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20+ DIY Railing Planter Ideas For Balcony Gardeners

These DIY Railing Planter Ideas can create more space and provide visual interest to your balcony garden.

1. The Charm of Railing Planters

Railing planters and flowers growing prolifically in them can increase the charm of your balcony garden.

2. Beautiful Railing Planters and Geraniums

balcony railing planter

Beth and Bill did a balcony transformation by hanging railing planters filled with amazing low care geraniums. Read the full story here!

3. Try Thriller-Spiller-Filler Technique

Image Credit: Lowe’s

In this planter, the snake plant and purple salvia are used as a thriller, Russian kale as a filler, and sedum and creeping jenny as the spiller. Learn more about this technique here.

4. Grow Annuals

Annuals are the ultimate choice to grow in the balcony railing planters.

5. Black Railing Planter to Match Every Plant

Image Credit: Gardenista


Black color goes well with everything and if your summers are cool, hang black planter boxes over a railing to grow your favorite flowers.

6. Use Rain Gutters Instead of Window Boxes

These DIY Railing Planter Ideas can create more space and provide visual interest to your balcony garden.

You can use plastic or metal gutter. Cut the length of the gutter as much you want and fit the end caps on left and right. Make some drainage holes and add your favorite plants. We found this idea at BHG.

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7. Select Great Plant Combinations

Show off amazing flower combinations of contrasting colors in your balcony railing planters, just like the one above.

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8. Grow Shade Tolerant Plants in Shady Balcony

Grow plants like coleus, if your balcony is not sunny. Also, check out our list of shade-tolerant succulents to learn about more plant choices.

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9. Grow Herbs in Hanging Planters

deck railing planter ideas

Infuse aroma in your balcony or deck by planting herbs in your railing planters. This way you’ll have the fresh supply of cooking herbs available all the time.

10. Railing Planters Increase the Vertical Space

balcony railing planter ideas

Railing planters are the best way to increase vertical space in your balcony garden.

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11. Balcony Railing Planters behind the Glass Walls

Image Credit: Gardener’s.com

Balcony railing planters look exceptional with glass walls of a balcony, just like this one.

12. Railing Planters in Metal Frame

If not the railing planters that can hang, you can also opt for a frame like structure to hold your pots and window boxes, just like this blogger here.

13. Colorful Planters Lined up

Instead of big window boxes, lining up individual colorful planters can make your balcony more interesting.

14. Railing Planters Boost the Curb Appeal

Railing planters if planted wisely can alone boost the curb appeal of your home. You can hang wooden planters on railings as well.

15. Growing Vegetables in Railing Planters

Growing any of your favorite herbs and dwarf vegetables like cherry tomatoes, greens, peas, radishes, and carrots are possible in an averagely sized balcony railing planter. Although, you’ll need to water more to cope with wind. Check out amazing container vegetable garden ideas here.

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16. How about Growing Succulents

Image Credit: Melodrama

If low maintenance succulents are your favorite plants, grow them in your balcony railing planters.

17. Use Tin Cans as Railing Planters

Image Credit: Flickr

Instead of buying railing planters, you can recycle them using tin cans or other plastic containers. Check out these DIY planter ideas for more ideas.

18. Handbags and Grow Bags as Railing Planters

Upcycle handbags or grow bags and use them as railing planters. We found this idea here.

19. Pouch Railing Planter

Image Credit: Gardener’s.com

You can also opt for an incongruous pouch railing planter like this. It’s unique!

20. Use Plant Stands, Pot Holders or Flower Pot Rack

In place of usual railing planters, use regular pots you’ve got. To place them on railings, get plant stands, pot holders or flower pot racks.

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21. Galvanized Railing Planter

Consider galvanized railing planters as an option as well.

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22. Beautiful Flower Box for Deck or Balcony

Create beautiful flower boxes and display them on railings, hold the window boxes using brackets or metal shelves.


  1. So when they title an article “diy planters” what they actually mean is go to a big box store n buy patio hanging planter. To be fair there was the tin can diy (not original, did it in 1st grade) and the purse planter……ya.


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