Flowers that attract butterflies and birds

So you want to develop a garden where butterflies flutter around, bumble bees buzzing about and hummingbirds perch on the tendrils of fragrant creepers and bushes and believe me these colorful creatures when come up to your garden to feed on your flowers, you will leap up with joy, seeing their sight. In this article you will learn about the best flowers that attract them.

Firstly there is one thing you must not forget when it comes to attract these creatures: They are so tender that every little change in the environment affects them harshly and if you spray pesticides or insecticides on your plant then they may not come near to it, better is to try non toxic and natural ways to prevent your garden from pests and insects.

  1.  Vinca

Native to North America, Europe or Asia. Vinca or Periwinkle is a heat tolerant plant, if you live in a hot climate you can plant it as perennial, the plant will last long for years, it blooms even in the harshest of conditions and attract butterflies, that’s why it’s on top our list. Grow it as annual, if you are living in cold region.

2. Geranium

Scented geraniums are my all time favorite and must have flowers to have in your garden, its pleasant odor in lemon, citrus, mango and vanilla, not pungent yet you can smell it around. It comes in variety of colors, and you don’t need to care much for them— occasional fertilizers, partial sun light or full, water them less and they thrive happily ever after and the best part is, that they are pest resistant, rarely attract few. First the scant, then the flowers and then these creatures lust for them. What else you need?

3. Pentas or Egyptian-Star

Also known as Egyptian-Star-Cluster flower for its five star like petals. Its scientific name is Pentas lanceolata. If you live in a tropical place or in a warmer region above than USDA Zone-9, grow it as perennial, but if you live below the USDA Zone10 or in a colder region then you can plant them as annuals. Pentas are really one of the best among all of the flowers listed here in attracting hummingbirds, sun-birds, bees and butterflies; no other flower I had ever seen allure them as much as Egyptian-Star. It’s easy to care, drought and pest resistant, blooms year round prolifically, comes in red, white and pink color.

4. Aster

Also called as butterfly feeder, this flower of daisy family attract butterflies. Although you need to care it from pests as it’s an easy target but this worth it, each flower blooms for more than couple of weeks, comes in colors of white, purple, lavender, yellow, red and pink. A beautiful cut flower, on a long thin stem. It’s widely cultivated in colder regions as a perennial. Except for Zone-10 and Zone-11.

5. Snapdragon

Its light colorful flowers form a long cluster upwards on a thin stalk, petals so gentle, full of nectar and its soft and brisk smell so amazing that you’ll love having them in your garden. Bumble bees and sun-birds love this flower; they rattle across it up and down and hang on over the stalk, dip their needle like beak in flowers to drink its nectar and fly away.

It is grown as an annual except in Zone-8 and Zone-9, there it is hardy and grown as perennial, elsewhere it’s annual.

6. Thunbergia Erecta

Two years ago, when I found it in a nursery, I purchased it and placed it on a corner pillar of my balcony’s bulwark, after one month it started to bloom, a blue colored sun-bird would always be hovering around it in the morning, it really loved to feed on its flowers, you must give it a try.

Commonly called “King’s Mantle” or Bush Clock vine, it’s native to Africa, now cultivated all over the world. You should plant it. Its beautiful flowers are full of nectar, comes in white or violet color, grows as a bush, but you can also train it as a vine.


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