8 Beautiful Flowers That Start with ‘M’

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Want to enhance your knowledge about florals? Learn about some stunning Flowers that Start with ‘M’ displayed below!

Look at some eye-catching Flowers that Start with ‘M’ and grow the best ones in your garden!

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Flowers that Start with M

1. Marguerite daisy

Flowers That Start with 'M' 1

Botanical Name: Argyranthemum frutescens

Type: Annual

Blooming Period: Spring, Summer, and Fall

Marguerite daisy showcases hot pink to white-colored petals with bright yellow centers and is shrubbier in appearance than the Shasta Daisies. The plant blooms best during the spring and summer.

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2. Morning glory


Botanical Name: Ipomoea

Type: Annual

Blooming Period: Summer until Fall

This gorgeous flowers in the shape of trumpets look pretty when they flower from summer until fall. They come in shades of blue, orange, pink, purple, red, or white. It needs 8-9 hours of direct sunlight every day.

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3. Marvel of Peru

Flowers That Start with 'M' 2

Botanical Name: Mirabilis jalapa

Type: Annual

Blooming Period: Summer to Fall

Marvel of Peru is also called Four O’Clock, and the sweet-scented, tubular flowers open up in the late afternoon and shut again at dawn. The plant blooms in myriad shades besides displaying multicolor specimens.

4. Mallow


Botanical Name: Malva

Type: Annual

Blooming Period: Summer

This is a beautiful, stylish cousin of Hollyhock and bears taller stems that are covered in tiny flowers in pink. Some species also feature unique veined petals that look even more attractive. It blooms the best in summer.

5. Million bells

Flowers That Start with 'M' 3

Botanical Name: Calibrachoa

Type: Annual

Blooming Period: Spring to Fall

The low-grower, vigorous spreader plant features a multitude of bell-shaped flowers that are upright and fascinating to watch. It can rapidly spread in any container, at a location that receives bright direct sunlight.

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6. Marshmallow


Botanical Name: Althaea Officinalis

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: 

The pale, pink-colored flowers of marshmallows open up on thick stalks that reach a height of 4-6 feet on maturity. It belongs to marshy places in Northern Africa, Eastern Europe, and North America.

7. Moss rose

Flowers That Start with 'M' 4


Botanical Name: Portulaca grandiflora

Type: Annual

Blooming Period: Summer until Fall

This hardy groundcover showcases stunning foliage that looks needle-like and gorgeous ruffled flowers that bloom from summer until fall. This flower comes in the shades of pink, red, yellow, purple, orange, or white with a yellow center.

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8. Moonflower


Botanical Name: Ipomoea alba

Type: Annual

Blooming Period: Summer

This plant blooms during the night and bears precious white-colored blossoms in the shape of a trumpet. The stunning foliage in a combination of green and gray adds charm to the plant during the daytime.

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