51 DIY Hanging Plants Indoors Ideas

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Introduce greenery to your home in the most elegant and stylish way with these 51 best Hanging Plants Indoors Ideas!

1. Handmade Hanging Planter

Introduce greenery to your home the most stylish way with these 51 best Hanging Plants Indoor Ideas!

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This handmade hanging planter is made by using wood, rope, and a few simple tools. The tutorial is available here.

2. Hanging Wood Slice Plant Stand

Hanging Wood Slice Plant Stand

Make an absolutely unique plant stand out of a wood slice for your indoor plants with the help of this DIY!

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3. Wall Hanging Planter
Wall Hanging Planter

Create this modern wall hanging planter for your home office or living room. All the steps are here!

4. Metal Bowl Hanging Planters

You can transform metal bowls into beautiful indoor hanging planters. The tutorial is here.

5. IKEA Stool Plant Shelf

IKEA’s Frosta stool is made into this awesome DIY plant shelf. How? Find out in this tutorial.

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6. Modern Planter Using Floral Hoops

Make this modish planter using floral hoops to grow any trailing succulent and give your home an urban touch.

7. Metal Pot Hanging Planter

Follow the steps here to transform any pot in your kitchen into an indoor hanging planter.

8. Pine Board Hanging Planter

Pine Board Hanging Planter

One of those hanging plants indoors ideas that require some craftsmanship and woodworking. Check out the tutorial here!

9. DIY Knotted String Hanging Planter

You can recycle any glass jar into this knotted string hanging planter with the help of this tutorial.

10. Tropical Palm Frond Hanging Planter

This unique hanging planter is made using a dried palm frond. Find out the how-to here.

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11. Bottle Lid Air Plant Holders

Keep your air plants the most stylish way after spray painting some funky bottle lids the way it’s shown here.

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12. DIY Metal Tubing Planter

Make this easy metal tubing planter in just a few steps with the help of this tutorial.

13. DIY Hanging Basket

Take the help of this DIY to convert any ordinary basket into a hanging planter to grow indoor plants.

14. Industrial Style Hanging Planter

You could make this industrial-style planter for just $2 easily. The DIY is here.

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15. Modern Leather Sling Planter

Make this modern leather sling planter to hang your small succulent plants or herbs. The tutorial is here.

16. Woven Hanging Planter

This colorful woven planter can beautify any of your rooms. Find the steps here.

17. Colorful Copper Pipe Hanging Planter

Colorful wooden beads and copper pipes accentuate the beauty of this hanging planter. Learn how it was made here.

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18. Dollar Store Hanging Planter

Check out this simple dollar store hanging planter makeover here.

19. Hanging Tiered Planter

Make this three-tier hanging planter to grow plants indoors. The tutorial is here.

20. Macrame Plant Hangers



Learn to make macrame plant hangers to hang any pot you desire. Here’re 23 ideas for inspiration.

21. Coconut Shell Hanging Planter

This quick weekend project was done using an intact half coconut shell. Get the details here.

22. Whimsical Hanging Indoor Planter

hanging plants indoor ideas

This whimsical hanging planter can be the next big thing in your kitchen. To make this, repurpose a glass jar and an old spoon, as shown here.

23. Urban Hanging Plant Holders

This hanging plant holder is suitable for any urban home. Learn how they were made here.

24. DIY Hanging Air Plant Holder

If you want to remake this hanging air plant holder? Click here! Also, check out these hanging air plant holder ideas.

25. DIY Air Plant Pendant

You can either hang this air plant pendant on your neck or somewhere in the home. Learn to make it here.

26. Moss Ball Hanging Plants

Visit Apartment Therapy to learn more about this idea.

27. Mason Jar Hanging Planter

You can repurpose mason jars in many ways, and one of them is this–Mason jar hanging planter DIY.

28. Hanging Globe Terrarium

This informative DIY article has all the steps required to make this hanging globe terrarium. Check out more terrarium ideas here.

29. Hanging Wire Plant Holder

Find out how to create this hanging wire plant holder here.

30. Hanging Plant Shelf DIY

You’ll need any round wooden plate or saucer and two pieces of thin ropes to complete this project.

31. DIY Hanging Plant Lamp

This hanging plant lamp is an interesting way to introduce greenery to your home. The tutorial is here to follow.

32. Upside Down Planter for Herbs

Give your hanging plants a fun twist with this easy DIY project. This will be great to grow herbs in the kitchen.

33. Macrame Planter Holder

One more macrame planter holder tutorial. Get the details here.

34. Body Lotion Bottles Turned into Hanging Planters

This blogger repurposed her empty body lotion and shower gel bottles into what you see above.

35. DIY Floating Shelf

This DIY floating shelf is one of the best ways to display greenery in the home in this list of hanging plants indoors ideas.

36. DIY Leather Planter

This DIY planter will be ready for display in less than an hour if you’ll follow these steps here.

37. DIY Air Plant Sphere

This hanging air plant sphere needs three embroidery hoops. The tutorial is here.

38. Modern Hanging Planters

It’s unbelievable! These gorgeous hanging planters were made out of plastic bottles. The DIY article is here.

39. Indoor Herb Garden

This DIY is undoubtedly one of the most unique ways to grow herbs indoors vertically on the internet.

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40. Copper Air Plant Holder

Make chic air plant holders using copper couplings and leather and this tutorial.

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41. Gold-Leaf Hanging Planters

DIY Hanging Plants Indoor Ideas

Complete this DIY project to hang your favorite indoor plants with style.

42. Tropical Hanging Planter

This captivating planter exudes tropical vibes from the inside. Get the details here.

43. DIY Vertical Plant Hanger

DIY Vertical Plant Hanger

A vertical plant hanger like this can create more space for growing plants in your apartment. Learn how to make it here.

44. Plastic Bottle Hanging Planters

Recycle those plastic water bottles you always throw in the bin with the help of this tutorial.

45. Pretty DIY Rope Planters

Wrap the ropes on any ordinary planters and then adorn them with embellishments as rendered here.

46. Plywood Hanging Planters for Porch

Learn how this blogger made these fantastic plywood hanging planters for her front porch here.

47. Small Hanging Water Gardens

Get some glass jars and hang them to grow small aquatic plants. We found the idea here.

48. DIY Crescent Moon Hanging Planter

You can re-do this project using air-dry clay and other supplies listed here.

49. Indoor Vertical Garden

Take inspiration from an interesting indoor vertical garden on this blog.

50. Disco Ball Hanging Planter

Give a glamor to your home decor with this DIY disco ball planter here.

51. DIY House Number Planter

What could be a better way to show your house number? Get the tutorial here.

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