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Get your hands on the Best Daisy Like Flowers listed below and fill your garden with colorful blooms. Read on for details!

Want to deck your garden with some vibrant colors? Try out the Best Daisy Like Flowers listed below!

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Best Daisy Like Flowers

1. Mums


Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum

The pretty daisy-like blooms appear in myriad shades of yellow, red, orange, purple, and pink over contrasting green leaves.

2. Purple Coneflower

Terracottatopf mit Sonnenhut (Echinacea)

Botanical Name: Echinacea purpurea

This perennial wildflower boasts tall stalks of purple daisy-like blossoms with large orange-brown centers on dark green foliage.

3. Blanket Flower

Botanical Name: Gaillardia

This easy-to-grow plant is a short-living perennial showing off yellow, red, peach, orange, and bi-color blooms on ruffled green foliage.

4. Sneezeweeds

Botanical Name: Helenium

Helenium offers pretty lance-petaled flowers in exotic shades of maroon and yellow. Grow the plant in full sun for the prettiest blooms.

5. African Daisies

Botanical Name: Osteospermum

This drought-tolerant plant offers daisy-like colorful blossoms that beautifully spill over the edges of hanging baskets.

6. Marigolds

shutterstock/Yui Yuize

Botanical Name: Tagetes

Marigolds are loved for lacy leaves and single, small, daisy-like blooms in the shades of orange and yellow. They attract bees and butterflies in the garden.

7. Cineraria


Botanical Name: Pericallis × hybrida

Popular as purple-leaved groundsel and bug plant, cineraria produces pretty daisy-like long-lasting flowers in the shades of purple, red, pink, blue, and bi-colored varieties.

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8. Trailing Iceplant

Botanical Name: Delosperma cooperi

This beautiful succulent offers mid-green foliage and red-purple daisy-like blossoms. Grow this plant in full sun and dense sand that drains fast.

9. Baby Sun Rose


Botanical Name: Mesembryanthemum cordifolium

This mat-forming succulent offers daisy-like flowers in pink, white, yellow, apricot, red-purple, orange, and magenta shades during late spring-summer.

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10. Zinnia

shutterstock/Joy Brown

Botanical Name: Zinnia

‘White’ from the crystal series exhibit daisy-like blooms, white petals, and a yellow center. You can choose orange and yellow petaled zinnias as well.

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11. Ligularias

Botanical Name: Ligularia

Ligularias can grow up to 3-6 feet tall and display 12-14 inches long leaves. It features daisy-like golden-yellow blossoms.

12. Aylostera Heliosa


Botanical Name: Rebutia heliosa

Native to Bolivia, this small cactus shows off dark green foliage covered in white spines. In spring, daisy-like orange blooms make the plant more stunning.

13. Leopard’s Bane


Botanical Name: Doronicum

This perennial herb produces yellow-orange daisy-like blooms in late spring and early summer. The exotic colors give a sharp contrast to the lush leaves.

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14. Seaside Daisy


Botanical Name: Erigeron glaucus

This short-lived perennial forms small bushes of leathery green leaves and daisy-like lavender-pink blooms with yellow disks.

15. Compass Plant


Botanical Name: Silphium laciniatum

The yellow-petaled flowers look attractive over green leaves. This plant is an ideal choice for meadows or wild prairie.

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16. Painted Daisy

Botanical Name: Tenacetum coccineum

This vibrant variety shows off petals in lively hues of red, purple, bright pink, or white, with yellow disks.

17. Scilly Daisy Bush


Botanical Name: Olearia X scilloniensis

This daisy-like plant displays a blanket of white flowers from late spring to early summer on finely textured small green leaves.

18. Engelmann Daisy

123rf/Richard A McMillin

Botanical Name: Engelmannia peristenia

This beautiful plant shows branched stems with bright yellow blooms over fuzzy green leaves. Grow them along the rocky garden border for a beautiful view.

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