25 Flowers that Start with A

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Here’s an all-inclusive, alphabetical list of the Flowers that Start with A. Check out the most beautiful ones!

Be it the vivid petals of Asters or the rich color palette of Anemones, these flower that start with A are for everyone! You can plant them in pots or line them up in the garden; they will uplift any space!

Flowers that Start with A

1. African Lily

Flowers that Start with A

Botanical Name: Agapanthus spp.

Type: Perennial

See those tall stalks? At the top, African Lilies are full of blooms, making for a striking display! The flowers are blue, purple, and white.

2. Aconite

Flowers that Start with A 2

Botanical Name: Aconitum spp.

Type: Perennial

Aconitum are also flowers beginning with a and consist of over 300 flowering species! Despite their toxicity, they are a great addition, especially for shaded areas.

3. Allium

A named flower

Botanical Name: Allium

Type: Perennial

Belonging to the Amaryllidaceae genus, Allium is common all across the globe. Grow it in clusters in borders for a lining display of spherical blooms atop tall stems.

4. Amaryllis

Flowers with an initial A

Botanical Name: Amaryllis belladonna

Type: Perennial

Amaryllis has to be one of the most recognizable a flower! Ideal for both rooms and outdoor settings, its vibrant blossoms are gorgeous.

5. AnemoneFlowers with an initial A 2

Botanical Name: Anemone

Type: Mostly Perennial

Anemones make great indoor plants, as they thrive in partial shade like champs. They are a must-have pick for woodland gardens or shaded borders.

6. Anthurium

Beautiful Flowers that Start with A 2

Botanical Name: Anthurium

Type: Perennial

Anthuriums boast spathes that come in different colors. Be it gardens or homes, this one looks great in every setting.

7. Aster

Amazing Flowers that Start with A

Botanical Name: Aster

Type: Perennial

Aster flowers, with their pointy petals, look spectacular in different colors they come in! These flowers beginning with a, look a lot like daisies!

8. Angelonia

Flowers that Start with A- Angelonia

Botanical Name: Angelonia angustifolia

Type: Perennial in warm climates, often grown as an annual in cooler areas

Angelonia is also popular as Summer Snapdragon and is native to Mexico and Argentina. These grow best in warm and sunny climates.

9. African Daisy

trending Flowers that Start with A

Botanical Name: Osteospermum spp.

Type: Perennial (sometimes grown as annual)

African daisies bloom best in sunny spots with eye-catching pink, yellow, purple, white, orange, and bicolor shades. Be it borders or containers, they rock!

10. Astilbe

Flowers that Start with A- Astilbe

Botanical Name: Astilbe

Type: Perennial

With plume-like blooms and lush foliage that resembles a lot like ferns, the low-maintenance Astilbe makes for an excellent cut flower.

11. Alchemilla

Amazing Flowers that Start with A 2

Botanical Name: Alchemilla mollis

Type: Perennial

Alchemilla, also known as the Lady’s Mantles, makes a spectacular ground cover. Just ensure it gets plenty of water and sunlight.

12. Aubrieta

Stylish Flowers that Start with A

Botanical Name: Aubrieta deltoidea

Type: Perennial

How can we forget Aubrieta when talking about flowers that begin with the letter a? They are also famous as Purple Rock Cress and make for a great ground cover specimen.

13. Arum Lily

Beautiful Flowers that Start with A in garden

Botanical Name: Zantedeschia aethiopica

Type: Perennial

An apt choice for both borders and containers, Arum Lilies are not that fussy and even thrive in moist spots that don’t get much direct sunlight.

14. Anthericum

Beautiful Flowers that Start with A in garden 2

Botanical Name: Anthericum

Type: Perennial

Though the flowers of Anthericum are not that big, they come in clusters and match really well with the dark green foliage.

15. Alyssum

Beautiful Flowers that Start with A 3

Botanical Name: Lobularia maritima

Type: Annual (often self-seeds)

Sweet Alyssum forms a beautiful carpet of small flowers. These plants look best when planted as a landscape or garden cover.

16. Adriatic Bellflower

beautiful Flowers that Start with A in pot

Botanical Name: Campanula garganica

Type: Perennial

Adriatic Bellflower is an evergreen perennial that can grow well in any kind of soil. It is quite versatile and grows in both sun and shade without any fuss.

17. Alpine Aster

Botanical Name: Aster alpinus

Type: Perennial

The Alpine Aster belongs to the family of Asteraceae and bears flowers in shades of purple, blue, or pink in the summers.

18. Angel’s Trumpet

Amazing Flowers that Start with A 4

Botanical Name: Brugmansia spp

Type: Perennial in warm climates, often grown as an annual in cooler areas

Angel’s Trumpet should be your top pick if you’re looking for flowers with a. It is a woody shrub that you can easily grow in containers.

19. Anise Hyssop

Botanical Name: Agastache foeniculum 

Type: Perennial

Also famous as the Fragrant giant hyssop, Anise Hyssop flowers are a part of the mint family and have beautiful stalks of purple flowers!

20. Annual Honesty

Flowers that Start with A-Annual Honesty change
shutterstock/Ruud Morijn Photographer

Botanical Name: Lunaria annua

Type: Biennial (typically treated as an annual)

Annual Honesty has delicate purple flowers that begin with an a. It is an easy-to-grow biennial plant and will start blooming in the second season.

21. Annual Phlox


Botanical Name: Phlox drummondii 

Type: Annual

Gardeners love Annual Phlox because of its showy purple flowers and its ability to bloom even in the shaded areas! Make sure it gets proper sun exposure.

22. Avens

Flowers that Start with A-Avens

Botanical Name: Geum spp

Type: Perennial

Avens are a great choice among flower names starting with a. Why? You can find them in red, orange, or yellow, and they bloom for many weeks at a time.

23. Alstroemeria

Botanical Name: Alstroemeria 

Type: Perennial

Alstroemeria is related to Grape Hyacinths and makes for quite a charming plant for pots. You can also use its blooms for cut flower arrangements.

24. Asclepias Syriaca

Flowers that Start with A- Asclepias Syriaca

Botanical Name: Asclepias syriaca

Type: Perennial

The Asclepias Syriaca plant has small clusters of flowers that are a mix of peach and white. It grows best in well-draining soil with plenty of bright light.

25. Aquilegia


Botanical Name: Aquilegia spp

Type: Perennial

Last on the list of flowers that start with A, the star-shaped blooms of Aquilegia make for quite a statement! Grow it in pots in numbers for the best display!

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