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Here are beautiful Jungle Bathroom Ideas to give your restroom that fresh, natural, and elegant forest vibes.

These Jungle Bathroom Ideas are the perfect remodeling project to give your bathroom an extreme makeover and enhance the natural touch and aura with some freshness and greens.

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Jungle Bathroom Ideas

1. Hanging Pots and Boulder

Jungle Bathroom Ideas A stunning Jungle Bathroom Idea with a floor of stones, a large boulder, dark green shrubs, and a beautiful hanging pot to remodel the bathroom.

2. Mini Bathroom Garden

A mini bathroom garden with all the tropical plants in a dedicated space with vines and a spider plant near the basin screams an elegant Jungle Bathroom Idea.

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3. Plants Surrounding the Bathtub

Jungle Bathroom Ideas 2

Beautiful tropical plants and tiny shrubs surround the bathtub in a secluded space in this Jungle Bathroom Idea.

4. Vines, Big Leaves, and Printed Curtains


With printed curtains, Monstera, hanging vines, and sunlight, this is one of the best Jungle Bathroom Ideas for any home.

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5. Green and White in the Light

Jungle Bathroom Ideas 3

Another great Jungle Bathroom Idea with gorgeous natural light, a dark green wall, small succulents, and vines.

6. Simplistic Jungle Bathroom Idea


A simple yet graceful Jungle Bathroom Idea with beautiful plants exhibiting foliage of dark and light green.

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7. Handmade Baskets and Tropical Plants

Jungle Bathroom Ideas 4

With tropical plants and vines surrounding the bathtub in wooden baskets, this Jungle Bathroom Idea can do no wrong.

8. Vines on the Walls


Amazing minimal vines cover the walls in this checkered Jungle Bathroom Idea with a mini garden with a tree.

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9. Beam of Hanging Pots

Jungle Bathroom Ideas 5

One of the best Jungle Bathroom Ideas is utilizing a wooden beam or ladder to hang various pots.

10. Greenery All-Around


A beautiful Jungle Bathroom Idea with thick-leafed plants, macrame, and leather hanging pots, adding vibrance to the pure white walls.

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11. Outdoor Bathtub Surrounded by Greenery

Jungle Bathroom Ideas 6

A splendid outdoor bathtub of stone surrounded by beautiful greenery and dark fences with no roof. It is the perfect Jungle Bathroom Idea for evening showers.

12. Hanging Pots and Vines on White

Jungle Bathroom Ideas 7

A great Jungle Bathroom Idea with beautiful tropical plants, hanging pots, and vibrant vines of purple and green.

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13. Hanging Pots for Shower Curtain


A quick and easy Jungle Bathroom Idea that reimagines a shower curtain by replacing it with hanging pots.

14. Jungle Pathway to the Tub

Jungle Bathroom Ideas 8

A stunning Jungle Bathroom Idea of a bathtub hidden behind a stone pathway, with banana trees on both sides.

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15. Scented Candles and Plants


Try remodeling the bathroom with succulent plants and scented candles for this amazing Jungle Bathroom Idea.

16. Ferns, Palms, and Vines

Jungle Bathroom Ideas 9

One of the best Jungle Bathroom Ideas is to mix ferns, palms, and dense vines just like this wonderful jungle theme bathroom.

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17. Dual Toned Foliage

Jungle Bathroom Ideas 10

Add dark and light green foliage plants for texture in this great Jungle Bathroom Idea.

18. Vine Shower and Decor


With vines on the wall, hanging plants, lanterns, and figurines, this Jungle Bathroom Idea brings together beautiful decor and the nature.

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19. Terrarium and Variety

Jungle Bathroom Ideas 11

A dense foliage of various exotic plants and a large terrarium housing miniature plants scream a cozy Jungle Bathroom Idea.

20. Black and White Pots


A graceful Jungle Bathroom Idea is to use black and white pots to complement each other in this bright bathroom.

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21. Macrame Hanging Pots

Jungle Bathroom Ideas 12

Macrame hanging pots in various corners and small pots near the bathtub make this among the best Jungle Bathroom Ideas.

22. Bathtub in the Wild


A “Bathtub in the Wild” Jungle Bathroom Idea, with the tub surrounded by beautiful hanging pots and tropical plants.

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23. Dark Green for the Win

Jungle Bathroom Ideas 13

Another awesome Jungle Bathroom Idea focuses on dense dark green shrubs and vines complementing a pearl white bathtub and walls.

24. Wall Planters


Beautiful wall planters hold light and delicate vines in this excellent Jungle Bathroom Idea.

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25. Macrame Greens and Wall Art

Jungle Bathroom Ideas 14

With beautiful leaves, plants, macrame hanging pots, and wall art, this is a great modern Jungle Bathroom Idea.

26. Small Pots and Dark Tiles

Small pots in the corner with dark tiles are a minimal and effortless Jungle Bathroom Idea for any home.

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27. Stone Walls and Big Leafed Tropicals

Jungle Bathroom Ideas 15

With tropical leaves and walls of dark stones, this Jungle Bathroom Idea will entice everyone with its ambiance.

28. Shower in the Jungle

Another great Jungle Bathroom Idea with a shower surrounded by dense, thick plant cover and dark textured walls.

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29. Natural Outdoor Shower

Jungle Bathroom Ideas 16
Clarita Mohino

This Jungle Bathroom Idea brings nature’s touch with this outdoor shower surrounded by fences, beautiful plants, open air, and a gravel bed.

30. Stones, Gravel, and Lovely Foliage


Stones on the wall, gravel on the floor, and beautiful foliage adorn the wall in this lovely Jungle Bathroom Idea.

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