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12 Pretty Flowers that Starts with ‘E’

Here’s a list of the most beautiful Flowers that Starts with ‘E’, you must check out and pick the best specimen for your yard!

Many species of Flowers Start with ‘E’, and in this list, we have compiled the loveliest blooms for your garden! They are all easy to grow and look stunning in every garden.

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Flowers that Starts with ‘E’

1. Evening Primrose

Flowers that Starts with 'E' 1

Botanical Name: Oenothera

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Spring to Fall

Evening Primrose is an easy-to-grow flowering plant with fragrant blooms that open up only during the day from spring until fall. The lovely white, pink, and yellow cup-shaped blossoms can add charm to any landscape or garden.

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2. Ear-leaved Tickseed


Botanical Name: Coreopsis auriculata

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Spring and Summer

With pretty yellow-colored flowers, Ear-leaved Tickseed has hairy, basal, ovate to elliptic leaves in the dark-green shade. It is also called Mouse-Ear Coreopsis because the leaves look similar to an ear’s shape.

3. Egyptian Star Flower

Flowers that Starts with 'E' 2

Botanical Name: Pentas lanceolata

Type: Annual

Blooming Period: Summer

Egyptian Star Flower is home to a hoard of hummingbirds and butterflies with its nectar-rich blooms that come in vibrant purple, pink, and red shades.

4. Elecampane


Botanical Name: Inula helenium

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Summer to fall

Elecampane is also commonly referred to as Elfdock or Horse-Heal. It is a plant belonging to the sunflower family Asteraceae and is native to central Asia.

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5. Everlasting Flower

Flowers that Starts with 'E' 3
Deb Mc

Botanical Name: Chrysocephalum apiculatum

Type: Annual

Blooming Period: Summer

The everlasting flowers, also called Yellow Buttons, are famous for producing tiny masses of frilly, yellow-colored flowers and uncommon foliage in the green-gray shade.

6. Eve’s pin


Botanical Name: Austrocylindropuntia subulata

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Mid-Spring to Mid-Summer

When Eve’s Pin grows in the wild, it can reach a height of 10-12 feet on maturity. The plant produces pretty pink flowers with un-segmented, cylindrical, and dark green stems.

7. Emilia

Flowers that Starts with 'E' 4

Botanical Name: Emilia

Type: Annual

Blooming Period: Summer to Early Fall

Emilia bears tassel-like or dandelion-like blooms in the shades of pink, red, yellow, or purple during summer. They need deadheading regularly because they tend to grow like a weed.

8. Everlasting daisy

Botanical Name: Helichrysum

Type: Annual

Blooming Period: Late Spring until First Frost

The plant bears huge flowers that resemble Daisy in a wide range of bright shades. A perfect choice for small garden owners!

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9. Edelweiss

Flowers that Starts with 'E' 5

Botanical Name: Leontopodium nivale

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Late Summer to Fall

Edelweiss is a loosely-tufted, clumping, woolly wildflower with white leaves that are often mistaken to be the flower, while the plant bears tiny, short-lived, yellow-colored blooms.

10. Enchanter’s nightshade


Botanical Name: Circaea lutetiana

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Summer

Enchanter’s Nightshade seems to have derived this mystical name from In Homer’s Odyssey’s Circe. This striking hairy plant displays a loose cluster of tiny, white, and pink colored flowers in summer.

11. Eryngos

Flowers that Starts with 'E' 6
shutterstock/Kathryn Roach

Botanical Name: Eryngium

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Summer to Fall

Eryngos is also commonly referred to as Sea Holly. This flowering plant bears blue or silver-colored flowers that are surrounded by stunning spiky bracts from summer to fall.

12. Echeveria Elegans


Botanical Name: Echeveria Elegans

Type: Perennial

Blooming Period: Winter and Spring

Echeveria Elegans is quite a popular succulent flowering specie that can grow up to 2-5 inches in height on maturity. This plant bears 8-10 inches long slim pink-colored stalks with tiny, pink blooms and yellow edges.

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