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51 Most Amazing Air Plant Display Ideas

Your imagination can go wild and eccentric when it comes to Air Plant Display Ideas; these plants are highly versatile and easy to keep!

Welcome to the world of the Most Amazing Air Plant Display Ideas! From suspended terrariums to geometric holders, prepare to be inspired and discover new ways to bring life and charm to any space with air plants.

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Air Plant Display Ideas

1. Air Plant Bulb

Air Plant Display Ideas 1

Consider using an old bulb as a plantar and support it with a suitable base. Watch this quick video to see the How-to!

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2. Cork Planters

Attach the magnet to the wine cork using glue and allow it to dry completely. Using a tiny bit of glue, attach the air plant to the cork. That’s it! You may want to spritz it with water once a week to keep it happy.

3. Glass Terrariums

Air Plant Display Ideas 3

Glass terrariums for table tops can be topped with seashells and mosses alongside the air plants.

4. 3-D Printed Planter

Another appealing air plant display idea to try. You can place it on tabletops or in your rooms.

5. Mason Jar

Air Plant Display Ideas 5

A clear glass bottle can be employed as a planter to show the air plants. Embellish it with sea shells and conches, and other items to make it look interesting!

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6. Bevel Glass Pyramid

Need some out-of-the-box Air Plant Display Ideas? Use a glass structure and hang it with a string to display air plants in style!

7. Wire Frame for Air Plants

Air Plant Display Ideas 7

Get a frame and install wires on it to hang air plants. What an incredible way to house them!

8. Upcycled Wall Frames

Old picture frames can be used too. Tying thin wire from side to side, secure the air plants, and hang them on the wall.

9. Macrame Hanger

Air Plant Display Ideas 9

Use an attractive metal caging to hang your favorite air plants. Use thick metal wires for this.

10. Air Plant Bicycle Tyre

For a rugged look, get an old bicycle and strategically place the air plants for an exciting piece of art and rustic appeal.

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11. Clay Pot with Cutouts

Air Plant Display Ideas 11

A simple one from the Air Plant Display Ideas list. A pot with holes or cut-outs in any shape can make a difference when you want to make your air plants stand out.

12. Spiral Table Holder

An exotic spiral table holder like this one is edgy and beautiful, and perfectly complements the beauty of air plants.

13. Tree Stump

Air Plant Display Ideas 13

A tree (cedar) stump can be used to showcase the air plant majestically for a unique and natural feel.

14. Seashells for Air Plants

Image Credit: Finding Silver Pennies

Nice sizable seashells are the top choices when it comes to Air Plant Display Ideas. Look for exciting shapes to make them interesting.

15. Air Plants in Coco Pods

Air Plant Display Ideas 15

Coco pod and bark chips can make an alluring showcase and provide a thoughtful look to your air plants.

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16. Metal Shelf

Consider a metallic shelf of a 3-D linear metallic piece to arrange air plants for a quirky feel and delicate touch.

17. Metal Chain Hanger

Air Plant Display Ideas 17

Looking for unique and eye-catching Air Plant Display Ideas? Consider a beautiful suspension idea with an adorable hanging chain, as shown.

18. Upside Down Clay Pots

Use several pieces of your earthenwares to create an air plant display masterpiece by hanging this upside down.

19. Miniature Aquarium Stand

Air Plant Display Ideas 19

One of the most unusual Air Plant Display Ideas to try! Plant your beloved air plant in a miniature aquarium on a quirky stand.

20. White Hanging Pots

Hanging pots can be used to grow house air plants, and you can play around with the colors to suit your existing decor.

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21. Owl Planter

Air Plant Display Ideas 21

A funny owl piece or similar to it in your home can add a light touch to your decor and make the best Air Plant Display Idea.

22. Crystals for Air Plants

Stones (Crystal stones are a good choice) and rocks make an exciting planter, and using them to create an air plant retreat can spruce up any home.

23. Aluminium Wire Hanger

Air Plant Display Ideas 23

Isn’t it cool to have so many Air Plant Display Ideas? The step-by-step guide for the Aluminum wire spiral hanger is here!

24. Stained Glass Terrarium

Geometric open stained glass is a good object to place your air plants; they also allow proper ventilation.

25. Dinosaur Planter

Air Plant Display Ideas 25

A dinosaur-themed planter for air plants is not just playful but exotic to look at as well. Similarly, if you have other toys with pockets, use them.

26. Hanging Candle Holder

Take hanging air plants to another level by employing a colorful hanger like this. We found the idea here!

27. Air Plant Terrarium

Air Plant Display Ideas 27

Try wall-mounted air plant terrariums to beautify boring walls with one of the most amazing Air Plant Display Ideas!

28. Broken Branches

Use branches to place air plants with this unusual air plant display idea that will catch everyone’s gaze.

29. Clear Glass with Moss

Air Plant Display Ideas 29

A clear vase and dried moss can create something visually appealing and provides a classic appearance.

30. Hanging Skull

For that daring, bold style, go ahead and utilize a skull; together with air plants, the unusual combo is interesting, especially for Halloween decorations!

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31. Globe Stand Centerpiece

Air Plant Display Ideas 31

A smart re-purposed or up-cycled piece like a globe stand screams unique Air Plant Display Ideas. We found the idea here!

32. Cups and Mugs

For warm decor, go for mugs and cups; plus, consider other unique items you’ve in your home!

33. Leather Hangers

Air Plant Display Ideas 33

People who love the elegance of leather can put it into decorative use; consider leather holders. See the step-by-step DIY here!

34. Wall Hangers

Geometric motifs with metallic details can transform walls, and with a display of several air plants, they become alluring.

35. Wall Hooks

Air Plant Display Ideas 35

Dedicate a full wall to display air plants and see how different it’ll look. Suitable wall hooks can be used to hang the plants.

36. Clam Shell Planters

You might want to shelve your clam-shell air plants together with your books; do this tastefully, as shown.

37. A Piece of Bark

Air Plant Display Ideas 37Add air plants, moss, and other plant materials for a low-maintenance, all-natural tabletop centerpiece that you can display indoors or outdoors. The DIY idea is available here to follow!

38. Air Plant Frame

Use air plant frames to create a beautiful living wall with one of the prettiest Air Plant Display Ideas on our list. The DIY is available at Apartment Therapy!

39. Ceramic Holder

Air Plant Display Ideas 39

A smooth ceramic air plant holder can be used to add depth and elegance. This would make a stunning tabletop decoration.

40. Candle Holders

Air plants can be used together as a centerpiece and to bring out more life to the dinner table when planted on candle holders.

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41. Air Plant Wall Art

Air Plant Display Ideas 41

A theme around romance can be created to bring out a personal touch using the air plants. This can be ideal for special occasions and just for fun. The DIY tutorial is here!

42. Thread Hangers

Using thread can take air plant hanging to a whole new level. Hanging from the ceiling is not only creative but brings an artistic feel. We found the idea here!

43. Vintage Air Plant Goblet

Air Plant Display Ideas 43

A vintage goblet to hold air plants is an incredible idea among the Air Plant Display Ideas. You can experiment with what you have at home too!

44. Air Plant Placeholders

For a decorative personal touch, consider using air plants as placeholders. Learn more here!

45. Neon Pots

Air Plant Display Ideas 45

For that bright and invigorating look, neon planters are the way to go; play around with the colors for a great vibe.

46. Air Plant Aerium

‘Aeriums’ are great alternatives to terrariums, with no dirt involved. Consider displaying your air plants with the best of the Air Plant Display Ideas. The DIY is here!

47. Door Decorations

Air Plant Display Ideas 47

Driftwood, some wires, and air plants can make a real rustic decor. Getting creative and having a theme will top the idea.

48. Dual Tone Planters

Go for more contemporary planters which can utilize colors in a blend that is artistic. Aqua and gold particularly work well to bring that modern feel.

49. Air Plant Wall

Air Plant Display Ideas 49

Create an air plant like you create a succulent wall to display epiphytes. We found this idea here!

50. Logs and Shells

Little log rounds and shells mounted on a wall bring out a unique tone; this works great for smaller air plants. Bigger logs can be used to accommodate bigger plants.

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51. Wine Bottle

Air Plant Display Ideas 51

Bottom of a wine bottle, which was cut at about 2 inches high and sanded. Three air plants (Bulbosa, Ionantha Van Hyn, and a Filifolia) are placed in it, showcasing the best of Air Plant Display Ideas!


  1. Will old rain water hurt my air plants? We have a rainwater collection system, but the water comes out green and smells a bit funny. Is that okay for the air plants?


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