botanical Name: Corydalis glaucescens

The Pale Corydalis graces woodland settings with nodding, delicate flowers in hues of blue and pink.

49. Purple Bell Vine

Flowers that Start with 'P' 49
plants database

Botanical Name: Rhodochiton

The charming Purple Bell Vine, with its enchanting, bell-shaped flowers in shades of purple and pink.

50. Painted Lady

Botanical Name: Clarkia amoena

The Painted Lady, with its slender, cup-shaped flowers in shades of pink, red, and purple, is a favorite of bees and butterflies.

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51. Philippine Lily

Flowers that Start with 'P' 51

Botanical Name: Lilium philippinense

The Philippine Lily enchants with nodding, trumpet-shaped flowers in shades of pink and white, showcasing a tropical splendor.

52. Purple Orchid Tree

Botanical Name: Bauhinia purpurea

The Purple Orchid Tree has distinctive bilobed leaves that make everyone turn their heads. A must have for any garden setting!

53. Peruvian DaffodilFlowers that Start with 'P' 53

Botanical Name: Hymenocallis festalis

The Peruvian Daffodil, with its fragrant, trumpet-shaped white flowers, is a symbol of purity and grace.

54. Pink Trumpet Tree


Botanical Name: Tabebuia impetiginosa

The vibrant Pink Trumpet tree, with its flowers in shades of pink and lavender, bursts into bloom with the arrival of spring.

55. Persian LilyFlowers that Start with 'P' 55

Botanical Name: Fritillaria persica

The tall, nodding Persian Lily has the perfect flowers in shades of purple and maroon. If you have a sunny spot in the yard, then this is the one you must not miss!

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