30 Fascinating DIY Fall Garden Ideas

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Fall brings up the lack of interest in gardening, which amplifies in the winter, but you can avoid this by following the DIY Fall Garden Ideas and Projects here!

1. Late Fall Container

This one features Rudbeckia, coleus, calibrachoa and ornamental peppers for a fiery color scheme that’s perfect for the fall garden. Click here to see the video!

2. DIY Flower Pillow



A flower pillow is just a fancy name for a drained teabag pre-filled with a selection of plants. See more about this at Proven Winners and must watch the video from Garden Answer to learn more!

3. Colorful Window Box


Here is the perfect DIY for sprucing up dull, worn-out window boxes with the colors of the fall. Bright orange-colored mums are placed in the center, while bronze-colored Heuchera is stuffed on the sides to create visual impact and contrast with honey-toned Supertunias. Tuck in a dramatic spiller like Dichondra for a simple cascading effect that catches the eye.

4. Fall Topiary Inspiration

Learn how to start a topiary following the tutorial here!

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5. Rats + Belljar + Succulents = Fascinating Garden Decor

Apt for the expert DIY-er with a deep love for succulents, this one-of-a-kind Halloween inspired arrangement is perfect for creating a visual point either indoors or outdoors.

6. Fall Fairy Garden

Coax creatures of the fairyland to stay in your dying garden by creating this small and surreal fairy garden. Using succulents like cacti, aloe and sedums is a nice excuse to forget the maintenance part. Learn more here!

7. DIY Pumpkin Flower Pot

A feisty pumpkin works double duty as a planter to house seasonal mums and viola in this simple DIY idea. We like the fact that it involves gardening using recycled stuff.

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8. DIY Scarecrow

This DIY scarecrow can be a wonderful addition to your front porch this fall. The instructions are here!

9. Chalkboard Pumpkin Planters

Stark black pumpkin planters painted like a chalkboard are a nice way to express your excitement for the upcoming season. And the best part of this project is that it gives you the chance to change the message in the blink of an eye throughout fall!

10. DIY Terracotta Man

In this fascinating DIY, different sizes of terracotta pots have been arranged cleverly to create a one-of-a-kind scarecrow. Make a bunch of these and place them on your garden wall or front porch.

11. Halloween Container Inspiration

Treat your guests to a visual delight with this Halloween-special container on the front porch. It involves fall staple decor elements with intriguing seasonal plants!

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12. Burlap Découpage Planter

This unique idea uses burlap fabric to repurpose a dirt cheap pumpkin bought from the dollar store. Add a monogram or customize with embellishments to wow the neighbors!

13. DIY Fall Terrarium

If you’re up to create some interesting fall decor item, this Fall Terrarium idea is worth trying. Visit Hometalk to learn more!

14. Mixed Fall Hanging Basket

Just assemble some fall staples in hanging baskets and put them up on the porch for everyone to see. Click here to learn more about this arrangement!

15. Frost-Hardy Fall and Winter Hanging Basket

Keep the colors going on throughout the winter by planting this winter hanging basket. Watch this video to learn more!

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16. DIY Rejuvenated Fall Garden Bed

Make your dull and dreary garden bed Fall-ready by planting colorful perennials that retain their appearance even in dreadful weather. Click here for instructions.

17. DIY Rustic Wheelbarrow

Create a DIY rustic wheelbarrow for your fall garden following the step by step tutorial available here!

18. DIY Hay Bale Lounger

This DIY shows you how to convert bales of hay into an outdoor lounger to relax in style this fall.

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19. Mini Halloween Garden

This no-fuss fall garden includes little elements of macabre to create an unearthly feel on Halloween eve. Plants in soothing green color like moss and kale add a hint of life in this otherwise dreary landscape. Click here to see more.

20. Fall Vegetable Garden

Want a fall garden project to keep you busy? Follow this DIY to create an amazing fall vegetable garden.

21. Fall Table Centerpiece

Having a party? Here is an amazing fall table idea to catch everyone’s gaze.

22. Whiskey Barrel Planter

Follow this tutorial to create an eye-catching fall whiskey barrel planter filled with vibrant and colorful foliage and a pumpkin.

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23. Pumpkin Globe

Here is an amazing DIY Fall Garden Idea of a pumpkin globe filled with violas, moss liner, and soil with a pumpkin as the centerpiece. Check out the idea here.

24. Fall Raspberry Trellis

This raspberry trellis is a great idea for the fall since mulching beds is easy and makes the perfect one for new gardeners. Learn how to do it here.

25. Inexpensive Fall Container Garden

Check out this DIY to create a stunning fall container garden by reusing the things in your home.

26. Pumpkins in a Pot

Grow pumpkins in pots this fall with our amazing guide. You can go for goosebumps, sugar pies, or even baby boo pumpkins.

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27. Fall Window Basket

Want your home to match the garden? Here is an amazing DIY fall window basket that does that and more.

28. A Fragrant Flower Basket

Create a beautiful fragrant flower basket with this amazing DIY fall garden idea with pansies, marigolds, and kale.

29. DIY Flowering Cabbage

Go for some colorful and eye-catching flowering cabbage or kale this fall with this DIY idea here.

30. Fall Blooms

Here is a fall idea with beautiful purple and yellow blooming varieties for the bees in your garden. Check it out here.

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Fall brings up the lack of interest in the gardening, which amplifies in the winter, but you can avoid this by following the DIY Fall Garden Ideas and Projects here!

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