14 DIY Rope Plant Hanger Ideas | Hang Indoor Plants with Ropes

Want to hang indoor plants and looking for different ways to do it? These DIY Rope Plant Hanger Ideas will come in handy!

There’s a thing about hanging indoor plants. They look cool, offer a visual appeal to the place, and darn easy to maintain. And what’s more! Using ropes, you can accomplish that. Here are some DIY Rope Plant Hanger Ideas that can allow you to flaunt your indoor planters vertically.

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DIY Rope Plant Hanger Ideas

1. Simple DIY Rope Plant Hanger

DIY Rope Plant Hanger Ideas

Create a simple DIY rope plant hanger and a pot that goes well with it for growing succulents with the help of this tutorial at Make it & Love it!

2. Knotted Rope Plant Hanger in 30 Minutes or Less

This straightforward DIY post here gives you a quick 3-step tutorial to create a knotted rope plant hanger in less than 30 minutes.

3. Rope Macramé Plant Hanger

DIY Rope Plant Hanger Ideas 2

Create trendy macrame plant hangers using cotton cords and ropes of contrasting colors for your indoor plants. The tutorial is here!

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4. Rope Clothes Line Plant Hanger

The square knots in rope gives this plant hanger a creative look. Fun to make and quite beautiful to look at!

5. Twisted Polyester Rope Plant Hanger

DIY Rope Plant Hanger Ideas 4

This HGTV tutorial is going to guide you on how to make a rope planter using the basic supplies from the hardware store.

6. Easy Rope Plant Hanger

Growing succulents is more fun when you know how to plant them in a unique way. This Macramé Plant Hanger is just that.

7. Knotted Rope String Hanging Planter from Recycled Materials

DIY Rope Plant Hanger Ideas 5

How about utilizing an empty jam or sauce jar and hang it with a rope to grow a succulent or vine? Click here for all the info!

Here’s impossibly cute diys you can make with things from your recycling bin

8. Cheap Rope DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

A pink cotton rope, some knots, and a beautiful pot are all you need to DIY this striking hanging planter!

9. DIY Jute Rope Plant Hanger

DIY Rope Plant Hanger Ideas 5

The mix of jute and plant ropes give this planter a country look! To learn how it was made, click here!

10. DIY Mini Rope Macramé Plant Hangers

Want cute little plant hangers? This tutorial will help you to make them using ropes and little cups!

11. DIY Plant Hanger – Natural and Simple

DIY Rope Plant Hanger Ideas 6

An easy tutorial video, that’ll guide you in making this unique planter using jute ropes!

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12. Super Easy Rope Hanging Planter

How cool it would be to hang a plant underneath your table! Head on to this video for all the details.

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13. DIY Rope Vertical Plant Hanger

DIY Rope Plant Hanger Ideas 7

Scrap wood, terra cotta pots, rope, and a metal ring is all you need to make this multiple plant hanger. More details here.

14. DIY Macrame Hanging Planter

Using a cotton white yarn or twine, you can hang trinket or any small pot with the help of this DIY video!


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