14 Eye Catching Flowers That Start with ‘J’

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Here’s a collection of Flowers that Start with ‘J’ from around the world. Pick the prettiest ones for your garden!

Flowers make for a beautiful addition to every occasion, and here we are sharing some of the most beautiful Flowers that Start with ‘J’ for you to choose from!

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Flowers that Start with ‘J’

1. Japanese Anemone

Flowers That Start with J 1
shutterstock/Nadezhda Kharitonova

USDA Zone: 4-8

Botanical Name: Anemone hupehensis

Also called Anemone hupehensis, Japanese Anemone is a woody, fibrous-rooted flowering herbaceous perennial that blooms from late summer to autumn. It belongs to the buttercup family and usually grows up to 2-3 inches tall.

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2. Jack-in-the-pulpit


USDA Zone: 4-9

Botanical Name: Arisaema triphyllum

Jack-in-the-pulpit, also known as Indian Turnip, is a flowering plant species found in moist, rich floodplains and deciduous woods. This herbaceous perennial plant grows from a corm and usually grows up to 30-60 centimeters.

3. Jacob’s Ladder

Flowers That Start with J 2

USDA Zone: 3-8

Botanical Name: Polemonium Caeruleum

Jacob’s Ladders belong to the genus and the family of Polemoniaceae that come from cool and temperate arctic regions. It is an ephemeral spring wildflower with low-growing stems that tends to droop to one side.

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4. Japanese Pachysandra


USDA Zone: 4-8

Botanical Name: Pachysandra terminalis

Japanese Pachysandra is also called the Japanese Spurge or Carpet Box. This flowering plant specie belongs to the boxwood family Buxaceae and comes from Korea, Japan, and China.

5. Japanese Aralia

Flowers That Start with J 3

USDA Zone: 8-10

Botanical Name: Fatsia japonica

Japanese Aralia is also called Fatsia Japonica and belongs to Japan, as the name suggests. This evergreen shrub usually grows up to 10-16 inches on maturity. With showy cream-colored flowers, Japanese Aralia blossoms in winter or late fall.

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6. Japanese Barberry

Donna Kausen from GoBotany

USDA Zone: 4-8

Botanical Name: Berberis thunbergii

Japanese Barberry is also called the Berberis Thunbergii, Red Barberry, or Thunberg’s Barberry and belongs to the Berberidaceae family from Japan. Usually, it is a small-sized, oval-shaped leaf with smooth margins that turn red in autumn.

7. Japanese Cheesewood

Flowers That Start with J 4

USDA Zone: 8-11

Botanical Name: Pittosporum tobira

Japanese Cheesewood is a sweet-scented flowering plant in the pittosporum family and is also called Japanese Pittosporum, Mock Orange, and Australian Laurel. The plant bears shiny, white-variegated, whorled leaves and flower clusters in shades of creamy white.

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8. Jasmine


USDA Zone: 6-7

Botanical Name: Jasminum

Jasmine is a genus of vines and shrubs belonging to the olive family. It is also called Poet’s Jasmine, True Jasmine, Summer Jasmine, or Jessamine. The plant is native to some temperate parts of the old world and tropical zones.

9. Japanese Water Iris

Flowers That Start with J 5

USDA Zone: 4-9

Botanical Name: Iris ensata

Japanese Water Iris is also called Japanese Iris or Iris Ensata and belongs to the flowering plant species from the family of Iridaceae and comes from China, Korea, Japan, and Russia. It is mostly grown as an ornamental plant.

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10. Japanese Toad Lily

USDA Zone: 5-9

Botanical Name: Tricyrtis hirta

Japanese Toad Lily is also called Hairy Toad Lily, or the Toad Lily and this Japanese hardy herbaceous flowering plant species belongs to the family Liliaceae. This is usually found in stream banks and shaded rocky mountains in southern and central Japan.

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11. Jaborosa

Flowers That Start with J 6

USDA Zone: 8-10

Botanical Name: Jaborosa

The nightshade Jabrosa comes from South America and is native to Patagonia. The star-shaped white flowers with pointed petals add a striking feature to their lush green leaves and would look great in raised beds.

12. Jerusalem Sage


USDA Zone: 5-10

Botanical Name: Phlomis fruticosa

Jerusalem Sage is also called Phlomis Fruticosa and belongs to Greece, Turkey, Albania, Italy, and Cyprus. This flowering plant specie bears blossoms in the bright yellow shade during spring and summer.

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13. Jerusalem artichoke

Flowers That Start with J 7
shutterstock/The natures

USDA Zone: 3-8

Botanical Name: Helianthus tuberosus

The Jerusalem Artichoke is also called Sunchoke, Topinambur, Sunroot, Earth Apple, or Wild Sunflower. The herbaceous perennial grows up to 8-10 inches and is light green in color that turns reddish brown.

14. Jewelweed

shutterstock/Tom Meaker

USDA Zone: 2-11

Botanical Name: Impatiens capensis

Jewelweed is also known as Impatiens Capensis, Common Jewelwood, Orange Jewelwood, Orange Balsam, and Spotted Jewelwood. This annual plant belongs to North America and is mostly found in ditches, bottomland soils, and creeks.

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