14 DIY Spoon Crafts and Ideas for Garden

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Reuse old spoons and forks in the garden following our 14 DIY Spoon Crafts and Ideas available with the tutorials!

Get creative with these 14 DIY Spoon Crafts and Ideas for Garden. From charming plant markers to unique garden decor, these projects turn ordinary utensils into extraordinary garden accents.

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1. Hand Stamped Spoon Markers

diy Hand Stamped Spoon Markers
Create hand-stamped spoon and fork markers for your garden. Check out the step-by-step video tutorial here!

2. DIY Spoon Plant Hanger

DIY Spoon Plant Hanger

Create hanging flower jars using the spoons as the hanger. We found the idea here!

3. Wooden Spoon Herb Marker

diy Wooden Spoon Herb Marker

These decorative wooden spoon markers are functional as well for herb identification. Visit the Gardening Cook to learn more!

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4. DIY Rain Chain

spoon crafts DIY Rain Chain

This interesting DIY rain chain spoon craft is super easy and inexpensive. Visit Bird & Blooms to learn more!

5. Upcycled Garden Marker Spoons

diy Upcycled Garden Marker Spoons

Make these bright-color garden markers out of metal spoons following the tutorial here!

6. Spoon Flower Sculpture

diy Spoon Flower Sculpture

Create this charming garden sculpture out of spoons. The tutorial is here!

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7. DIY Spoon Butterfly

DIY Spoon Butterfly

Another spoon sculpture idea. One of a kind of tutorial is here!

8. Plastic Fork Plant Protection

Plastic Fork Plant Protection

Are unwanted visitors munching your garden plants? Make this difficult for them by inserting plastic forks around the plants, pronged sides up.

9. Metal Flower Garden Art

diy spoon Metal Flower Garden Art

This is an advanced-level DIY, and if you’re skilled, try your hands on it. Tutorial here!

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10. Wooden Spoon Garden Craft

Wooden Spoon Garden Craft

This DIY is a perfect project for kids, the best thing is that they can make this independently. Read details here.

11. DIY Wooden Spoon Garden Marker

DIY Wooden Spoon Garden Marker

Want to make garden markers at a low cost? Check this post for the tutorial here.

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12. Plastic Spoon Roses

diy Plastic Spoon Roses

Add a pop of color to your garden by trying this DIY spoon craft; the good news is that these roses can last forever.

13. DIY Layered Ombre Vase

DIY Layered Ombre Vase

Craft your own layered ombre vase with this DIY project. Transform a plain vase into a stunning gradient masterpiece; follow the tutorial here.

14. Stamped Plant Marker

diy Stamped Plant Marker

Another stamped plant marker idea to follow. Insert these cute markers into beautiful planters filled with your favorite herb plants.

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