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15 Indoor Vegetable Garden Ideas | Best Vegetables You Can Grow Indoors

If you lack outdoor space and want to grow edibles in your home, then try these Indoor Vegetable Garden Ideas to harvest your own greens!

These Indoor Vegetable Garden Ideas are the best way to grow greens in a limited space. If you are someone who lives in an apartment, then these will surely come in handy!

Here are the best vegetables you can harvest indoors all year round

Indoor Vegetable Garden Ideas

1. Grow Green Onions in Trays

Indoor Vegetable Garden Ideas

You can easily grow green onions indoors without any space. Place them near the bright window that receives a minimum of four hours of direct sunlight, and they’ll grow.

Check out our article on growing green onions indoors here

2. Garlic in Cups and Pots

If you lack outdoor space and want to grow edibles in your home, these 10 Indoor Vegetables Garden Ideas will help you!

You can grow garlic indoors like green onions and harvest garlic greens and bulbs. This way, you will have an organic harvest in a limited space!

Check out our detailed article on growing garlic indoors here

3. Tomatoes in Containers

Indoor Vegetable Garden Ideas 2

If you have a South-facing window, you can grow compact, determinate-type tomatoes in pots, especially cherry tomatoes.

4. Sweet Potatoes on a Windowsill

You can plant and propagate sweet potatoes easily on your kitchen windowsill.

5. Indoor Vegetable Garden

Indoor Vegetable Garden Ideas 3

This informative article will educate you on how to grow vegetables indoors. Even if you don’t have a South or West-facing window, you can use grow lights.

6. Ginger in a Small Pot

You can grow ginger indoors in filtered sunlight for its aromatic leaves. It’s completely edible and used in various recipes. Find out more in our article.

7. Vegetable Bottle Garden

Indoor Vegetable Garden Ideas 4

Follow this tutorial video to complete this smart indoor vegetable garden project using empty soda bottles. Check out more soda bottle ideas here.

8. Lettuce on a Salad Tray

Lettuce is easy to grow as long as you provide it with 3-5 hours of sun per day. You can easily grow it on a salad table and move it on the balcony for sunlight.

Here’s everything you need to know about growing Lettuce

9. Eggplants in Small Pots

Indoor Vegetable Garden Ideas 5

You can grow eggplants indoors if you’ve got an open room that is sunny and warm. Learn how to grow eggplant in a pot here.

10. Mint in Containers

You can easily grow mint indoors by providing at least 3-4 hours of direct sunlight (the more, the better). Our growing guide will help you!

11. Grow Celery from Scraps

Indoor Vegetable Garden Ideas 6
Shutterstock/Henrietta Kasa

You can grow celery from scraps, plant the 2 inches stump in the water, or a small amount of potting soil root-side down. New growth will begin to grow from the center.

12. Herbs in Teacups and Coffee Mugs

Shutterstock/Anna Andersson Fotografi

Herbs can be grown in small areas on a sunny windowsill. Read all growing details here for showcasing tasty, aromatic fresh plants.

13. Grow Edibles in Water

Indoor Vegetable Garden Ideas 7
shutterstock/Ja Crispy

You can grow veggies indoors on a small windowsill, tabletop, or balcony in water. Read in detail about re-growing delicious edibles in the water here.

14. Window Herb Garden


If you are short on space, grow herbs on or by the windowsill in small pots. This way, they will get all the sunlight for the best growth, and you’ll get a fresh harvest!

Check out some amazing window herb garden ideas here

15. Grow Mushrooms

Indoor Vegetable Garden Ideas 9
shutterstock/Miriam Doerr Martin Frommherz

Growing mushrooms is easy, and they don’t need much light to thrive, too. The best part is, you can harvest them in just 2-3 weeks!

Learn all about growing magic mushrooms here


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