20 Upcycled Plastic Pots Made into Expensive Planters

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Try these Upcycled Plastic Pots Made into Expensive Planters for a stylish addition to your garden on a budget!

These Upcycled Plastic Pots Made into Expensive Planters will add an extraordinary appeal to your garden without burning a hole in your pocket. Try these today!

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Upcycled Plastic Pots Made into Expensive Planters

1. Plastic Planter Turned into Mud Cloth Patterned Pot

Upcycled Plastic Pots Made into Expensive Planters 

Flaunt your painting skills and turn the old plastic pots into classy indoor planters using acrylic paints, chalk paint, permanent markers, and primer. Learn more here.

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2. Upcycled Plastic Bucket Planter


Upcycle the empty plastic buckets into beautiful planters, as shown in the tutorial. Drill enough drainage holes in the bottom to help the plants thrive.

3. Fabric Flower Pot

Upcycled Plastic Pots Made into Expensive Planters  2

Give the old plastic pots a high-class makeover by fixing beautifully patterned fabrics. Give the final touch by twining a sisal rope on the rim using a glue gun. Details are here.

4. Tall Buckets Recycled into Outdoor Planters


Tall buckets can make for useful outdoor planters. You only need spray paints, fine-grit sandpaper, and a 12-inch rope for the project.

5. DIY Planter Cover

Upcycled Plastic Pots Made into Expensive Planters 3
DIY Lily Ardor

One of the easiest on this list! Get a jute woven fabric and roll it across the plastic pot to give your planter a quick makeover. Watch the tutorial here.

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5. Hand-Sewed Fabric Twine Flower Pot


A great idea to upcycle leftover fabric as well as old plastic pots! Make a twine out of the fabric scraps and weave them together to make a pot cover. Get the guide here.

6. Plastic Pots Turned into Hanging Faux Stone Planter

Upcycled Plastic Pots Made into Expensive Planters 4

Stone planters add a posh rustic touch to the porch or patio gardens. Here’s a clever idea on how you can give the plastic pots a faux stony look.

7. Upcycled Plastic Pots with a Stony Makeover


Turn the ordinary plastic planter into a classy one by layering it with a joint compound mix. It will not just give the pot a stony makeover but make it more durable. Learn the steps here.

8. DIY Planter for Outdoor Floral Arrangements

Upcycled Plastic Pots Made into Expensive Planters 5

Here’s a beautiful idea you must check out to turn your old plastic planters into exquisite pots using paints and stencils.

9. Sparkling Indoor Planter


Add bling and sparkle to the bland plastic pots by painting them white and golden. You may also fix a lace at the rim for a fancy touch. Learn more here.

10. Panda Face Planter

Upcycled Plastic Pots Made into Expensive Planters 6

Engage the kids at home in a fun craft using plastic pots, paints, and posca pens. Go for an easy design, as shown in the tutorial.

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11. Colorful Flower Pot with Trendy Design


Gather colorful beads from broken jewelry or other crafting stuff and sew them in a thread to cover the pots in a trendy design. Detailed steps are here.

12. Protein Powder Tubs Turned into Trendy Planters

Upcycled Plastic Pots Made into Expensive Planters 7

Upcycle the old protein powder tubs to create beautiful planters for indoor specimens. Paint them in your favorite shades with creative patterns to enhance the look. Learn more here.

13. Mini Succulent Pots


Create a succulent garden of your own by upcycling small containers with washi tapes. Add different colors, patterns, and designs to double the fun factor. Learn more here.

14. Stencil Plastic Planters for the Porch

Upcycled Plastic Pots Made into Expensive Planters 8

Turn large plastic pots into durable outdoor planters using matte finish spray paint, stencils, painter’s tape, and other essentials mentioned here.

15. Rustic Flower Pot

If you love rustic designs, this DIY idea is for you! A clever painting technique will give your old plastic pot a high-class rustic iron look. Learn the tutorial here.

16. Decoupaged Plastic Pot

Upcycled Plastic Pots Made into Expensive Planters 10

This decoupaged plastic pot is easy to make and will make for a beautiful indoor addition. Pair it with a trailing foliage plant for an added appeal. Get the tutorial here.

17. Plastic Pots Transformed into Colorful Planters

The easiest way to transform a plastic planter is to make a colorful plot cover. You can make one using fabric pieces in your favorite shades, as shown in the tutorial.

18. Pallet Wood Planter

Upcycled Plastic Pots Made into Expensive Planters 11

A little tricky, but worth the effort! This DIY idea will turn that dull plastic pot into a high-end vintage decor. Get some wooden pallets and nail them on the pot.

19. Exquisite Yarn Scrap Planter

This DIY idea will transform your dull plastic pots into an exquisite piece of decor. Gather a few colorful yarn scraps and sew them around the pot to get an elite touch.

20. Rustic Twig Planter

Give the dull plastic pots a rustic makeover by crafting this twig wrap using burlap, jute twine, a glue gun, and plenty of twigs from the garden. Get the detailed steps here.

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