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11 Amazing Things to Do with Petunias

Not only can you grow this flowering plant simply in a pot or ground, but there are many creative Things to Do with Petunias in your garden.

The colorful flowers of petunias are a sight to behold! However, you can also use the plant in various ways to add more appeal to your home and garden. How? Check out these ideas on Amazing Things to Do with Petunias!

Here’s everything you need to know about growing Petunias

Amazing Things to Do with Petunias

1. Petunia Tower

Amazing Things to Do with Petunias
Jeff Bracken

One more awesome thing you can do is make a flower tower with its pretty flowers – you can use more than one variety for this task. Watch this tutorial for help.

2. Grow Vertically


You can try growing petunias vertically in tin cans, hanging pots, vertical planters, and upcycled pallet gardens.

3. Petunia in Hanging Baskets

Create a beautiful arrangement in hanging baskets by growing different types of beautiful petunias in them.

4. Spilled Pot

Be creative and make a spilled flower pot and create a breathtakingly beautiful waterfall-like appearance from petunias.

5. Petunia in Railing Planters

Amazing Things to Do with Petunias 2

The colorful inflorescence in pink, purple, lilac, white, and red hues of petunias look adorable in railing planters on the balcony.

6. Create Flower Border

Amazing Things to Do with Petunias 3

Petunias make for superb bedding, patio, and border plant with spectacular bright blossoms with different varieties having patterns in diverse shades.

7. Make a Nice Container Arrangement

Proven Winners

When it comes to flowers for container arrangements, petunia tops the list. You can mix it with other flowering annuals, foliage plants, and ornamental grasses.

8. Fill Window Boxes with Petunias


Trailing petunias grow best in the window boxes. Position them where they get at least 4-6 hours of sunlight a day. They can withstand humidity and hot temperatures.

9. Plant for a Tire Planter


Recycle an old tire by making a vertical tire planter and growing cascading flowers like petunias in it. We have a great DIY article on it here.

10. Tree Stump Planter

Amazing Things to Do with Petunias 4

If you also have a saw cut stumps of an old or diseased tree, then make a tree stump planter from it and grow petunia, pansies, and nasturtiums.

11. Front Entrance with Colorful Pots

proven winners

Decorate the front entrance of your home with colorful pots bearing pretty petunias for natural gleaming effects.

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