22 Beautiful DIY Succulent Boutonniere Ideas

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Want to stand out at any party? Here are DIY Succulent Boutonniere Ideas that will help you do just that. They are easy to make!

Boutonnieres make statements by symbolizing the beauty of nature and undefined love. These DIY Succulent Boutonniere Ideas will catch everyone’s eye and make you the talk of the evening.

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DIY Succulent Boutonniere Ideas

1. Echeveria Boutonniere

A beautiful boutonniere of baby Echeveria that will turn heads with its thick and fleshy rosette. Check out the DIY here. It is one of the best DIY Succulent Boutonniere Ideas on this list!

2. Boutonniere with Burro’s Tail

One of the most simple yet elegant DIY Succulent Boutonniere Ideas with a piece of Burro’s Tail! Click here for details.

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3. Echeveria and White Rose Boutonniere


A beautiful Echeveria succulent surrounded by white roses to make a stunning boutonniere or bouquet.

4. Succulent and Baby Breath Corsage

One of the most stunning DIY Succulent Boutonniere Ideas, made using a jute net, a string, a rosette succulent, and baby’s breath flowers. Here are the details.

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5. Succulent Combination

An exotic combination for a DIY succulent boutonniere using plenty of succulents for a dense and alluring bouquet.

6. Moon Dust and Sky Plant Boutonniere

You can make a beautiful boutonniere of Moon Dust Echeveria, Agave, and Sky Plant at home. Check out the DIY here. It is one of the best DIY Succulent Boutonniere Ideas on this list!

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7. Purple Flower Succulent Boutonniere

An effortless DIY succulent boutonniere idea with a purple flower and succulent leaves. Click here for details.

8. Boutonniere of Succulent Vines

A bouquet made of Echeveria sitting atop beautiful vines of the String of Pearls succulent. Here’s the DIY.

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9. Succulent Bouquet

Another great DIY succulent boutonniere idea combining Ferns, Echevaria, and white roses. Click here for details. It is one of the best DIY Succulent Boutonniere Ideas on this list!

10. Heartleaf Ice and White Rose Boutonniere

A succulent boutonniere with white roses complementing the Heartleaf Ice plant. Here are the details.

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11. Allamanda Tiger Boutonniere

A wonderful boutonniere that you can make with the Allamanda Tiger succulent, also known as Peach Orange. Click here.

12. String of Tears Boutonniere

A simple DIY succulent boutonniere idea that reels you in with the soft pink of the String of Tears. Here are the details. It is one of the best DIY Succulent Boutonniere Ideas on this list!

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13. White Rose and Watch Chain Succulent Boutonniere

Baby’s breath, Water Chain plant, and white roses, a DIY succulent boutonniere idea just waiting to come alive. Click here.

14. Sky Plant Boutonniere and Bracelet

A Sky Plant boutonniere that doubles as a bracelet paired with the Jelly Bean succulent. Details are here.

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15. Purple Haze Boutonniere

A cute DIY succulent boutonniere made with the Purple Haze succulent. It can also be made for decoration, especially if you enjoy displaying plants around your home. It is one of the best DIY Succulent Boutonniere Ideas on this list!

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16. Black Prince Boutonniere and Bracelet

A Black Prince and String of Beads boutonniere can also be adorned as a bracelet. These would be perfect for family members or a smaller ‘bouquet’ option for your house help.

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17. Succulent Combo Boutonniere

A vibrant boutonniere with a combination of succulents, roses, and huge green leaves. Details are here.

18. Echeveria and Jelly Bean Succulent Boutonniere


Echeveria coupled with Jelly Bean plant, an amazing and easy DIY succulent boutonniere idea! Click here for details. It is one of the best DIY Succulent Boutonniere Ideas on this list!

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19. Easy DIY Wedding Bouquet

Learn how to make beautiful floral bouquets for the bride and her entire wedding party! Details are here.

20. Floral Hair Accessory

Fresh flowers are the perfect touch to wedding day hairstyles for brides, bridesmaids, and flower girls. Learn how to make it here.

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21. Bouquet & Boutonniere

Create your own bridal bouquet with premium artificial flowers for your upcoming vintage glam wedding. Details are here.

22. Elegant Wedding Garland

This guide will show you how to use the same flower to create three different garlands, each with a unique look.

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