40 Impressive DIY Porch Planter Ideas To Increase The Curb Appeal

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Beautify your front porch to increase your curb appeal with these 40 Impressive DIY Porch Planter Ideas in this article!

1. Pallet Trough Planter

Porch Planters Ideas

Cut the two ends of a pallet and use one slat to use as a bottom to make this front porch pot. Find the tutorial at Sow & Dipity.

2. DIY Hanging Gutter Planters

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 2

Create an appealing front porch hanging planter with some hardware tools and materials. Check out this article and this PDF to learn more.

3. Wire Basket Table

DIY Porch Planter Idea

Make a wire basket side table to show off a planter on your entrance. Get the tutorial at Shabby Creek Cottage.

4. Chandelier Planter
porch planters

A chandelier planter can be an amazing addition to your porch! Understand the steps here. Find out more chandelier planter projects in this article.

5. Modern House Number

 Porch Planter Ideas

Display your house number in a contemporary style with this unique DIY project.

6. Picture Frame Planter

Picture Frame Planter

Build a picture frame planter to grow your favorite plants, or use faux plants–the way they used them in this project.

7. Welcome Sign

Porch Planters Idea

Add interest and style to your front porch by making this easy welcome sign with the help of this tutorial.

8. White Wash Terra Cotta Pots

White Wash Terra Cotta porch planter

An easy way for the porch makeover is to age the ordinary terracotta pots for a rustic and vintage look. Follow this guide to learn more.

9. Letter Planter

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 9

Transform your front porch area with this personalized letter planter idea. Take the inspiration from here.

10. A Rustic Tray

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 10

This idea was meant to be used as a mother’s day favor, but you can also use this to decorate your front porch! Follow the idea here.

11. Succulent Chair

Succulent Chair porch planter ideas

Upcycle an old chair into a succulent chair planter, which you can display indoors or outdoors! Visit the Instructables to get the directions.

12. Pallet Planter for Butterflies

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 12

Recycle an old pallet to grow beautiful annual flowers to attract butterflies with this tutorial.

13. Vertical Pallet Graden

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 13

Make a vertical pallet garden adorned with colorful pots. Get the project here.

14. DIY Hanging Planter

DIY Porch Planters

Use an embroidery hoop, a white bowl, and permanent adhesive glue to create a hanging planter for your patio or porch. The tutorial is here.

15. Wooden Planter Stand

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 15

Exhibit your contemporary pots in modern wooden planter stands, which you can create from cedar planks and some tools. The steps are here.

16. Milk Can House Number Planter

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 16

An old milk can was converted into a house number planter! How they did it is here.

17. Stacked Pot Planter

Porch Planter DIY

Manage room for a few more pots if you don’t have much space with this stacked planter pot idea. Try this easy DIY here.

18. Thrifted Planters

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 18

If you have been collecting colanders for a long period, this project will attract you. Check out the DIY article.

19. Dome Light Planter

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 19

A light fixture can be repurposed into a unique planter. We found the idea here.

20. Tall Wooden Planter

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 20

A tall wooden planter like this can increase the curb appeal of your exterior. Visit The Hometalk for the tutorial.

21. Long Porch Planters

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 21

Increase the influence of greenery on your porch by adding a long planter like this. Find the tutorial at MY Love 2 Create.

22. Gold Dipped Legs Planter

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 22

This DIY article shows you how to make an inexpensive yet appealing gold dipped legs planter for your porch.

23. Cedar Planter

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 23

Learn how to make this wooden cedar planter at Shanty 2 Chic. Ask someone to assist you as some woodworking is involved.

24. Rain Boots

Rain Boots planter

Anything can be used as a planter, including these colorful boots. Find something similar for your porch and get started with the tutorial here.

25. Old Drawers Porch Planters

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 25

Recycle old drawers into planters and bring them to your porch for decoration. The tutorial is here.

26. DIY Planter Boxes

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 26

These planter boxes require assistance and DIY skills. The step-by-step tutorial is here to help you.

27. Modern House Number Planter

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 27

Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess shares her experience of rejuvenating her home’s front view by creating this modern house number planter.

28. House Number Planter from Toolbox

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 28

Make use of an old toolbox to make a cool house number planter like this for yourself. The DIY is here.

29. Square Beadboard Garden Planter

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 29

Create a beadboard planter with legs for your home front. Understand the directions here.

30. DIY Porch Planter Box

DIY Porch Planter Box

Add a dab of cuteness to your front stairs with this small planter out of wood planks. Get the instructions here.

31. DIY Tea Cup Sconce Planter

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 31

Transform a thrift store sconce into an appealing teacup planter. This can be an excellent centerpiece for your porch. Visit Intelligent Domestications for the steps.

32. Trellis Planter Box

 Porch Planters Idea DIY

Make planters with trellis to grow flowering vines on your porch or patio. Visit The Lowe’s for the directions.

33. DIY Modern Planter Box

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 33

This modern planter box is one of the easiest DIY porch planters on this list.

34. Modern Planter Box

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 34

These modern planters were made completely out of wood scraps; try making one for yourself. You can get the plan here.

35. DIY Spring Planters

 Porch Planter Ideas DIY

Spring is the season of colors and happiness. How about welcoming it with a bit of porch makeover by making colorful planters? Visit the Happy Housie to learn more.

36. Wagon Board Planters

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 36

Create a junk garden look by using worn-out board, colander, and a galvanized planter. We found the idea here.

37. Ladder Planter for Porch

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 37


Create a ladder planter out of tree branches. Find the instructions at Ashbee Designs.

38. Vintage Bucket

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 38

Attach a vintage faucet to any galvanized bucket to make a farmhouse-style planter for your porch. The tutorial is here.

39. Porch Pots

Porch Pots

Gather a few basic supplies to make a winter porch pot for your front area. The instructions are here.

40. DIY Front Porch Planter Recipe

DIY Porch Planter Ideas 40

Instead of a DIY, this one is a porch planter recipe, which includes plants like lobelia, sweet potato vine, petunias, coleus and fountain grass. You can learn more about it here!

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