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How to Select Best Plants for Balcony | Beginner’s Guide

Living in an urban apartment and want to revamp your dull balcony? Here are the Best Plants for Balcony to turn it into a private mini garden!

Balconies are the places to unwind where you spend leisure time with your loved ones. How about making them more relaxing by growing different varieties of herbs, fruits, and flowers? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Here are some of the Best Plants for Balcony you can easily grow!

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Points to Consider Before Growing Balcony Plants

Best Plants for Balcony

  1. Size of Balcony- Whether you have a large, full-sized balcony, or a small one, you can grow plants that go well with the available space.
  2. Maintenance and Care- If you are a busy person, choose plants that you can manage with less care and attention. Drought-tolerant succulents are a perfect choice for your balcony garden, as they don’t ask for frequent watering and care.
  3. Outdoor Environment- The selection of the plants mainly depends on the outdoor conditions as the location plays a vital role. Heat and sunlight can dry out your plants more quickly outdoors than indoors. Also, you need to be more careful about watering the plants in the balcony. Apart from that, heavy rains can also trouble your plants; hence, always grow your plants in a container with proper drainage holes.

Furthermore, when climate changes, temperature also fluctuates, and as the weather gets warm or sunnier, your plant’s watering requirements is going to change. Along with that, the wind is also one of the biggest challenges balcony gardeners have to face, as it can chill or dry out your plants.

4. Types of Containers- If you have a windy balcony, Choose a solid container like terra cotta or stoneware instead of plastic; these materials are heavier and can manage very well in stormy days.

Plastic containers are the best choice for if you don’t have a windy balcony as they are very easy to move, helping you to place the plant as per the sunlight.

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How to Choose Best Balcony Plants

Any plant that you grow in containers is ideal for the balcony garden as well. You can plant succulents, creepers, shrubs, conifers, herbs, vegetables, and even dwarf fruit trees. Let’s discuss in detail the best plants for balcony.

1. Succulents

You can grow low-maintenance succulents in your balcony, as they thrive in neglect. These drought-tolerant plants don’t need regular watering schedules and have low fertilizer needs. Apart from these properties, succulents also provide a modern look, making them one of the best plants for balcony.

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2. Perennials

Best Plants for Balcony that you can grow

Perennials are one of the easiest to grow balcony plants. You can keep them within bounds in a container. Crocosmia, Catmint, Lamium, Alcea, Amsonia, Anemone, Aquilegia  Artemisia, and lady’s mantle are some of the best cold climate perennials.

Some of the best perennials for warm climate are Lantana, Coleus, Moss rose, Geranium Blanket flower, Coralbells, Eulalia grass, and Gayfeather.

3. Edible Plants

Growing edible plants in your balcony is going to give you an endless supply of herbs, fruits, or vegetables. You can also grow tomatoes in containers, window boxes, hanging baskets, and troughs. Other edible crops that you can grow in the balcony include lettuce, runner bean, and spring onions. To know more, click here.

Growing strawberries in hanging baskets or containers is also a good idea to relish them fresh! Herbs like basil, rosemary, cilantro, and oregano are used frequently in almost every kitchen; you can grow them in your balcony and enjoy the fresh harvest in your cuisines!

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4. Annuals

Best Plants for Balcony to turn it into a mini garden

Annuals are easy to grow. You can cultivate pretty annuals in decorative containers and embellish the look of your balcony with colorful flowers. Some of the most popular annuals you can grow are Fuchsia, Bacopa, Calibrachoa, Petunia, Pansy, Ageratum, Angelonia, and Coleus. They are some of the best plants for balcony.

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5. Foliage Plants

Nothing like having a great foliage plant that sways in the air with all its magnificent glory! Some of the best plants that you could go for are Hostas, Elephant ear, Coral bells, Persian shield, Coleus, Kale, Ferns, and Rex begonia.

6. Shrubs and Dwarf Trees

Best Plants for Balcony that you can grow and change its look

You can also grow shrubs in your balcony in large pots and containers. Shrubs like Roses, Hisbiscus, Lavender, Frangipani, Jasmine, and Crotons are perfect to turn it into a lush green and colorful mini garden!

Dwarf fruit trees are best for balconies, as you are also going to have fresh fruits to eat as well! Varieties like Lemon, Orange, Guava, Papaya, Strawberry, Pomegranate, Cherry, and Watermelon are an excellent choice!



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