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15 DIY Vertical Garden Bed Ideas for Backyards & Gardens

Here are 15 new and neat DIY Vertical Garden Bed Ideas for Backyards and Gardens that you can use to display plants in style!

These DIY Vertical Garden Bed Ideas for Backyards are a simple yet stunning way to display the plants of your choice in the most whimsical way!

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DIY Vertical Garden Bed Ideas for Backyards

1. Vertical Flower Bed

Hide the wall in your backyard with this vertical flower bed idea. It is really easy to make and looks fantastic! Check the DIY here.

2. Framed Garden Bed

Attach terracotta pots to a wired frame and make this super easy vertical garden bed. Paint the frame in a bright color of your choice and grow succulents or any other plants you like.

3. Vertical Garden Wall with Pots

Try this DIY with many planters on this honeycomb lattice rack. You can also add it to a patio if you like. Check the DIY here.

4. Vertical Flower Pallet Garden

Add charm to your backyard vertical garden with this flower pallet garden. See the details here.

5. Tin Can Fence Garden

Give a makeover to your backyard garden without crossing your budget with this creative and easy DIY.

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6. Vertical Garden Bed in Corner

Set a lattice frame carrying flowering plants in the corner and utilize the space with this vertical garden bed; check the details here.

7. Vertical Hanging Gutter Garden Bed

This DIY will surely boost the aesthetic appeal of your backyard with its creativity. Read details here.

8. Three-Tier Raised Garden Bed

Create this unique three-tier raised vegetable garden bed by following the DIY here. It is easy to make and will look great in a medium-sized backyard. Not to mention the space it will save.

9. Vertical Garden Bed Using Pallets

This vertical garden bed can be created in the smallest of spaces. Find the DIY here.

10. Cedar Vertical Tiered Ladder Garden Bed

Boost the curb appeal of your backyard with this beautiful cedar ladder garden bed. Check the details here.

11. Vertical Garden Bed from Scrap Wood

Make smart use of scrap wood and create a vertical garden bed; see the DIY here.

12. Letter Succulent Vertical Garden Bed

This interesting idea adds a personal touch emblem to your backyard garden and gives you a chance to grow your favorite succulent extraordinarily. Watch the DIY here.

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13. Upcycled Dresser Garden Bed

Give a makeover to the old dresser drawer and make it a cascading vertical garden bed.

14. Wood Shelving Garden Bed

Add beauty to a dull old cement wall with this tiered wood-shelving garden bed.

15. Stacked Crates Garden Bed

This super easy vertical garden bed can be made from just stacking crates. See details here.

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